Options on Chunnel to Paris?

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Options on Chunnel to Paris?

I don't want to take the chunnel train from
Londaon to Paris, what are some reasonably
priced options?
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Fly. Either Buzz or Go, I don't recall which goes from Stansted to CDG. Both airlines have iteneraries and pricing on the internet.
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Depending on the date, both do - - www.buzzaway.com and www.go-fly.co.uk - - but there are also good fares (at times) on www.iflybritishmidland.com (you may want to check in to their Discover Europe Air Pass program) or even BA - - www.britishairways.com - - it will likely be their subsidiary Air Liberté.
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Ben Haines
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By rail, sea, sand rail the fares from London to Paris are these
Single 39 pounds or 63 dollars,
five day return 49 pounds or 79 dollars,
two month return 59 pounds or 95 dollars.

You book a couple of days ahead at the easternmost window of Charing Cross Station from eight to eight daily, or in more elegance in the Business Travel office of Cannon Street Station, Mnday to Friday, nine to five.

The rukes are that you can take any of the connections shown in the photocopy that the staff will hand you, or the night connection, London 2300, Paris about 0836 (felling tired, but all morning to find a bed and use it.). You book a particular boat, but in fact outside rush times can use any boat of P&O Stena. You don't book the trains, so if you stop at 1330 in the Place d'Armes in Calais you can have a slow and good lunch and leave Calais at 1550 for Paris at 1920. In short, nothing like the regimentation of Eurostar.

I think Buzz offer Paris at 90 pounds return: detail on
http://www.buzzaway.com, ++44 870 240 7070.
With 20 pounds return out to Stansted and back that is 110 pounds, twice the rail fare. Go are on http://www.go-fly.com, ++44 845 605 4321

Please write if I can help further.

Ben Haines, London
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I don't know if you've bought your tickets yet, but we got inter-Europe flights for $100 at the time we purchased our flight to Europe (from DFW). You might want to look into this option (I don't think it exists only on one airline, although we're flying Lufthansa). I do think you have to purchase all tickets at the same time.
Good luck!
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Via the sea: London to coast via train; boat; bus from France port to train; train to Paris. As Ben pointed out, the night boat arrives at no o'clock in the morning at the port (Caen is the one I remember) so you have to catch a shuttle bus and then a train.

Do the Hovercrafts still cross? I never took one of those, just the big giant night ferries.

I'd definitely fly as an alternative to the Eurostar; by the way, why not the Chunnel? Just curious, since it's the greatest invention since the airplane for anyone (moi) who finds boat travel slow and nauseating.

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