Paris Restaurants 6th District

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Paris Restaurants 6th District

My sisters and I are staying at Hotel St. Germain des Pres in the 6th District (36 Rue Bonaparte) and would like recommendations for nearby, interesting restaurants with character, moderately priced, for dinners. Of course, if you know of someplace completely irresistable for lunch or tea, we'd love to hear about those, also
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Tan Dihn - on the Rue Vereneuil is one of the best restaurants I've ever been to. It's Vietnamese - not terrible cheap but quiet, elegant, and the food is out of this world. I know Vietnamese is not the first thing you think of when you go to Paris - but believe me, the single best food I've ever eaten in my life is their lobster beignets with dipping sauce. Get a copy of Cheap Eats in Paris - I've used both that and her book on Italy - her advice is absolutely, completely accurate and dependable, and she recommends a lot of restaurants within walking distance of your hotel.
Have a wonderful trip - Paris is my very favorite vacation place!
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This is my favorite neighborhood so here you go. Most of the street addresses escape me, but if you really need them, e-mail me separately and I can hunt them down for you. (And I'm sure I've mis-spelled some of these so forgive me!)

La Rotisserie en Face is Jacques Cagnas' 'cheap' bistro across from his famous place. Very yummy!

Marie et Fils on Rue Mazarine (I believe) is a great place for French food too. The street looks creepy but it's worth the walk. Ver neighborhood-y. Most character of the 3 I mention.

The least tourist-y of these is Les Brezolles. Very Parisian, no English spoken, and we were surrounded by locals and their dogs! I've had outstanding meals there!

None of these are 'cheap' so check the menus before making reservations. My favorite book of restaurant recommendations for Paris is the Gault Milleau on Paris - very honest reviews and has price listings that are true to menus.
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As a resource I recommend Gustafson's book Cheap Eats in Paris. Not all are extremely cheap, but all represent good value. The book is very reliable.

A post-Louvre suggestion:
Lunch or snack on the terrace of the
department store La Samaritaine, store #2. On the ninth floor, it offers a comprehensive view of the Seine and Paris.

At #16 rue Royale just north of rue St. Honore is one outpost of Lauduree, a Salon de The with outstanding croissants and pastries, and pretty good lunch food. A little pricey, not outrageously so, and a pretty setting to have lunch or a snack, often crowded.

If you would like more suggestions, I have a file, you can email me and I'll send it.
good luck
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Good Morning! The last time I was in Paris I stayed right around the corner from Rue Bonaparte on the rue Jacob. We ate several time at a little neighborhood spot called Le Petit Saint Benoit on the rue St. Benoit. A great spot where locals eat, good solid food, warm and friendly service and a bill that won't break the bank. Sandra Gustafson reccommends it in Cheap Eats in Paris.Her book is great as others have suggested. There are a number of small little spots all around the 6me and it is fun to poke around and check out the menus. I am returning this spring for 3 weeks and I plan on trying several restaurants from the book in the 6th like Bastide Odeon and Chez Maitre Paul along with a few in the 5th.For lunch, definitely try shopping at the food market on the rue du Buci-mon-sat. 9-1. Absolutely a fantastic selection of every possible gourmet goody you could think of. Perfect for a picnic and very economical.Enjoy!
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I second Jen's recommendation for La Rôtisserie d'en Face at 2, rue Christine, in the 6th. Telephone is 01-43-26-40-98. They encourage a 7:30 or 9:30 reservation so they can turn the tables once in an evening. Their mashed potatoes and chocolate cake are to die for. Everyone I have taken there thinks it is the best. I also like Fish on the rue de Seine, just off the rue de Buci. It is quite informal. Bon appétit!
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For less pricey [about $100 for 2 with a modest bottle of wine ... appetizer-main course-dessert] and authentic French food I'd like to recommend the following:

In the 6eme:
L'Oeillade [clearly a neighborhood spot] -and-
Ferme St. Simon [a little more upscale]
Both are on Rue St-Simon just south of St. Germain where it meets Rue de Bac.

in the 7eme one block from the 6eme
La Caleche -Rue de Lille
Run by a family from the Jura - not fancy food, but delicious,and until it gets busy the chef wanders around talking to friends Just down the street from Hotel Bersoly's
Bistrot de Paris - Also on Rue Lille a block in the other direction from the hotel. This was the most elegant meal we had. Traditional food, well prepared, good service.

A reminder: Parisians don't eat until after 8pm - some restaurants don't even open until 7:30pm. AND make a reservation. It is "la politesse"

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Bob Brown
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We stayed at hotel on Rue de Rennes, very close to the intersection with Boulevard Montparnasse. We discovered a good "budget" place to eat called the Bistro de la Gare. If you are walking south on Rue de Rennes, turn right at
Boulevard Montparnasse. The Bistro de la Gare is a few yards away.
We found it acceptable and pleasent.
It has a section for non smokers, which helped some. Also, there are tables outside.
My wife is a salad eater and she found a good one there. I had veal and something else. The food was well prepared. I use the term "budget" because our bill for food only ran less than $20.00 per person.
Some of the staff speaks English. The restaurant was open for business at least as early as 7 PM and no reservations were necessary. I don't know exactly when it starts serving because we never got there earlier than 7 PM>
I would also like to put in a recommendation for the restaurant in the Musee d'Orsay. I thought it superb.
I guess the downside to eating in the better Paris restaurants is that the food is generally so good that I have had trouble facing local restaurants since I got back. Case in Point: in Birmingham, Al, last night we ate at a psuedo Italian place that was gosh awful. It takes real dedication to cook chicken so hard that you cannot cut i

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