Picasso museum disappointment

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Picasso museum disappointment

During my last visit to Paris 15 years ago I finally got turned on to Picasso at the Hotel Salet museum. Our visit there last June was a severe disappointment. How can Picasso"s work (like it or not) be made boring. My thought was, "Fire that curator!". Yes, there were things of interest. Notably for me, Painting in white of the opposite side of a piece of glass demonstrating his stunning mastery of line. All 3 of us left the exhibit deflated. Has any other visitor had a similar reaction?
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I suspect there must be SOMEBODY who enjoyed it more than you did don't you think? You even SAID there were things that interested you. What do you want, something curated ONLY with your thoughts in mind?
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Why so critical? I think the OP is entitled to make a review as much as anybody else. Anyone who reviews anything probably does not presume that everyone else in the world feels the same way or that they are the only one something should be geared towards. It's just a review and a lot of people like to read others' commments. I always like to read reviews about things I may be considering--whether restaurants, performing arts, concerts, or museums.

I've seen so much Picasso in my life I admit I'm not sure I care if I ever see any again, while that may be shocking to some. I wold go to Guernica again in Madrid but it's not in a Picasso museum. I just get tired of it, it's such a particular style (at least the Cubist period) and I've seen it so much in so many museums. I haven't been to the new renovated one in Paris, I was there before but I've been to at least 3 others so it's not high on my list of must-sees. I prefer museums not dedicated to one particular artist, actually.
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Christina, exactly WHERE in MY post did I SAY the OP is "not allowed" to post a review?

I think the OP is being unreasonable by saying that the curator "should be fired." Be happy the curator wasn't YOU.
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I was disappointed with it too. Is there something wrong with having a bad opinion of a museum? I'm not a big Picasso fan to begin with. One likes, or doesn't like, certain artists. Picasso doesn't do much for me.

Dukey, you are being hypercritical for no reason at all. The OP didn't like the museum. I didn't, either. No. Big. Deal.
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The last time I was at the Picasso museum in Paris was shortly before it closed for its looooonnnngggg renovation. Before the reno, I found it dark and disappointing. I haven't been back since so can't agree or disagree with your opinion. Hope to see for myself next year!
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Our experience there was meh. But we were never big Picasso fans anyway, so perhaps we shouldn't blame our indifference on the museum.
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I went this May and was pleasantly surprised. I was staying just down the street from the museum and decided to pop in one afternoon. I've seen lots of Picasso and it wasn't on my radar to go, but I enjoyed the space and enjoyed his sculptural pieces. I haven't seen any Picasso in so long, it was almost refreshing to reexamine his long and varied career. Now, maybe I'll get myself back to the Louvre some day...
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The MuCEM had a very interesting Picasso exhibit this year and it saved me from having to visit the Picasso Museum again.
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I've enjoyed all of your comments and different viewpoints about the Picasso museum. For me, his genius is best seen in small doses. Consequently, I haven't been tempted to go to the museum after the redo. However, in my travels, coming upon a piece of his work in a tiny less renowned museum has always been a delight.
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When the Picasso Museum reopened a year or so ago, I bought a pass and have visited it many times. To me, there is no doubt that he was a genius. The "new" museum was renovated again last year, and now I would say it is perfect, if you are an enthusiast. The curators have done a great job to put his work into context. I also love the section of the museum where you can see some of the works of art that he owned.
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I loved the Guernica in Madrid, but most of Picasso's work looks like something my nephew could scribble.
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I was disappointed in the Picasso Museum years ago, before the renovation. But I'm not a Picasso fan so wasn't surprised at my reaction. I'm not planning to go back to the newly renovated museum when I'm in Paris this October. There are so many art museums I absolutely love in Paris. Can't wait to spend more time in those!
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Loacker, that's quite a nephew of yours! Surely you meant that in jest, or you have not seen enough of Picasso?

The Vollard suite (Loacker - google the images...) was on display in its entirety - a rare event - at the convention center in Geneva some years ago. In part highly erotic of course.

A large group of high-schoolers arrives, from some local Gymnase or other, and I'm amazed that I hear no snickers or giggles from the teenagers. Just mature museum behavior. Turns out that the teachers, leaders of the group and in-depth commentators were nuns!
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The massive delays during the construction work, the political nonsense, the Picasso family getting into the act, the museum opening before it was, in some people's minds, "perfect" - all this led to such a big buildup in people's imaginations that the museum would be the 9th wonder of the world...

...and it isn't.

I have to say that the building looks great, but the collection doesn't match up to what so many people waited years to see.
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Has the collection changed or just the building? I had been assuming that the core collection remained the same as the one from before the renovation. Has the museum increased in size so that more of its holdings can be displayed?

This discussion has aroused my curiosity. I was there before the renovation and remember thinking the collection was somewhat limited although I remember really liking some of the work. Now I am wondering about the new museum and hope to go see for myself.
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I appreciate this thread.
I was toying with the idea of going but being no fan I will pass and leave it for enthusiasts.
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For people going to the Picasso Museum, I recommend Breizh Café just across the street. Great crêpes and cider that will wipe away your disappointment with the museum.
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My first visit to the PICASSO MUSEUM in Paris many years ago before the renovation, and loved it.
I enjoyed the intimate feel of the museum & viewing many of the works and sculptures. The neighborhood was vibrant and exciting

Last year I visited the new/renovated PICASSO MUSEUM & also enjoyed the visit. I love Picasso & it was worth the visit for me. Many of the sculptures were on exhibit at MOMA in NYC which I had just visited, so I was fortunate to have not been disappointed at my Paris Picasso Museum recent visit.

The building looks fantastic, & glad I revisited the new Museum.

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Aside from a couple of pieces, the collection is completely different from what was in the old museum. There really isn't very much art inside the very large space, but they did do a very nice renovation job to the building.
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