Please help! Europe trip 2022

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thursdays - I guess I was reacting to the flights. The cheapest I find RT leaving in May returning in August from NYC (and we don't know where he's coming from, NYC is about the cheapest) was $450 (no carry on, and it's on Iberia so add in another country to deal with). And while the 'basic' price might be pretty cheap, that means only an under the seat bag, not even an overhead. If the OP is 'backpacking' they generally at least have a large pack, that would require getting the next level ticket price. I'm famous (among my friends) for being an incredibly light packer but I couldn't go for 90 days with just a day pack or whatever would fit under the seat. (Though my last pre covid purchase was a bag that supposedly did fit under the seat - never got to test it as that trip was scheduled for March 13, 2020 and we all know know what happened then). But point being those super low flight prices may need to increase even if the OP "just" has a back pack. And I can't find anything nearly as low as you did.
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isabel - I wasn't pricing round trip tickets, because you'd have the cost and hassle of getting back to the first city. Although your round trip is cheaper than my two one ways, even allowing for that cost - $281 New York to London plus $428 St. Petersburg to New York, for a total of $709 - versus $553 including a direct flight from St. Petersburg to London. Not sure what you mean about another country - I see direct flights New York to London on Iberia.

The Iberia tickets I see (via Skyscanner) allow carry on. I travel with one 22 inch bag (US carry on size) that I choose to check, but I could down size it to 20 inches (European carry on size) without too much difficulty. That will fit in the overhead, and my day bag fits under the seat in front of me. I have traveled for months with those bags.

I was actually more interested in the transport costs within Europe, since we don't know where the OP lives. janisj was estimating $1,500 for those and I made it more like $300-400.
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Hoping to head out April or May, I know this is all up in the air given that COVID is still around. Thank you all for your suggestions though, the long distance bussing seems to be the best option according to the majority so glad I know now.

Also some of you have asked what I’d want to get out of 13 countries in that time frame, and I really just want to explore the culture and history of each place. The suggestion for down time thank you for those who brought that up. I will definitely plan for that now as well.

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Original poster:
You left out Andorra, Liechenstein, Montenegro, Luxembourg, just to name a few
Care to try again?

Alternatively, you could just sit in the back seat of a car for 90 days, stare out the window occasionally while reading a travel book, and then lie about all you've seen.

The experience would be about the same, and you'd save money..
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I think that's unnecessarily harsh, tomboy. It might not be what you or I would plan but it's a valid choice. I remember travelling from London to Athens in a similar timeframe when I was young - and had a fabulous time.

On a side note, I am green with envy at how little it can cost to travel from the USA to Europe.
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@dreamon - tomboy would probably have a conniption with my itinerary here: Rails Around the World 2004 -- Wilhelm's Words

I'm green with envy of the Europeans who don't have to travel to Europe because they are there, lol. Although I could move back to the UK....
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some years back I took a cabin on a ship to travel to Gdansk from Tilbury in London. It did a weekly run and might still be going, don't just focus on trains and buses.
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Before covid, I used to fly halfway around the world for 2 or 3 weeks with a bag that weighed in at 7kg. The eyes of certain airport employees would widen when I would confirm that that was all of my luggage. Later, adding my laptop and cables, sometimes I almost came up to 10kgs.

Most people could not manage this, but I learned to travel light by packing only clothes that could be rinsed out (or washed) at night and would be dry by morning. It doesn't matter if you wear the same clothes every day because the people you encounter don't know it. I will admit that I sometimes had to wear jeans a bit damp, but as long as it isn't winter, it is not really a problem -- they dry in about 30 minutes on your warm body. During my 3 month backpacking trip as a teen, I even went to a laudromat a few times when I felt a need for thorough cleaning.

I know that this is not the travel style of most people who use this site, but you were all young once, weren't you? I will be 70 this year.
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