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Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere

Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere

Mar 13th, 2019, 08:04 PM
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Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere

I'm a travel photographer who normally takes an annual solo trip to Europe. My pictures are sold, licensed, and used as editorials worldwide. (all photos here were taken by me) Unlike the majority of trip reports it's important to remember that while there are certainly many pleasures that come with the job this isn't a vacation for me. That means no tours, museums, operas, shows, etc. This year's trip for May 2018 was a 10 day adventure by car that covered the following areas: Innsbruck, Vipiteno/Sterzing, South Tirol, Stein am Rhein, Bavarian castles, Rothenburg OBT, Wurzburg, Western Czech Republic, and Munich. Special thanks to everyone that helped me in this thread, especially PalenQ and fourfortravel. I couldn't do this without you.

Day 1. I touched down in drizzly Munich around 10 am and picked up my car rental. The plan for day 1 was to get to Innsbruck and photograph anything along the way that made my jaw drop. The traffic was bumper to bumper as the drizzle turned into a steady rain. I was obsessed with the weather prior to the trip and knew the first 4 days would likely be rainy or overcast. There wasn't an awful lot to look but there were a couple of breaks in the rain where I pulled over and began the first of my pictures.

While there were occasional glimpses of snow peaked mountain tops low hanging rain clouds pretty much blanketed everything completely obstructing any views. My doppler app showed considerable precipitation that seemed to end at the Austrian border. For this reason, and the now steady rain I bypassed Garmisch and headed straight to Innsbruck. Before crossing the border I pulled into a rastplatz. I was very excited to practice my rudimentary German and successfully filled up, purchased a vignette for Austria, and a pretty tasty sandwich. Using as little English as possible is important to me so my interactions inside the rastplatz was a boost. I got to Innsbruck in a little over 3 hours which wasn't terrible given the traffic and weather. After checking in to my hotel I grabbed some gear and set out for Maria-Theresien-Straße which took about 20 minutes. What a vibrant and colorful area full of shops and people exploring. Wonderful architecture with a beautiful mountain backdrop.

It got a little chilly as the sun got lower in the sky. By this time my stomach was rumbling so I went to the nearby Golden Adler where a wienerschnitzel and Zillertal beer was just what the doctor ordered. Blue hour was a huge success afterward. This is the highly coveted time to a photographer in which the twilight sky turns a brilliant shade of blue.

* **

The wind howled off the River Inn as the temperature plummeted even lower. By this time my breath was visible and my tripod felt like a frozen ice staff with no gloves on. Burrrrr. By nightfall Innsbruck was completely dead. Shops were closed. Cafe owners secured tables and chairs. Red trams clickety-clacked past me with next to no passengers. With a now runny nose it seemed like a pretty good time to throw in the towel. I saved my feet and took a cab back to my hotel.

Day 2. It was chilly and overcast when I awoke the next morning. After a pretty decent breakfast I jumped in the car and headed south to Tyrol via the Brenner Pass. My goal for today was to capture some Alpine scenery en route to Vipiteno/Sterzing. Then I would head back northward to see some Austrian waterfalls before returning to Innsbruck. The clouds hung around for a good while but there were some breaks where I was able to capture some beautiful scenery.

I arrived in Vipiteno/Stirzing around lunchtime. Wow, what gorgeous surroundings! The sky began to thicken up with rain clouds so I got as much material as quick as possible. Eventually it began to sprinkle so I packed up my camera stuff and went into temporary tourist mode. My efforts to learn a little Italian were a complete waste of time! Despite being in Northern Italy, everyone spoke German. My stateside wife was highly amused by this after a quick Google query to find out why. Overcast skies produce flat lighting in photography which can dull colors and decreases contrast. Having had my fill of what I'd already captured I decided to call it quits. After a fairly mediocre pizza and magnet purchase from a gift shop I began the long walk back to the parking lot. As I reached for my key fob to unlock the car something miraculous happened: THE SUN CAME OUT!!! I COULD SEE MY SHADOW!! I quickly ran back and re-snapped as much as possible. I must have looked like the quintessential American-fool-in-a-rush with my Nikon gear bumbling about. I was happy with the "updated" material and left with a smile.

Next up was a quick stop near a town called Innerpflersch/Flere di Dentro. Despite some lovely foothills and waterfalls, the mountains were completely covered by clouds so not worth pursuing I made my way back into Austria and found some really nice scenics that warranted a "pull over". One of my favorites and most memorable is the one below:

Wildflowers dotted the lush foothills. The air was so crisp and clean that I didn't want to leave. Eventually I made it over to the Grawa Wasserfall. The volume would have been more impressive after a torrential downpour but still very beautiful nonetheless. Overcast skies are perfect for shooting long exposures of waterfalls so it was a little ironic that the sun peaked out. My knees were a little sore from riding in the car so I decided to skip the Stubai Wasserfall a few miles away and instead return to Innsbruck.

"Pretty good day of shooting" I thought. Back at Innsbruck I charged my batteries a little bit with a hot bath and laying around my hotel room. I was so exhausted from my Day 2 expenditures that I actually fell asleep. After dinner I poked around Maria-Theresien-Straß and surrounding area some more, checked out the triumphal arch, and then called it a night.

Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-41700872585_35ea41da14.jpg Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-46631574534_d0eeb7838f.jpg

The cab back to my hotel was curiously cheaper than it was the night before despite having the same exact driver from about the same distance. Laying in bed there was a logistical decision that had to be made for tomorrow and I didn't quite know what to do. Tomorrow I would drive straight to Fussen to see the Neuschwanstein castle. That much was a definite. Whether I would continue to Stein Am Rhein or my friends' family house in Stuttgart (where I had a place to stay) was the question. Originally I planned to pick up my friends and take them on part of my photo tour. Just about everything took twice as long as I planned so I was skeptical that I'd have time to socialize while taking pictures.

Day 3. My last morning in Innsbruck was a dreary one. The meat and cheese based breakfasts with bread, hard boiled eggs, and juice were quickly becoming my favorite meal. Great way to fuel up! Heading North towards Germany I couldn't help the feeling that my efforts for Alpine postcard shots were a complete failure. "There's always next time." Driving a stick (manual transmission) on the autobahn turned out to be a real treat for me because everything back home is automatic. Nothing like a relaxing drive through the motherland to center my thoughts and peak my curiosity. My journey towards Füssen was a very scenic one. Several times I was "forced" to pull over and whip out the Nikon. I mean seriously....How beautiful can you get?

Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-41882812954_a91507ef44.jpg Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-46647996294_b09a8e936f.jpg

Scenes like this definitely slowed the progress to my journey with the frequent stops. I began to wonder If I'd make it to Füssen before lunchtime when it happened. A silver BMW that was behind me for many miles finally passed and then slowed down right in front of me to about a car's length. "STOP, POLIZEI, BITTE FOLGEN >>>>>>>>>>>. STOP, POLICE, PLEASE FOLLOW" flashed in on a digital display on the back of the glass. Surely I wasn't going too fast?? Are these guys really the police?? I had questions but played it cool at the rastplatz. There were 2 of them. Bald. Dressed plainly. After whipping out some questionable looking credentials we spoke briefly in my limited German before switching over to English. "Vut ah you doing een Juh-many?" one asked. I told them I was a travel photographer and pointed to all my camera crap in the front seat before handing over my passport. After an examination they checked my trunk and made note of my suitcase. "Munich" one of them said while nodding. By this time I realized they were in fact legit and probably checking to make sure I wasn't a bad element with drugs or something. They handed me back my passport and told me to enjoy my trip. One of them then went inside the rastplatz to use the bathroom. I had to go as well but my nerves were shot and wanted to make up for lost time.

Due to the delay I opted out of lunch and instead snacked on this big bag of trail mix I got from Day 1. I also headed straight for Schwangau where the castle was located. My weather app now revealed that I missed my window of opportunity for partly cloudy and that grey skies would indeed be waiting for me when I arrived (yay!). It wouldn't matter honestly. My heart must've skipped a few beats the first time I laid eyes on Schloß Neuschwanstein perched up on that hill. I remember seeing it on the back wall of a kitschy German restaurant when I was in college. Since that day it was added to my bucket list. As I looked for a place to park I couldn't help noticing the hordes of tourists walking amongst horse drawn carriages and wondering what it must be like during peak season.

Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-41882810104_abe6160d2d.jpg Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-28728923628_8fee067145.jpg

Schwangau was a colorful little village whose primary purpose appeared to be catering to tourists. In fact, the architecture of some of the buildings was almost "Disney like." After parking I secured a bus ticket up the hill where the castle was at. Many people walked but as we snaked our way up I was grateful to have saved my legs (and time). I got off at the Marienbrucke (Mary's Bridge) stop and waited until it was my turn to reach the bridge with a clear shot of the castle. There was an enormous group of Chinese tourists there taking selfies, admiring the view, etc. As a result the bridge vibrated and rocked in a way that kind of unnerved me. I basically got what I needed and then got out. The lighting and color was dulled due to the weather so I used Photoshop liberally when I got home. Voila!

Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-41701511215_af836ae94f_c.jpg

This matters because destination scenics almost always look better in good weather. (There's a reason Caribbean brochures don't showcase exotic beaches in the rain.) I thought I'd make that clear for those wondering what my obsession with the weather was (that I have no control over.) I took exactly one picture of the nearby Schloß Hohenschwangau as I made my way back to the parking lot. I wasn't terribly interested and judging from the direction pedestrians were headed, I wasn't alone. After a quick fill up and another rastplatz sandwich I set a route for Stein Am Rhein with plans to meet up with my friend and her family later that evening. This was about the time my trip began to take a turn for the worse. The drive was slated to take about 3 hours according to my Garmin. After about 2 hours I encountered a roundabout on route 31 that had the exit I needed crossed out. It appeared that this highway was closed due to construction. Neither my Garmin nor Google Maps were able to help me around it. The directions kept leading me towards route 31 or towards that roundabout. I tried driving in different directions hoping that my navigation would take me a different route but that didn't work. I was basically stuck in this town for about an hour. At a nearby grocery store I walked up to the youngest clerk I could find in hopes that he'd speak English (and he did). He told me to follow a certain road a for a few miles and then turn with the rest of the trucks. I did exactly that and before long I was back on the right path. What I wouldn't give to be able to thank that young man today. (I ended up losing the grocery store receipt that he drew me a map on)

I hit some pretty good traffic when it began to rain. My nerves were jacked. Despite being tired and hungry getting to my destination was priority. I yawned as I crossed the border into Switzerland. With mental and physical fatigue eating me alive I nearly hit an old lady with my car at a gas station parking lot. I sat inside and attempted to reassess my plans. I cancelled with my friend for that night and instead booked a hotel. This took some weight off of me as I wasn't under any pressure to be anywhere at a certain time. I checked in at a gorgeous old world hotel called Landgasthof Hirschen and headed back out to see some of Stein Am Rhein. Just before arriving I pulled over by the water's edge to grab a few pictures. I sat my stuff on a bench and observed an older couple admiring the view from another bench a bit farther way.

Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-46650564284_d4eb37c0ca.jpg Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-46650563874_04e3b57989.jpg

After that I drove a short distance and parked in a mostly empty lot just outside of the Old Town. Stein Am Rhein is known for its painted buildings as well as its beautiful location on the Rhein river. After a few pictures I went to change lenses and realized I didn't have my camera bag with me. I thought for a minute...."probably in the car". I walked back to the parking lot and it wasn't there. "hmm.....probably left it back in the hotel room." As I walked back towards Old Town I had some doubts. I could've sworn I grabbed it before leaving. So if it wasn't in the car, and it wasn't in the room, then where? That camera bag had everything: 2 lenses, all of my memory cards, all of the batteries, charger, spare credit card and ID. Suddenly it hit me. "Back at the bench near the water's edge!!!!!". Completely freaking out I ran back to the car and attempted to desperately tried to find the same spot I pulled over. Eventually I found it and there on the bench was my camera bag. The old couple sat quietly on their bench as a woman walked a dog. It was a defining moment for me. My body was under an enormous amount of stress and craved rest which I repeatedly denied. Fatigue had affected my judgement in a way that my shots were hurried/rushed, I almost hit someone, and the entire trip was nearly wiped out. I sat on that bench for a bit and took inventory of the near disaster I was spared. Memory cards and batteries for a Nikon D700 were not something you could pick up at a stateside electronics store, let alone a Swiss Village. My expensive lenses would've been even more difficult to replace. From now on I decided to slow it down and after careful consideration abandoned plans to stay with friends completely.

I explored the historic center and marveled at its beauty. The lighting was flat, of course, but the next day would be sunny so I wasn't terribly concerned with quality photos. The tourists here were considerably older here than in Innsbruck. Definitely less families. Not a bad thing, of course, just an observation. I passed a chocolate shop but would save those shenanigans for the next day.

Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-33497720488_9cc1c7a392.jpg Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-40408509493_6545dd228b.jpg

As the daylight began to fade I decided I was going to reward myself with an expensive quality meal. Burg Hohenklingen is a medieval castle which had been turned into a museum and restaurant by its owners. The winding drive up the cliff it was perched on gave me some serious anxiety. The castle was spectacular to walk through with sweeping views over the town below. The very friendly owner chatted me up after ordering, made beer recommendations, and showed me where I'd get the best shots of the town below. I ordered a delicious Beef Stroganoff with sauteed veggies and spaetzle. My first Swiss dining experience left me wanting more.

After lingering over a couple of beers I drove back down as it started to really cloud up again. There was a spot I had picked out by the river for a long exposure but it was a bit too early and light out. As it got dark it started raining. The sound of the rain drops hitting the water.....the soft quacking noises of ducks....the creaking of a small boat nearby, and the occasional church bell in the distance was all very soothing. I soaked it all in. That's the castle I ate at up top by the way.....

I really needed this. After a few exposures I closed up shop and went straight to bed back at the hotel. Next on the agenda was a morning reshoot under sunny skies followed by a trio of castles before ending in Rothenburg OBT. More to come...

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Mar 14th, 2019, 01:14 AM
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I’m enjoying your photos (quite like the moody, dramatic, grey skies), and I really love the region you visited.
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Mar 14th, 2019, 05:34 AM
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Thank you. There are times when grey skies set a really menacing tone. Not always bad!
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Mar 14th, 2019, 07:59 AM
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What an enjoyable read, and looking forward to the rest. While I know there are those who prefer train travel (swandav, I'm thinking of you in a most friendly way ), I have frame-worthy snaps that were only possible because I exclaimed, "So pretty!" and DH pulled the car to the side of the road so that I could hop out and set the shoot.
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Mar 14th, 2019, 09:08 AM
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Wow, fourfortravel! Thank you for thinking of me ..��

But it's not exactly that I "prefer" train travel; it is rather that I prefer to help preserve nature and the environment.

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Mar 14th, 2019, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by swandav2000 View Post
Wow, fourfortravel! Thank you for thinking of me ..��

But it's not exactly that I "prefer" train travel; it is rather that I prefer to help preserve nature and the environment.

I truly appreciate your position and that is why I gave you a friendly shout-out. We strive to avoid driving whenever possible; this written, we do love our alpine scenery (Tirol is our favorite state in Austria) and the opportunity to drop in at a local Gasthof while we are on a tour. Sometimes that just doesn't happen when one is sitting on a train was all I meant with my post.
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Mar 14th, 2019, 10:59 AM
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This is looking wonderful; thank you for posting. Fabulous photos, of course. Can't wait to spend more time looking at them.
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Mar 14th, 2019, 12:30 PM
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What a truly wonderful trip report! I am enjoying your words and of course your photographs are stunning. I look forward to your next installment.
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Mar 15th, 2019, 12:17 PM
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Day 4. So a lengthy Day 4 awaits, chock full of mishaps and blunders! Slept in a little later than I wanted to but my body definitely needed the rest. After a hearty breakfast punctuated by fresh meats and cheeses I made the short drive to Stein Am Rhein's Old Town. The photos were a big improvement day over day! Such a difference a little sunlight makes.

No matter the country I love watching locals start their mornings. Waiters setting up chairs at outdoor cafes. Shopkeepers sweeping. Old folks drinking coffee while reading the paper...maybe playing a game of chess. Water dripping into a fountain. It was all here. After a productive yet brief shoot I popped into a gift shop and went to town on some Swiss chocolate. The wife certainly earned some by watching 2 toddlers by herself! The jury is still out whether Belgian or Swiss chocolate is my favorite but there was definitely some bias on this trip.

Up next was 3 consecutive castles that would take me through the German states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. Despite being relatively close together on a map, at least by American standards, I made the all too common mistake of underestimating the travel time. The drive was very scenic with lush green meadows dotted with countless yellow wildflowers. Of course there were plenty of things that required me to pull the car over and pop off a few snaps like this breathtaking castle perched up high.

I simply don't understand how one is to focus solely on the road in situations like these. It's just too much to ask someone. After a couple of hours I arrived in the town of Sigmaringen. Before heading to the river bank where the castle was at I parked in the city center punctuated by steeples and spires and milled around at my new surroundings. What a charming area bustling with shoppers and of course the lunch crowd. A nearby restaurant featuring doner kebabs looked and smelled tempting but I'd save that first experience for another time.

After parking I walked a short distance past a small park where I encountered a curious, yet amusing sight. A pot belly old man sat on a bench with a much younger, and much more attractive girlfriend. She was sprawled out on the bench with her head in his lap. It was my first real reminder that I was in Europe again as far as public displays of affection go. In cities I've traveled to like Paris and Brussels full grown adults made out with each other like teenagers do in the US, mainly in central squares and parks. You just don't see that much back in the states. On our a trip to Madrid my wife and I, surrounded by "lovers", joked that we needed to step up our game. Funny memories. The pictures of Sigmaringen castle turned out pretty good despite the sun's location. You normally want the sun behind you but clouds were out and I was grateful for that. A little tweaking in photoshop eliminated the harsh shadows.

My stomach was pretty upset with me for passing on the doner kebab place so I picked up a French style sandwich w/ egg, and several meats as I filled up the gas tank. Back on the road again.The weather was amazing. Partly cloudy, a slight breeze, and 70°F. There were plenty of opportunities to pull over and take in all of the beauty the region had to offer. I still couldn't get over the wildflowers and how I had to motivate myself to get back in the car after each stop. The route was undulating and took me around all sorts of interesting curves and through gentle hills. This leg of the trip took me through some very small villages that seemed to be little more than a few houses sprinkled on both sides of a 1 lane highway. In fact, at times it seemed like I was driving along an extended driveway through a bunch of backyards. I saw dogs panting happily on porches. A man tinkering around under the hood of an older car. Small children running around barefoot. I was definitely grateful to have an intimate peak at life in the countryside.

Next up was Schloß Hohenzollern, a breathtakingly beautiful castle viewed from a vantage point called the Zeller Horn. It wasn't immediately clear to me on Google Earth if the road that led to the Zeller Horn was for vehicles or hikers. The only thing I was certain of was that it was, in fact, a road of some kind. With limited information about this I set out for the Berghotel Zollersteighof which was a nearby hotel where I assumed I would park. Upon arrival, however, I noticed that the parking lot was connected to a well paved road so I continued along. There were a couple of signs in German (I couldn't translate) before breaking left into the woods at a fork in the road. As the road narrowed considerably I encountered hikers that were walking in the same direction. Some of them did a double take as I crept past. As I got closer to my destination it dawned on me that vehicles were probably not permitted on this road; or should I say "paved walking path". Well, the view from the top was breathtaking as expected. There was a small group of people up there admiring their surroundings including what appeared to be a father and his 2 sons.

Despite being one of them, I couldn't help feeling like an intruder with my car parked 20 feet away. Instead of lingering around I quickly shot what I came for, packed up the camera and tripod, and got inside my rental. As I began to leave a large group (20 or so) of mostly elderly hikers emerged from the woods. Jaws dropped in amazement as their eyes locked onto the castle but those expressions melted upon seeing me in the car. Confused looks of bewilderment. I think the consensus was "What the hell is that guy doing up here with a car???" Completely humiliated, I slowly drove back down the path with my tail tucked between my legs. Ashamed...Embarrassed....Red faced... I inched past dozens of people against the grain, some who had to press themselves against trees to allow me through. I avoided eye contact the best I could but couldn't help cracking a stupid grin when confronted with the ubiquitous look of shock. Sure enough, just before exiting through the hotel parking lot there was the damn sign. Next to narrowly losing my camera bag in Switzerland this was definitely the blunder of the trip thus far.

One culture shock I experienced was the concept of outdoor rest stops, particularly in rural Germany. Often times it would consist of nothing more than some bushes, boulders, or a few trees where travelers would relieve themselves. One could see where the best spots for privacy were by observing the toilet paper on the ground. The odor was overpowering to my accustomed schnoz at first, but as they say...."when in Rome..." I got used to it after a while.

It was only about a 40 minute drive to the last of 3 castles; Schloß Lichtenstein. The parking area and grounds were a lot bigger than I expected so I wasted about 30 minutes or so going the wrong way. I searched all over for the popular vantage point before finally asking an English speaking woman who worked there. I showed her a picture on my phone and asked "Where can I find this vantage point?" Without missing a beat and unable to keep a straight face her reply was "Google!". haha lady. Well played. I had to buy a ticket to enter the portion of the castle I was after. Admission was reasonable and the grounds were pretty spectacular.

The "money shots" of the castle came out OK at best. It was a little too late in the afternoon so I was literally shooting into the shadows. Morning time would have been better. Next time next time. Final destination was Rothenburg Ob der Tauber. Driving along the autobahn through Bavaria is something I recommend to anybody that just LOVES road trips. Plenty of beautiful countryside dotted with wind farms in the distance. More wildflowers. It was endless really. Getting yourself killed on the autobahn seemed like an easy task if you forgot to check your mirror before merging left. Many times I encountered BMWs screaming past me at breakneck speeds.

Originally I thought of renting one because "hey, it's Germany right?" In the end, however, I think I made the right decision, opting for a conservative crossover. In hindsight I would have rented something even smaller and quicker but the original plan was to travel with my friends' family. This made parking on the street an occasional irritant. I had many questions in my curious heart on the autobahn. Why don't we zipper-merge like here in the US? Why so many BMW wagons? (Those were about as common in the US as civil political debates on Facebook.) Why are German radio stations obsessed with Phil Collins? Where in the Sam hell are all the Mercedes Benzs???! I had questions, oh yes....Your American friend, photographer, and humble narrator had questions.

It was late afternoon when I got into Rothenburg. I had, roughly, a good 3 hours of daylight before my tripod was necessary. What a medieval gem! Historical architecture, old world charm, and postcard shots awaiting every corner. The whole town was surrounded by a wall which made it easy to imagine life in the middle ages. My visit happened to coincide with a very fortunate coincidence: an annual medieval festival. There were hordes of costumed participants. Bands played music surrounded by tourists. Crowds gathered to sing traditional folk songs of a long past period.

Now I'm not saying I'm the Charlie Brown of travel photography or anything,but my luck is usually at the other end of the spectrum. In Montreal I missed out on one of the most vibrant sunsets over the skyline because I got off one bus stop too early. In Prague incorrect camera settings ruined a beautiful blue hour overlooking the castle across the river. I didn't find out until I got home of course. I forgot my tripod after walking nearly 2 miles in London. The list goes on, but today felt like I won the lottery.

I planned on eating dinner until blue hour was over but the tempting aromas around me warranted an executive decision. I ordered a glass of beer opting out of the mass (liter) so I could focus on steady photos afterward. My meal consisted of a very tasty schweinshaxe (roast pork knuckle) with red cabbage and dumplings. "Ah, the spoils of Bavaria!" Crispy outside, tender and juicy inside. I tried (in vain) to recreate this back home but local butchers are either unable or uninterested in selling a ham hock large enough. My waiter was very friendly but a bit overly chatty.

Evening had come and with it blue hour. The crowds began to slowly die off. Gradually, the folk music stopped. German speaking couples in alleys..occasional laughter. Gorgeous half timbered buildings. The night air slowly turned chilly but not in a "dammit where's my coat" kind of way. What a magical place to be at night with plenty of beautiful scenes to capture. As you could imagine my camera was working overtime.

Wandering around Rothenburg at night was a welcome relief having spent most of the day in a car but the cobblestones had taken their toll on my feet. I spent a few more hours here until checking into my hotel shortly before midnight. Finding the hotel itself was a bit of a chore because it was not well marked and parking my car was even more stressful. The back lot was completely full so I had to park in the rear, partially obstructing a very small vehicle. I chatted with the owner over where it was legit or not and she shrugged and guessed that the tiny car should be able to squeeze past my rental and the wall. A night club across the street blasted very loud music (almost all former top 20 American hits) until about 1am. To this day when I think about that hotel I'll always remember "I'm gonna be" by the Proclaimers at concert-like decibels. It's kind of funny because there didn't appear to be any visible guests there or on the streets. OK that's it for now. Hope you’re enjoying the journey so far. Würzburg, Bamberg, and the Czech Republic await.
Attached Thumbnails Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-41881683404_b49168a4b9.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-32440449037_c6631deae2.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-32440455277_573d62818e.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-41882799324_350ec81eae.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-41882807224_634c3245a6.jpg  

Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-41701143945_0785e4bd2a.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-41882793394_13a58e1a98.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-28728906968_967e3ef81b.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-41882789184_cf850e8b81.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-28728900978_acffb15052.jpg  

Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-47387412441_28d0e4fa83.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-41882761814_3ebc754b50.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-42551940432_3d87caa60e.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-41882758324_425e1d9c67.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-46664715554_89b85d1114.jpg  

Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-42602365271_ac22dfcaf7.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-42602368541_56d134d1a7.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-28728910438_9ab5ac8cd0.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-33512151638_077b0390ae.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-42602357961_023f222a2c.jpg  

Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-28728861048_d3a2b7e2c6.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-46473471865_f65e398c05.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-47388443401_08b31a989a.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-42602349711_4b4fe3f839.jpg   Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-42602348501_0c904a2c9f.jpg  

Photography trip: Germany, Austria, and elsewhere-40795407780_8d30d0a792.jpg  

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Wonderful shots, I really love those meadows and those castles and charming towns are so picturesque.
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Thank you. So much was unexpected. Gorgeous country to drive through.
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Mar 18th, 2019, 06:30 AM
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Just found this. Great TR and great photos.
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