Milan to Venice...Fly or Rail?

Old Dec 7th, 2000, 04:59 PM
Tracey R.
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Milan to Venice...Fly or Rail?

We get into Malpensa airport on Dec 22 and since were coming from LA I'm anticipating being tired and ready to get off of the plane. I want to get to Venice from there with the least amount of time and trouble. I can't decide if that means getting from the airport to the railroad station and then still having to get from the railroad station in Venice to the hotel or catching another flight and then getting from the airport in Venice to the hotel. I'll have my mother and 12 year old son with me. Which way is least fussiest? Thanks for your help.
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I'd advise train. We did this last February with our three kids (11, 13, 16). There's a comfortable express bus (about 45 min.) from the Malpensa terminal to the main train station in Milan, and there are lots of trains to Venice. The trains are nice,and fast. (see for info on the Italian rail system). The train station in Venice is right at the end of the Grand Canal, and transport from there to hotels is easy: vaporetto (water bus) or water taxi if you want spend more and get closer to the door. Christmas in Venice; I'm envious. Enjoy.
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Take the train if for no other reason than that it affords you the opportunity to experience that first thrilling sight of the Grand Canal as you leave the station in Venice. It's truly breathtaking!
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Tsk, tsk! The questioner asked for "least fussiest"! not cheapest, nor most scenic - - "least amount of time and trouble" (in her own words) - - easiest - - you know?

Are we so brainwashed about Europe's marvelous trains that we can't deliver an honest answer? Puh-leez - - occasionally, the emperor really is wearing no clothes, you know?

Alitalia flight 1451 leaves Malpensa (connecting well with a variety of incoming service from LA, on UA or DL or TW) at 10:05 a.m. and arrives VCE at 11:00 a.m.

Sure it's marvelous to see the Grand Canal through it's full S-shape length, departing from the train station. But a water taxi will follow any route you request, you know (for the right price).

By train, Tracey, mother and son would be lucky to arrive by 5 p.m. By plane, this is virtually seamless.
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Rex! Rex!

Don't get your panties in a bunch ;-)
Old Dec 7th, 2000, 06:57 PM
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Not bunched.

But thanks for thinking of my well-being.
Old Dec 7th, 2000, 07:15 PM
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Dear Tracey,
We've done the L.A. to venice trip 3 times, and I would definitely agree with Rex- take the plane from Milan to Venice. By the time you get to Malpensa, you won't feel like getting on a bus, then the train to get to Venice. Ther's no better way to arrive in Venice after a long trip than coming up the Grand Canal in a water taxi.
Have a great time!!
Old Dec 8th, 2000, 04:54 AM
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Gee, Rex, I'm surprised you didn't offer Tracey your services! ! Oh, I'm sorry, that would be advertising wouldn't it, and you don't do that do you? HA!
Rex, cool it!
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Definitely do the plane. It's much more efficient, airport-to-airport, than the train.

MarcoPolo Airport is really tiny (compared to LAX); at one end is the waterbus quai (about $8 for one way to St Mark's Square); next to it is the water taxi quai (around $40ish). Around the corner is the bus stand ($3ish) and the regular taxis (don't know how much those cost).

Unless your hotel is near the bus or train station or St Mark's Square, I'd take the water taxi. They'll take you a lot closer to your hotel.
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Dear whats:

My motive is to make billions of dollars planning and leading the trips of every single person on every continent who wants to travel to Europe.

Then I intend to use my brilliant (but evil) guerilla advertising scheme of posting (usually) helpful and (occasionally) sarcastic messages on this one internet message board - - with the greater purpose of making a commission from every single financial transaction for all goods and services purchased by anyone anywhere.

By this method, I expect to take over the world sometime in the next few days.

With all my wealth, I hope to purchase some of these wonderful silk long underwear (that I've heard so much about, and yet, I have no idea where to buy any for my wife for Christmas). If they are as "bunch"-free as I imagine, I may buy them for every person in the world.

"Bottom" line, Tracey - - take the plane, as Elvira and Tommaso have re-affirmed.
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T. Ross
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Thanks, everyone, for your helpful advice. I think I'm going to go for the plane. I don't relish a bus trip to the train for a train trip. I just want to be there! My only qualm now is the posts I've just read telling about how awful Alitalia is and how many dleays they have. It would be just my luck to have my Alitalia flight to Venice delayed 5 hours...!
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rob k
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So the majority has decided you should fly (another vote for the plane rather than the train ride).
DO make sure that when you're booking a flight from Milan to Venice that you take note of which airport it leaves from --- You'll be coming into Malpensa (MXP); some flights between Milan & Venice may leave out of Milan's other airport, Linate.

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