Old destination/hotel stickers

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Old destination/hotel stickers

I have a strange request ...

My great-aunt traveled throughout Europe (hey, maybe the travel bug is hereditary!) and collected a number of large, beautiful stickers from the places she visited and stayed (Cipriani, etc.). Then, she used them to cover an antique tray table, which I just found the old tray table. Unfortunately, my brother ruined one corner. I would like to find authentic or replica stickers to repair the table. I would love to hear from anyone who knows how to find these stickers.

Like I said, it's an off-the-wall request, but thought I would check first with the knowledgeable Fodor's crowd.

Thanks, in advance, for any help!
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Hi, Heather
I would recommend that you do a search among antique dealer sites. These stickers have become very collectible and therefore command fairly high prices.
May I also suggest you make some replicas using a design program on a computer. You would be able to select the background colors, insignias, and the names of the places you wish to display. As you Aunt has "defaced" her stickers, they will not be considered valuable. I think this solution represents the best recourse for you.
Good Luck!
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For replicas:
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I see these on ebay all the time, I'll get back with you on the category, I just can't remeber it right now1
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Go to www.ebay.com, click on search at the top of the page, this will bring you to a search engine, type in" hotel labels", make sure to check the item and description box, I just found 293 different labels, also try luggage labels in the search field
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OK, now a re-occurring obsession of mine: A few years ago I saw an umbrella with those old hotel logos on it in a catalog. I didn't buy it. I've kicked myself plenty. Has anybody seen it somewhere?
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Wow! Talk about fast responses. Thank you so much. I'm going off to check out Elvira's site and will make my first foray onto ebay (I'll try not to spend all of next year's travel budget).

Thanks, again!

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