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After seeing the prices in Rome on ANY kind of clothing - you may find yourself giving up the search. How about $34 for a pair of baby girl's tights??!!! Or $76 for a pair of bedroom slippers. That said - it's fun to look - I saw some of the most beautiful clothes ever in Rome! Enjoy!
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I think the reason that there are such different opinion about whether Italian women are/are not usually think is that some people base their opinions on the major cities, while some have had some experience in smaller towns and with less wealthy people. I've seen very few overweight YOUNG women in Italy. In addition, in cities like Florence and Venice, generally middle aged and older women seem pretty trim and nicely dressed, if not exactly thin. However, in little towns in the south, many middle aged and older women are somewhat plump--not grossly obese, but definitely overweight, and usually not very style conscious. I speculate that a big part of the problem is that people are no longer eating the traditional spartan diet of country people in the south 100+ years ago, of mostly greens, with oil and some bread and cheese, and fruit in season or dried, but just infrequent meat, and not really an overabundance of anything. Meat is so much more readily available, and so are sweets, and, though people walk more than suburban Americans, they do not do the kind of hard labor their grandparents and greatgrandparents did. So people who are genetically suited to survive quite well on a high-carbohydrate, low dairy, low-meat diet, are eating the "modern" diet, and living a life with far less physical activity, with the inevitable results of mild obesity and also diabetes, which is very common in parts of Italy these days. Generally, though, the people in these towns are not very tall (of course with plenty of exceptions), and those of us with the same ancestry, but raised in the US, are often several inches taller. I think well-off urban people may be more conscious of diet and weight, so may make a deliberate effort not to get fat.

P.S. If you're curious, to see MKingdom pre-registration, do a search for "Miles Kingdom." His posts will appear under the name "Miles."
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cmt, I sure agree with all you said in your post written today. And most of my friends live in small towns also, in the area of Veneto, and are bigger bone, a little heavy and shorter then I am. And the same for friends that live in a small village not to far from Isernia. In fact some of them do have diabetes now which is unfortunate. But even my friends in Florence are heavier then I am and a tad bit shorter.

But they all take great pride in their appearances which is nice. What is the saying? Something like bella figura? Can't remember exactly

And Patrick I am sure glad MK_2 comments etc. were deleted. They really disgusted me. Good for Fodors!
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loveitaly, that is true of France or America. In France Profonde, the women are not as thin or as chic as in Pris, and here in Boston, leave the Back Bay, and it would be the same.
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I would say keep an eye out for local women of your same size whose attire you admire. Ask them where THEY shop.

Will prolly get better advice as to reasonable local stores than typical tourist retail places.

Just a thought...
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Just wanted to say that, as a plus size, you're going to the perfect place. In fact for me, also as a Plus size, Italy is clothes heaven, as well as heavenly in so many other ways.....
Just look for Marina Rinaldi (part of Maxmara group). The great thing is that, not only do they have shops in all Italian towns of any size, but their clothes, though definitely more upmarket than very cheap, are much cheaper in Italy than in anywhere else in Europe. I go quite often, and always try to stock up. Not everything is perfect of course, but overall they are pretty terrific if you're used to the 'second class citizen ' stuff usualy available to Plus sizes, certainly in the UK - and they often have some really covetable items. You can see I'm a fan!

My particular favourites are the store in Rome, in Via Borgognona, near Spanish steps and Via Condotti, and the one in Corso Vittorio Emmanuele in Milan. But if you or others want to know where store are in other Italian cities, I can tell you.

In Italy you'll also find Elena Miro in every town - I don't like them as much as Marina Rinaldi, but they have nice stuff also - check out their website.
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I was very dismayed last September, when I was in Rome, to discover that the Marina Rinaldi on via del Corso is no longer there. Not sure where they moved! There is one in Florence, not too far from the Duomo. Marina Rinaldi clothes are beautiful,very classic and well-made.
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For future reference to help those who may be looking, since the original post is old.

La Rinascente, a popular Italian department store (with a store in most major Italian city), has plus sized clothing and even their own line. It's limited, of course, but has a relatively decent collection, and you might even catch onto a sale if you're lucky!
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I was interested in the idea that clothing is cut somewhat differently in Italy, as I found that to be true when I lived in Germany. I have quite narrow shoulders and am not overly bosomy. German dresses at the time seemed to be cut for women who had broader shoulders and were more bosomy than I am.

I have very narrow feet and was never able to buy shoes except for Bally's. Shoes didn't seem to be narrower than a B.
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The answer to Maggie F is that, as I said in my email. the main Rome Marina Rinaldi store is now in the Via Borgognona. It's very easy to find as it runs up from the Corso to the Spanish Steps, and is one of the roads parallel to the famous Via Condotti. The store is half way up from the Corso, on the left, on the corner with another small road, the Via Bocca di Leone.
What happened was that Marina R until last year had the shop Maggie F refers to on corner of Via Condotti and Corso, and also a smaller one in Via Borgognona. They disposed of both of them, and acquired the new shop - just as central, but bigger and better. It has an excellent manageress who speaks English, and it is a pleasure to visit. The phone no is (from abroad) 0039 06 69200487

If you go into any Marina Rinaldi shop anywhere you can get a magazine which lists all the stores everywhere. That's how I know the addresses of them all over Italy - and the world.
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I found some great plus size things at Oviesse in Naples. IT is more of a Target type store so the prices are much less than Marina RInaldi.
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Any size you could have on clothing take a look at clothing woman osmannoro:
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It seems that many plus-size clothes are cut for apple-shaped women, which leaves us pear-shaped out in the cold.
Many of the clothes are too big in the bust and arms and too small in the hips for women like me.
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I have found the problem (for me) in italy is HEIGHT ;-) I am 5'9" and I rarely buy clothes in Italy Skirts - that's about it. I also can rarely find shoes that fit well bummer. saves me a ton of money though...and always can pick up scarves and gloves!
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In Venice I found Marina Rinaldi. Though the clothes are beautiful they are VERY expensive. A lovely beige pleated skirt cost me €200,00. They had a small selection and the staff was warm and helpful.

I also discovered that in Italy, when the sales person is either lazy or doesn't think you are in the "right" store (the clothes won't fit you), they ignore you. Very rude. But then some nice sales women in Max & Co. directed me to Marina Rinaldi! Just like in the US, there are nice people and then there are judgmental, rude people top. I let the rude people stew on their own and I am grateful for the kind generous people of Italy for a wonderful vacation.

Someone said that the restaurants love those of us who eat well. It explains why the waiters here are so nice to me! The food is exceptional. When I get back home I'll be back at the gym and counting calories.

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Valdereeh - years ago, about 20 I think, I needed a new concert outfit for the choir I had just joined, and I found a shop locally that stocked Marina Rinaldi. I bought a black jersey 3 piece [long skirt, vest top and jacket] for £300, and so far I have worn it for about 100 concerts, which works out at £3 a time! So although it was fearfully expensive, and definitely the most expensive garment I had ever bought, it was worth every penny.

I hope that your skirt proves equally wearable and a worthwhile investment.
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