Planning a trip to London and Paris

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Planning a trip to London and Paris

My husband and I and two of our friends are planning a trip to London and Paris in August. We are celebrating my graduating with my Master's degree as well as our first and our friends' second wedding anniversaries. We will be in each city for 4 nights. Any suggestions on things we should do or places we have to see? We also plan to see my godparents while we are there. They live in Wales. Thanks for any tips you can suggest! We are very very excited!
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I assume you mean you will visit Wales in addition to the four nights in London?

There are lots of great tips here already, but if you post something more specific about what you really like to do, you will get more & better suggestions. You could spend four completely different days in each city depending on what you like most - art, history, monuments, people-watching, food, etc.
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I would start be buying the Fodor's guides, as well as reading the on-line guides at this site.

There is LOTS to do in London and Paris. For example, do you love museums? You could fill every day you have there just doing one museum in each city (BM and Louvre).

Read up a bit, give us your interests and even better an idea of an itinerary...and you're on your way.
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It would also help us to know your travel arrangements. Are you flying into London and out of Paris? Reverse? The main advice of this is to get an "open jaw" airline ticket, flying into one city and out of another. Don't waste time getting back to your starting point.
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Please clarify -- do you mean to visit Wales during your 4 London days, or are you planning on a few days in wales + 4 London/4 Paris? (and where in Wales -- it is a big place).

There are (quite literally) hundreds, maybe thousands, of threads on here about what to see in London and Paris. Anything we post w/o more info from you will sort of be shooting in the dark. What things are you already set on seeing? Start by clicking DESTINATIONS above, there is a lot of basic info about both cities.

Then come back w/ just a bit more focus and we can help you more.
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As others have said, without a bit more focus it is impossible to answer.

For what it is worth, I just read about this cool restaurant in London that has these interactive tables:

I'd also suggest NOT flying between London and Paris. With the security restrictions, airport transport times & costs, etc. it isn't worth it. The train is a wonderful way to go between those two cities. Or, if you have the time for it, a bus-boat combo ticket.
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Our travel agent booked our tickets flying into London and out of Paris. He also booked us flying from London to Paris because it was cheaper with our package. Not sure why, but it was. It comes with allthe airport transfers as well.

I've been looking at all the travel sites, the different threads on here, and all the different things we could do and see, but everything says it is a "must see" and such. Just wondering what people would recommend or not recommend. It's hard to know what's going to be worth seeing and what won't be just from the descriptions. We have heard the British Museum is a must see from friends, so we will definitely be going there. As for other mueseums, probably just the Louvre in Paris.

No, we would not be going to Wales, they would be traveling to London. They live in Wales but would meet up with us somewhere in London.

So, for London and Paris, we have a whole list of things that sound like things we should visit and see, but just wondering what people think who have been there. We have a travel card/city pass for 3 days in each city also which I have seen and noted what attractions we could see for free or discounted prices. For now, what are things you "can't leave without seeing" that people who have visited actually recommend?
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wespj- Thanks for the link! It's things like that that we are wanting to know. What are some fun things people have done while visiting London or Paris? I never would have found that restaurant. Looks fun! I put it on our list.
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NOT in this order: The Tower of London; the British Museum; the British Library; Westminster Abbey; St. Paul's; the Globe (see a play if possible); the SouthBank. Maybe one of the markets; definitely the "iconic" sights of course. And these would just about fill up 3 days. Take different "must see" lists and decide if there're any things on them that are especially intriguing to you. The best way (to me) to plan an itinerary is with a list and a map--group things to see by proximity so you're not wasting all your time to and fro-ing. You have plenty of time to look at lots of trip reports here to see what others have done.

We're going to be in London for 3 whole days in August, too! We have already been, at least once, to the items in the list above. This trip (for DD, DH, and me) I have planned to visit each day basically 2 major sites, most of which we've seen before but want to return to, and lots of walk-by sights. Here's my itinerary this time:
Day 1--Walking by several places like Dr. Johnson's house and the Old Bailey to satisfy my English teacher nerdy self and on to St. Paul's to this time climb to the dome with a camera (DD did it without a camera, DH and I went to St.Paul's but not to dome); then across the Millennium Bridge to the Tate for just a peep, down the SouthBank toward Southwark Cathedral, the George Inn, and Borough Market.
Day 2--British Museum and British Library
Day 3--Westminster Abbey (DD didn't see it on her other trip) and the Imperial War Museum. (and then back to rooms to rest and pack before heading out on a 9 day driving tour).
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