Pisa Question, Anyone help?

Old Dec 7th, 2000, 03:42 PM
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Pisa Question, Anyone help?

We will be in Italy for 18 days in June-July, we will be doing a to Pisa from Rome.
Paulo has already given me wonderful info on train times, etc.
What I am looking for now is:
On the last Sunday in june, there is an event called the "Gioco del Ponte".
This event takes place every year.
Would anyone know where I can go to find out *what time* this all occurs?
It would not make sense to get on a train, go up there on that day and miss the main event because we arrive too late.
If we could not get to Pisa in time for it, we would rather go to Pisa on another day.
So, anyone out there with an address, or phone number or website?
Even better, anyone ever see this event?
Thank you as always,
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It happens in the evening (8:30 this year, according to the website beolow), so it looks like you won't have trouble getting there on time. Here's a site: http://www.notti.it/special/giocoponte/Welcomeb.html.
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thank you very much!
I will check out that site.
but, now we have the opposite dilemna!
We will be renting an apt. in Rome for that week,and do not want to also add the expense of a hotel room for the night in Pisa!
if the event does not start til 8:30, it would be *very* late by the time we got back to Rome.
But , you have given me good info and a great place to continue my search.
Thank you very much!
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I went to that site you recommended, www.notti.it.
While it looks like it would be fun, and maybe informative, I did find a big discrepancy in the date given for the Gioco del Ponte.
All the travel books, and Scala Reale Company have said this event is always on the last Sunday of June.
The Notti site stated it is the last Monday.
So, I went to yahoo, followed a trail to Pisa, and found links to the event.
They also point to the last Sunday.
And one site, Whatsonwhen, gave a time of 6pm.
It also gave me the phone # for the Pisa Tourist Board in Italy.
(I will give them a call)

I guess what I wanted to point out here is that people should doublecheck info given off a site. Everyone can make errors.

But KT,I want to thank you again for going to the trouble to look this up for me, and posting!
Old Dec 8th, 2000, 03:17 PM
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Nancy, you're very welcome. I'm sorry, I just glanced at the page looking for a time and didn't notice they got day wrong. It's correct on the Italian version of the page, so it looks like a translation error.
Old Dec 9th, 2000, 04:36 AM
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since my italian reading is getting better ,I will use the italian version when I use that site again.
I started in english to get my bearings.
But this is a fun looking site, and would be very helpful for those looking for info concerning the holidays in Italy!

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