Please help - too ambitious???

Feb 13th, 2005, 02:05 PM
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Please help - too ambitious???

Well, we were going to go to Budapest & Prague, but have changed our mind. We want to take a 15 day trip to France. Mother spent her childhood during WWII near the Pyrennes, close to Pau, which is almost 600 miles from Paris. We plan to arrive in Paris, rent a car (AutoEurope??), drive to the Loire Valley, spend 3 days, on to Toulouse overnight with a stop in Limoges,one night in Pau, on to Avignon for 4 nights, overnight in Dijon and 6 days in Paris. Too ambitious?? Any suggestions??
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Feb 13th, 2005, 05:02 PM
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I have not done that trip and I am not exactly sure about the distance and the connections, but rather than do all the driving, I'm wondering if it would make sense to fly into Barcelona, or else somewhere in southern France? It might be convenient to get to Pau from there, especially since you're only going to to Pau for one day/night. There are train connections into France from Barcelona, and the TGV makes stops that are convenient for Avignon, Dijon, and of course Paris.
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Feb 13th, 2005, 05:48 PM
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Thanks Elaine. We considered the train, but the trainfare certainly isn't cheap. We figured out a medium sized rental car for 10 days on Auto Europe is about $900 vs. about 700 Euros for trainfare. The convenience of a rental car would be good.

We did consider flying into Barcelona and driving to Pau. Does anyone know if the crossing over the Pyrennes is rough?? Mother is 75 and I am in 40s, we are in good health, but don't fancy changing a tire on a mountain road. Thanks!
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Feb 13th, 2005, 07:07 PM
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Why Toulouse? WHY Limoges?

I don't get it. Yoú've changed your itinerary from Budapest and Prague to France because your mom spent her childhood near Pau during WWII, but you're gallivanting all over the rest of France and spending ONE night in Pau? I can't fathom this.

No, crossing over the Pyrénées isn't rough, but that's the least of your problems. This itinerary doesn't make any sense.

You should fly to Toulouse, just for starters. There is no reason to fly to Paris, unless you have a burning desire to visit the Loire Valley (I thought the trip was designed around Mom's WWII experience?). If you DO fly to Paris and then drive to Toulouse, be prepared for one VERY VERY long day of driving.

Why are you going to Limoges? I hope not to buy porceleine, because it's cheaper here in the States.

One night in Pau? I don't get it if this is the point of the trip. All the way from Toulouse to Pau for one night, and then all the way to Avignon? Yikes!

Yeah, I'd call it too ambitious and just plain zany, if the premise is your mother's chldhood in Pau.
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Feb 13th, 2005, 08:08 PM
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I have to agree with into Toulouse and spend time down there in the region your mother grew up in. I haven't been to Pau, but I lived in Toulouse. There are so many neat things to see there, lots of culture and I LOVE the south WAY better than the north. Then you can go to Avignon and Dijon and not feel so rushed.
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Feb 14th, 2005, 06:08 AM
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Hi aliska,

As noted, you have to focus better.

If you use and you will see that it is about 2 hr drive Toulouse/Pau.

If you are planning on a motor trip, you can visit the Lot, Tarn and Dordogne region; or Provence.

How important is Paris?

>...about 700 Euros for train fare. <

Did you enter your itinerary at

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