Paris Restaurants

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L'Epoque on Cardinal Lemoine in the 5th is a lovely small restaurant. Very intimate and romantic. (and reasonably priced)
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Wendy, The spelling of the Guy Savoy bistro on the quai des Grands- Augustins, Les Bookinistes, is a nice example of hip franglais. The last time I was there I asked the young waiter the reason for the name. He said for the people who operate the book stalls along the Seine(bouquinistes). But why the English spelling? He replied, "because it sounds cool." I agree that it's a great place. Joe
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I didn't even realize I spelled it that way- I walk past it often and I guess my eyes have automatically adjusted to the location and assumed that was the spelling...what a great piece of advice. Thanks for the heads up!
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Hello Ilene,

try the Bistrot d'Alex, 2 rue Clément
right next to the Odeon. Quite good.
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Chez Jenny is a good, still Alsatian brasserie.
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Tourists tend to congregate around the tourist spots (that took some deep thinking), and that's where they eat. If you walk a few blocks away, you'll find neighborhood restaurants (as Ted pointed out, look for no English translations - or really bad ones). The 13eme is the Asian area, lots of Vietnamese, Chinese, etc. restaurants. Walk down the northside of Montmartre; head for the 11eme (Bastille area can be pretty touristy, head east) and the 12eme (these are on the Right Bank). The 16eme is pretty non-touristy if you get away from the Trocadero. The 20eme has many North African immigrants, so there are lots of restaurants serving Moroccan and Algerian dishes.
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Here are some of my restaurant suggestions. These are all places that serve traditional French food at moderate prices:

Colimacon 3rd
(my favorite)

de la Tour 15th
(Near the Hilton but dont let that stop you)

Etchagorry 13th
(Southwest cuisine and a much overlooked tiny 3* hotel)

Persilles Fleur 9th
(not listed anywhere but very good very chic and very moderately priced)

Alsaco 9th
The best Alsace cuisine outside Alsace--the owner is the best of the best.

Brasserie Londres and Paris 8th
(on the place Madelaine--exceptional brasserie food dont get turned off by the plain decor and mobs of diners who sit shoulder to shoulder)

Cap Vernet 8th
(Sea Food but other things on the menu===looks expesive but isnt that bad)

Brasserie Arc d Triumphe 8th
In spite of the name never sa
a tourist there just mobs of local business people day and night

Stay away from--
ANY chain resturant---Idont mean MacD--Im including local chains like the feres Blanc--yech

Any place the calls itself the King of whatever like Le Roi du Coquillage (sp?)--the pits
Le Roi de Pot au Feu---the worst Pot au Feu in the world in spite of Travel & Leisures gushing review...

Big restauants--as a rule the smaller restaurants in Paris are the better ones


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to the top
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L'Alcazar, L'epi Dupin and Rotisserie D'en Face all in the sixth
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Ilene: You must be very new to Boston. There are a multitude of great restaurants in Boston, ranging from trendy (Radius) to charming and intimate (Cambridge and South End area). When you return from France you must do some investigating and tasting.
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Topping for Sharon
Old May 8th, 2001, 09:53 AM
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We used the book "Cheap Eats in Paris" with great success.
Old May 8th, 2001, 12:34 PM
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I would highly recommend Le Vaganende on St. Germain Blvd. Delicious food, good service and moderate prices.
Old May 8th, 2001, 12:40 PM
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Well, how does one say: You cannot argue about personal taste. IMHO I definitely do NOT recommend le "Vagenende". The interior is worth a visit, but that's all.

But Jane, luckily we do not all want to go to the same places!

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