One more try

Jul 30th, 2000, 05:54 AM
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One more try

Maybe the moderator doesn't want this posted cause I've tried twice before and it's never shown up on these pages...But why don't some of you guys go to "Travel Lounge" at the top of this page and then to "Rants or Raves" and post your grades for selected hotels and restaurants. So far my stupid opinion seems to be the only one on there. I'd love to hear what others feel about hotels and restaurants in the cities I want to visit next summer (London, Paris, Madrid and Munich). And if Fodor's doesn't want me to drum up business for this neglected section of this website, please tell me why.
Jul 30th, 2000, 07:17 AM
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Just so we don't seem rude (and I suppose given folks' sensitivities around here< I mus make it clear that I speak for no-one other than myself), I have seen at lease one of your postings as it went by.

I think you may not be getting a response because the "regulars" kind of did it to death when the new page went up. We liked it, but being the bolshy lot we are, all wanted to be able to add our own choices. I haven't found anywhere I've ever been listed, so I can't add anything
Jul 30th, 2000, 07:19 AM
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Doug: At your suggestion, which Iíve seen before on this site, I went to the rants and raves section. Thereís just too much segmentation on that site. I think itís been micromanaged. If I come to the Travel Lounge I can find information Iím looking for but better yetÖI come across lots of stories about places I might want to visit in the future. I can then file this information away in my travel database (which Iím only beginning to create) or download a file I might want to keep. I can have a laugh over some of the threads or relive my trips when reading a posting and think yeah Ė Iíve done that and been there. Iíve come across the most interesting (and serendipitous) tales/info while searching for something else. My internet time is better served in the Travel Lounge. Thatís not to say thereís not a place for information on individual restaurants or hotels, but Iíd rather be here.
Jul 30th, 2000, 07:33 AM
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Sheila - insult away at me all you want. It doesn't bother me. I'm kidding, I wasn't offended. The reason I assumed Fodor's took off my other posts is because I did searches using the exact title and nothing came up. If nobody else is interested, then that's cool. I guess I'm a bit anal and like to see a specific database I can use to get the info I want. Most of the places Fodor's asks us to rant or rave about are out of my price range anyway. I'll happily stick with these pages and "wade" through the occassional political biases to research my future trip(s).
Jul 30th, 2000, 07:59 AM
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I'm so glad someone else feels the same way I do. I think the rants & raves idea is great, but we need to be able to add the places we have been to, otherwise what's the point? No one seems to have stayed at or eaten at many of the ones listed by Fodors, please Fodors let us add our own choices. Actually, I have mailed them about this, but recieved no reply. I sure hope they change this soon.
Jul 30th, 2000, 09:49 AM
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I have posted under some listed Rants & Raves's hotels. Therefore, I am not posting my opinion again if anybody ask for opinions on any of those hotels on this forum. Case in point, somebody recently asked opinions on Hotel Mora (Madrid). I have nothing new to add to the already 6-7 posts I have contributed on the subject. The search feature and Rants & Raves (R&R) are working OK lately, so it is reasonable to expect people to use it.

Also, correct me if I am wrong, but Doug is not suggesting using R&R instead of the forum, but to enhance the aforementioned by recording opinions for the selected listed rest/hotels.
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