Poll: What do you carry in your daypack?

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Poll: What do you carry in your daypack?

1) What do you carry in your daypack?

2) How big is your daypack?

3) Is your daypack like a backpack, or more like a "mail-bag" over the shoulder type?

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Hi again Harrowgirl,

The choice of backpack or messenger-type bag I'll use depends primarily on the weather and how long I'll be away from the hotel.

Following are some of the things I am likely to carry:

Small collapsible umbrella

A clear plastic raincoat with hood that folds up into a discrete little bundle that takes up little space.

Light jacket or sweater

Bottled water

Tour book




www.ebags.com has all kinds of neat bags and backpacks to choose from. After having had my purse snatched from my lap by a thief at an outdoor restaurant in Barcelona, I bought a messenger-type bag that drapes across the body to provide more security. I saw lots of them on locals in Spain.
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Add a cork remover, a knife, and some plastic baggies.
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Of course, you'll want to carry your credit card, passport (or copy), hotel key, and most of your cash in a moneybelt, tucked under your clothes.
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some variations depending on the plans for the day, but usually:
cash, atm or credit card, copy of passport
various kinds of eye glasses
analgesic of some type
guide book, or my own travel notes with items marked for the day--museums open, recommended cafes, etc
camera and film
pen and paper
lipstick and comb

I travel with a corkscrew, but usually leave it in the hotel room, along with paper plates and plastic utensils for a possible picnic in the room

I use a totebag, with long straps that go over my shoulder, and with interior zippered pockets. I don't use money belts or hidden wallets, have never felt the need,
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We are off to France next week yee hah! I too am wondering about the back pack vs handbag situation. I normally have a light shoulder bag, leather of course being too heavy to lug around, no 1 and only son normally carries the backpack with the extras, but he is not coming this time. Husband to carry it this time? Normally I am not worried about having stuff pinched/stolen but with all these Fodor threads they have put the wind up me and I am running scared this time. Don't like the idea of having a neck pounch, especially if you are wearing summer style tops cos you would see the straps and thieves would know what is there anyway.

I aways take some wet wipes with me, everywhere is so filthy in Europe that it is good to wipe your hands before you have that ice cream or cake with your coffee. Don't forget the lip gloss, sun glasses, I think Elaine has just about covered what I would take. Don't forget any museum passes or entry tickets you have purchased previously.
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Swiss Army Knife takes care of the scissors, corkscrew, tweezers, etc. Great for repairing everything to include luggage!

Camera on a lanyard around the neck and the camera itself in a pocket; never put my cellphone in the pack, either, much less money or CCs/ATM card.

Personally, I'd rather have a neck pouch with straps showing through than no money at all but that's obviously a personal decision.

I kinda disagree that Europe is all that "filthy" but to each their own.
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We don't carry daypacks. Camera, guidebook/map, billfold, passport, and Swiss Army knife in pockets. We don't carry water unless we're out in the wilderness.
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We use pockets only. A small comb and lipstick for me, a credit card, an ATM card and a little cash along with a copy of our passports, our transit tickets and a map is all we carry. Our camera (very small)is around someone's neck or attached to someone's belt. If we are trecking or hiking, we carry a very small nylon daypack with water and, sometimes, sunscreen.
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I carry a normal pocketbook same as I do at home. I use one that can be worn with the strap across my body. In it is the normal stuff like sunglasses, tissues, small cosmetic bag, coin purse with local currency, passport, ATM/charge card, & a business card from my hotel so I can find my way back! Also a tiny spiral notebook for jotting down addresses or words I want to remember, a street map, a disposable camera.

I typically do not use a money belt or carry around water, food, umbrella, raincoat, guidebook, corkscrew, etc.
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In a city, I'd only carry around a backpack if it was one of those days when a jacket will be coming off and on. In this case, I may use it for a map, camera maybe a guidebook and umbrella (if necessary).

I would never lug around a bottle of water or food when I can stop at a cafe for refreshment, or if on a budget, buy a bottle of water for one euro at a market. I also think it's a mistake to carry around passports.
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Kind of depends on where I might be and what the weather dictates, but overall:

1. Small amount of cash, one credit card, some form of ID, map, mini first aid kit, small mirror, small brush (NEVER get a comb through my hair!), pens, small notebook, tissues, handiwipes, lip balm, extra roll of film, baggie to hold receipts and other odds and ends I pick up along the way, sunglasses. Water if I'm away from a city. Umbrella if the forecast calls for it, and usually only if I'm going to be away from my hotel. Snacks, again if I'm in a more remote location.

2. Bigger than the purse I use at home, way smaller than a carry on tote - how's that?

3. I'm more comfortable with a messenger bag type of thing. Can swing it around in front of me if needed, and my hands are still free.
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My day pack is backpack style, usually a healthy back style (converted into a true backback) - but I did just get a great leather backpack syle purse in Italy that I used for the remainder of that trip and may become my new facorite. Whatever - not quite traditional backpack size, but larger than most pocketbooks.

In it I carry:

guidebook type info (usually downloaded or pages torn out of a guide book)

weather gear depending on season/location - sunglasses, umbrella, extra sweater, etc.

usual pocketbook junk (lip gloss, comb, tissues, tylenol, bandaids, etc.)

waterbottle only in hot conditions

I ALWAYS wear a waist style security pouch with passport, cash, ATM cards and all but one credit card. The days cash and the one credit card I use all the time are in the front pocket of my slacks/jeans, or if I'm wearing a skirt without pockets then I'll put that in the daypack.
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I use a Rick Steves daypack. It weighs next to nothing, has mesh pockets for water bottles, etc. Very sturdy zippers.

Lipstick (a gal's gotta look good, especially when looking at all those well -dressed ladies in the museums - LOL)

camera and film, small pack of kleenex, several bandaids and neosporin, tiny umbrella, sunglasses, reading glasses, intermediate glasses, Swiss army knife, relevant maps and guidebooks, pen and small pad of paper (the hotel pads are great!), small miner's light/flashlight, small bottle of tylenol, hairpins (in case I need to pick a lock - just kidding!), small bottle of Purell, small bottle of sunscreen, tiny bottle of eyedrops, a scrunchable waterproof jacket with hood.

Cell phone hooked on belt/pants

Cap on head

I usually wear tight-fitting jeans when walking/touring a lot - in the front pockets are money (daily amount), credit card (one/two only), and other small essentials. The pants are so snug I myself can barely get my hand in the pockets, so if a thief wants in - I'd know!

Passports, international driver's license, etc., usually stay in hotel safe.
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My European travel has been exclusively to Great Britain. I've carried a tote bag type day pack, never a "thief friendly" backpack, and in it I carry umbrella, guide book, camera, maps, small pad of paper & pen, and a small cosmetic bag with tissues, lip gloss and hand sanitizer. During the day I add any brochures and/or purchases I accumulate during the day.
My guidebook has alway been one I create myself. Before my trip I make a "wish list" of things I want to see and do, research them on line and through tradtional guidebooks, then write them up in a Word document along with copied-in local maps I usually find on line. I include the attraction's hours, admission prices, how to get there and any notes of interest about it. Just before leaving I print it up (double sided to save paper), 3-ring punch it, and put it in a report folder. Much lighter and easier to read than a commerical guidebook of which I might only consult a small percentage.
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I have a purse that I only use on vacations. Its larger and more lightweight than my others. Its not structured and can easily hold the things I need:

small umbrella
guidebook or notes
camera, if not using the camera bag
various medicines (I get headaches and motion sickness easily)
small amount of money
comb, lipstick and lip balm

I always use a moneybelt for my credit card, ATM card and passport

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I agree with schnauzer about carrying the wrapped wet wipes, I have them in my purse at home, and I have some in my daybag when I travel. Those, and some extra tissues, can especially come in handy at ill-supplied restrooms.
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We tend to go to Italy in October, therefore it's cool enough to wear a light jacket and I don't need to carry a bag while sightseeing. My jacket has an inside zipped pocket big enough for cash, small digital camera, passport or copy thereof, museum/tour tix and the all important lip balm.
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My husband and I both carry our own day packs. They are the ones that zip off of the larger back pack, so size wise they are a bit smaller than a regular school back pack.

What we carry between the 2:
compact umbrella (each)
pocket poncho (each)
digital camera
camcorder (most days)
granola bars
pen & paper
guide book
hand wipes/shout wipes
mini version of a first aid kit
maps and city guides
water bottle
swiss army knife (handy for cheese and wine for picnics)

We like the back pack type as it seems to keep any weight centered rather than pulling to one side.

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Hi harrowgirl, I have never carried around a daypack. I, like suze, use a shoulderbag and basically carries what she does, but I just put the strap over my shoulder like I do at home. I do carry a small packet of sanitizer handwipes too, but I certainly don't consider Europe dirtier then anywhere else that I have been. I have no desire to lug a bunch of stuff around. And I never use an umbrella. But I am lucky in that if my hair gets wet it just get curlier and I can comb it after it is sort of dries. One thing I always carry is a very small tube of handcream. Can't stand to wash my hands without applying a bit of handcream.

It is interesting how we all have different methods of travelling. The most important thing is to find what works for you. Best wishes.

Oh, btw, a stupid question. What is a mailbag or a messenger type bag. I do not know. Thanks!
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