Paris apartment recommendations wanted!

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Paris apartment recommendations wanted!

We're off to Paris in October for a week and want to rent an apartment. We've looked at several web sites, just about decided on Chez-Vous ( However before we make a final decision I was wondering if those of you who have rented apartments in Paris, who did you use, do you recommend them etc..


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Randall Smith
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An apartment in Paris is a good choice. My wife and I love going to France as often as possible and after the first few times decided that we prefer staying in homes and apartments. We have rented apartments in Paris 5 times and have used Chez-Vous 3 times. Two other times we have rented private apartments. Chez-Vous has a large selection size and location of apartments and they are very helpful and professional.

Since my wife and I have become addicted to the French lifestyle we decided to buy an apartment ourselves. If you're interested you can follow our trials and tribulations on our website at This apartment won't be available until mid-July or August (we hope). We have friends with a double studio apartment that is also availible.

No matter what you decide you should have a wonderful experience living in and getting to know your little corner of Paris.

Apartment rental is more for the experienced traveller who wants to feel more a part of Paris rather than just visiting the museums etc.

Bonne Chance,

email me if I can help.
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We haven't used them yet (but hope to one day), but I have the catalog from Idyll Untours sitting here on the desk. They provide you with apartment accommodations, a greeter at the airport to help get you settled, etc. Perhaps someone here can add a lst-person experience. Their website is
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I have not yet used Chez-Vous, but inquired last month about several of their apts for October. The apts I asked about were already booked. So my advice is do not delay, get on it today!
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I rented one last summer and used Paris Sejour Reservation ( I myself did not want to use Chez Vous because they only have apts in main tourist areas (I wanted a more residential area) and are very expensive (for me, anyway); I also wanted a French firm. I had read several complaints about them, also, but they were way outside my budget anyway (about twice what I was willing to pay); they are just a different market than I wanted, they cater to American tourists on very shortterm vacations who are willing to spend a lot and want apts with lots of sofa beds, etc crammed in to an apt to sleep the maximum number possible. But, if their prices don't bother you and you want to use an American firm, I think they are a good choice as they've been in business a long time and know what American tourists want. They also have some staff in Paris in case of problems, I've heard (some brokers don't, that's one reason I wanted a French local firm, in case of problems. I have seen some recommendations for them, also, so I'm not implying they are terrible, but I've seen some negative comments as well. The negatives mainly related to apts with appliances out of order (oven, water) and no available apt once getting there, and being moved to another or something. However, that could have been a few isolated incidents. I think their service fees and deposits are really expensive, you'll have to check; I think it's in the hundreds of dollars or something, which was anothe reason I wouldn't use them. PSR only had about a $100 total service fee that covered everything (electricity, deposits, etc) except individual calls were charged to me. Instead of giving a $300-500 deposit (I think that's what Chez Vous charges), PSR has their own damage insurance you can buy for a nominal fee which is a lot simpler (a couple dollars a day, as I recall). When reviewing this I collected tons of info, there's also an American firm called Paris Sleeps that some people liked (don't have tons of apts, but provide helpful service to English speakers, Barclay's also has a good selection at reasonable prices ( but are only a broker who represent private owners, so if you had problems, I think you'd be on your own. I know their prices are reasonable as I saw the exact same apt on their site for several hundred dollars a week cheaper than on some other sites. Locaflat is also a local French firm I was considering as they're cheaper and have more in residential neighborhoods, but that might not be what you want--they are only French and you have to pay in francs (PSR does have a Chicago US office with English speakers and you can pay with a credit card). Here is a pretty good site that is a compilation of the major firms with comments, addresses, URLs, etc:

October is a busy time in Paris so you should be trying to firm this up and reserve as soon as possible, the best apts get booked at least 6 months ahead, it seemed to me. Also, payment requirements in advance are stiff, I think that's another reason I shied away from Chez Vous, they require payment in full 60 days ahead of arrival and give no refunds for cany reason. PSR required final payment (both want half on booking) only 30 days ahead, and I could cancel if something came up before then, as I recall. I will say that even though I've done this and have been to Paris many times and know it well, I probably would not bother to rent an apt for a one week stay; it's too much trouble for little return for that time period, and to potentially costly since you must pay completely ahead; it's still a shot in the dark as to the quality of the apt you get, also. I know more what I'm getting from the hotel I usually stay at.
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I haven't used them, but friends of mine having started looking at apartments through Their prices seem better than chez vous and they seem to have a nice range of prices, styles and neighborhoods. I know the company is a weell funded "dotcom" here in Seattle and the people who started the company are well thought of.
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I've rented an apartment for 6 weeks through:

I found the advertisement for the service in the France magazine. The woman who runs it responds promptly to emails and answers your questions. As Christina pointed out, Chez-vous and Locaflat were too much money (Very elegant, upscale apartments, matching prices - I wanted something more basic).

For the past several years, we've rented vs hotels in various countries, everything from small apartments to large houses. We've never been disappointed; in fact, we've always gotten more than we thought we would.

I recommend rentals whole-heartedly; more bathrooms! a kitchen! suitcases in the closet! reading when you can't sleep without disturbing anyone! no bruised shins from bumping into beds! comfortable chairs!
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Anastasia Watkinson
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Hi Mark

I just thought I'd put in my two cents. I just spent two weeks in Paris and rented a flat through locaflat. I didn't think they were too expensive -same price as a budget hotel for our flat in the 14th arr., and we saved by eating in and doing our laundry and that there.

It was a good experience overall and I'd do it again in a minute.

Have fun!


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I just returned and before I went I did
a lot of time on the web. You might check <>
It's posted by a person who took good
pictures and rented an apartment. I
recall thay her email is on site so
check it out and maybe you can chat
with her.

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