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paris hotels

can anyone recommend a small hotel in paris that can accomodate a family of four, with 2 small children, preferably in arrondissment 5 or 6?
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Try I have been looking there, they seem to have lots of moderate priced small hotels with good amenities.

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Call a good travel agent - they can find you an apartment (great for a family, kitchenette to keep snacks and drinks so you don't have to eat out every time) and you aren't all in one hotel room. Otherwise, a travel agent can find you a hotel that will accommodate 4 in a room. Why waste your time searching when they have all that information? Many Paris hotel rooms are too small for 2 double beds - you may need to stick with the large chain hotels that are more Americanized and have 2 beds. Good luck.
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the following hotels are only two that have been mentioned on this forum and elsewhere as being good for families.
Palais Bourbon has quad rooms, breakfast included in room rate.Email [email protected] Elevator, tv, some rooms have a/c. Tel: 144113070.
Fax: 145552021
Grand Hotel St Michel. Tv, buffet breakfast is extra. e-mail [email protected]
Tel. is 1 46 33 33 02.
For the previous comments you can try doing a Search on this forum under the hotel names. Also check for comments at and

It has been my experience that very few travel agents are knowledgeable enough or willing to do research on a large number of hotels. They may suggest one that has larger rooms, but it may be in an inconvenient location if they are not familiar with Paris.

I have notes on Paris; if you would like to see them, email me. Also Search for Paris on this forum and you will find yourself drowning in good information.
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Most travel agents are not going to do research for you, they recommend hotels they normally do business with. You can do a search for "hotels Paris" and get literally hundreds to look at on the web. Most real small hotels do n ot have family rooms, simply because hotel rooms in Paris are pretty small and there is not enough room for extra beds. There is a place called Plazza Bastille I've seen mentioned on this Forum that has "suite" type rooms. As for apartments, check Citidines or Orion apartments websites. Most other apartment agencies require lots of cash upfront in the way of deposits and frankly I'd stay away from them, if you don't like the place you are stuck. Remember, with some apartments there is not daily maid service, so if that is a problem look at hotels. I believe there are also a number of Best Western affiliated hotels in Paris with family rooms. They have a great web site and you can book via the web or toll free number. We've used them several times and were always satisfied. I'd give them a call if I were you - they hotels are not typical American motels incidentally, all are independent small hotels, each very different. Basically tho, no travel agent will do for you what you can find out for yourself and provide as many choices.
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Try the Hotel Brighton
218 rue de Rivoli
tel: 01 47 03 61 61
fax: 01 42 60 41 78
Great Location! Walk to most spots from your room!
Small and friendly. Rented a room for 1 person during Thanksgiving last year .. about 780 francs= about $130 a night. Room next to me had 2 double beds your winddow and see the Eiffel Tower at night!
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I would guess one of the above respones is a travel agent or they live on another planet. Most travel agents don't know much about specific hotels, especially smaller ones, and they rarely know Paris neighborhoods (eg, one travel agent on here referred to rue de Rennes in St-Germain as the Latin Quarter) I wouldn't recommend you rent an apt. because you want a snack or drink, that's what minibars are for. Although the apartmenthotel Home Plazza Bastille might be a possibility as they are not regular apartments so don't have the insurance/deposit, etc rules that apartments do and are priced more like a hotel, but they are not small, just modern big buildings but convenient ( although not on the Left Bank. Some moderately priced decent hotels on the Left Bank that I think have quads are the Hotel des Mines on bd St-Michel and the Hotel St Paul on rue Monsieur le Prince in the 6th. Regents Hotel in the 6th at 44 rue Madame is good for families, I know they have triples, maybe quads, you can check; they also can provide babysitting and have a list of babysitters from the Catholic University nearby (Institut Catholique de Paris), I went to school there so I know of them. I would recommend also that you peruse as they allow you to put quad in the search engine, which makes it easy.

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