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PDA Software

I noticed Fodors now has PDA software. I gave it a try and it was ok, but had very limited choices for cities. Anyone use PDA software for their trip? Maybe mapping, their routesm hotel, train and flight informaiton, etc?

I have Palm OS 5.2 on a Tungsen
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I use my iPAQ (PocketPC) for everything!

Besides the built-in appointment calendar, contacts etc., I load

Daily news and e-mail when I'm in a hotspot
Flight numbers, times, gates
Train times, platforms
Hotel addresses, phones, confirmation nos.
Restaurant addresses, phones
Maps with GPS
Subway/bus routing program (Métro)
Language dictionaries/phrase books
Reading material (several novels)
Sightseeing possibilities
Currency calculator
Bank, consulate phone numbers
Passport numbers
Credit card numbers, PINs (encrypted)
Travel diary...

...in other words, anything I might otherwise have to carry paper for.
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Nowadays I mostly use mine for calender and reading ebooks, as well as a genious Converter-program that converts anything, especially from metric to imperial measurements (including speed, volume and area

While I'm at it, if anyone likes Science Fiction take a look at www.baen.com they have every book they publish in "all" ebook formats and lots of books in a free library as well.

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Please add software links to this thread

Here's a nifty currency converter:


It has two outstanding features: it automatically updates exchange rates from the European Central Bank when you've got an internet connection, and

It's free!
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At this writing, Microsoft eBooks has 379 titles in their Travel section:


...including 10 free samples of Rough Guides.

p.s. These aren't PDA only. You can read them on any computer that has Microsoft Reader (free) on it.
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FREE! Microsoft Streets & Trips for PPC:


(Note the instructions on converting files.)

FREE! Maps for hundreds of European cities:


FREE! More of same from Microsoft:

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FREE! Microsoft language dictionaries

French, German, Italian, Spanish

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Can I really use my PDA as a cell phone in Europe? Is it practical?
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Thanks Robespierre for the links!

I have had my Toshiba for nearly three years now and all I use it for is addresses, appointments and my audible books. I am ashamed to admit that I have never even tried out the WIFI option (my excuse is that I always travel with my notebook ...)

This year, I intend to exploit its capabilities. Feel free to nag me if I don't.

regards Ger
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there are enough issues with the compatibility of CF and SD peripherals that I would be dubious until I had seen an actual example working in my specific PPC.

Take your PDA to the Cingular store and ask to see a demo. Make sure the Enfora is unlocked before you sign anything. In Europe, all you will need is a SIM for the country you're in, and you're off and running.

Please do post back with a full report
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Michelin has a complete line of road maps of Europe for Pocket PC or Palm. They are all GPS-enabled, so your location is continuously pinpointed on the map. You can zoom to 20 levels of detail, from entire regions to the smallest streets.

You enter Departure and Arrival points, and it plots the route on your screen, providing a list of directions, distances, and times as well. The "MapSonic" versions (pri¢ey) talk you through the directions as you drive ("Antelope Freeway exit right, ¼ mile").


You can download a free demo that will run on a Windows PC from


Red Guides (hotels and restaurants) are also available. The points of interest found in the Green Guides are represented by icons, but lack the text found in the book versions.
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The greatest subway/bus routing program ever devised is Métro (free) from

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Maps of Paris Métro/Bus/RER in pdf format are at


Most of the Transport for London maps are indexed here


and the Tourist Bus map is at


There's also a road map at

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Hi I really need some help!! I tried downloading Adobe.v.2 to the hx4700 Ipaq with no luck I am doing something wrong! Anyone willing to let me email them about this. I need guidence thanks so much!
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I'll be glad to help

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Robespierre did you receive my email? gingerpot
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Paris bus maps in pdf are available directly (without going through menus or gif downloads) from here:


Substitute the route number you want for ROUTE in the above URL. The 21, 42, and 69 are some of the best for sightseeing.
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Do you know where I can find some *current* ebook travel guides for London, Paris, and Ireland?

The ones I am finding are somewhat dated (2003-04)...

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The version of AutoRoute I used in the Channel Islands in September, 2005 includes maps for all of Western Europe - and then some.

It even pinpointed our position, course, and speed on the ferry between Jersey and Guernsey.
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The Currency Converter cited above has moved to

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