One week Rome metro pass

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One week Rome metro pass

Can anyone provide information on tne one week metro passes in Rome that allow you to use bus or subway.Do they need to be validated in machines each trip?
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Try this web site for information: "" The weekly ticket is 24,000 lire and doesn't have to be validated each time.
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Ok Anne I'm relying on my fading memory, so this might be corrected by someone. I recall with the older weekly passes you either dated them (by pen) or just once by a machine validation and put them in away until asked for proof. But I bought a weekly pass last March and it was different. A single ticket or day pass is the size of a US old style theatre or church raffle ticket (if you're American. It's time-stamped *once only* in base of the Metro turnstile. But the weekly passes are around the size (alittle smaller) of a credit card and above the turnstile is a square box that you just put it in and it allows you to go thru the turnstile. I believe that kiosks/newstands might not sell the weekly (could be wrong, just my 1 experience) but you can buy them at any Tabacchi. The Tabacchi will have a white circular sign with a black T in it..(T), *very* easy to find. The *MAIN* thing with the weekly pass is to validate it by filling in the back with the date you start using it & your name maybe?, it will be void if blank and you could/will be fined. On the buses you just hop-on, and would only show your weekly pass if asked by an Inspector. I don't know why they make you go thru the Metro turnstiles with a weekly pass but on my 2nd day I showed my pass to a ticket checker by the "walk-thru" area and he pointed me to the turnstile to use. It doesn't validate your ticket each time, it just opens the turnsile perhaps it's just to keep a record of uses? HTH Regards, Walter

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Hi Anne! At least I can help you with this one. The card is called Carta Settimanale Integrata (forgive the spelling! - all inclusive for a week). You buy the card at any Tabacci - costed 24 000 Lire in 1998, and still the same in 2000 when I was there. You will see that there is space to put the dates (week) in, during which you are going to use it. Do that immediately, otherwise you can be in trouble. No you don't need the validate the card, but always have it with you, because sometimes you will have to show it to the inspectors, or who ever at the Metro station. And you just show it to the bus driver when you get onto a bus - it really feels like you have a magic pass!

Enjoy Rome - I'll buy my next Carta in October 2001!
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Hi Anne:

You just buy the pass from a machine in the metro station. When you first validate it, that starts the one-week clock rolling. You don't have to keep sticking it in the various validation machines you come across as you travel on the subway or the buses(but keep it with you, as you might be asked for it by an inspector...there are lots of them in Rome). The mistake we made was putting it in the validation machine every time we got on the subway or the bus, and of course, the new time kept printing over the old time and when we were finally asked by inspectors in a station for our ticket, the start date was completely obscured by twenty other print-overs. Because we were well-meaning tourists(stamping our tickets every time like good kids would), they let us go, but it could have been trouble. The idea is that you vaidate it the first time you use it and the ticket is then good for seven days from that initial time stamp.


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Thank you for the info. On the website you suggested they said the pass also works for fs train one way one time. Would this work for airport to termini??
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Hello Bob,

It doesn't cover that one, I'm afraid.


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