Luggage on London to Edinburgh Train

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Luggage on London to Edinburgh Train

Myself and 4 others have reserved seats on train from London to Edinburgh in September. Having never done this before, I was wondering does each car/coach have a place for your luggage, or is there a separate luggage car/coach? I noticed that on our tickets, since they are reserved, it does designate a particular coach for us. I'd appreciate any information you could share.
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I don't have any experience with London to Edinburgh specifically, but long distance trains in the UK typically have a luggage section at the end of each coach. Additionally, some also have space between seats - where seats back on to each other there is a triangular space which takes fairly large bags - ideal if you want to keep them close to you. Finally, there are always luggage racks down each side of the train, but these are too small to take large cases.
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It's a long time since we had luggage vans. As Anna says, there is a luggage section at the door end of each carriage. One word of warning. If you are seated in the middle of the coach, it can be hard to keep an eye on your cases. My elderly aunt arrived for Christmas without her suitcase, which had been lifted by someone during the journey. We contacted the railway company and apparently, this was not an isolated incident.
Solution, a) try for the triangular place behind the seats, b) tie something very colourful to your suitcase, so that you can see clearly if it "walks" or c) tie all your suitcases together on the rack. This should prevent an opportunist from quickly lifting anything as they get off the train.
Sorry to introduce a pessimistic note; I'd hate you to have such a bad experience at the start of your holiday.
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PJ: While there are luggage storage areas at the entrance & exit to each car, there are also small storage areas in the middle of the cars-easy to miss because they're kind of narrow, but easily fit a standard suitcase, rolling bag, etc. standing up. I've taken this route many times and never had a problem with my luggage being stolen but I always sit at a table facing the end that has my luggage and watch it whenever the train pulls into a station and people get on/off. (However, now I travel with only a leather duffle, which fits nicely in the overhead compartment.
Have a great trip!
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We travel with two of our smaller cases when we know we're going to take the trains. Not only is it hard to keep an eye on the larger ones, but it's also a pain getting them on and off. Plan to take that same train in September but going south. We'll wave!
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We have taken trains between London-Edinburgh both west coast thru Birmingham on Virgin train as well as east coast thru York on GNER. I don't know which one you are taking but both have similar interiors. You did not mention 1st or 2nd class. You'll have more room around your seat in the 1st class. We travelled 1st class both ways. Because of the WELL KNOWN luggage hassles, we only traveled with carryon size luggages. On both Virgin and GNER trains, there were more than enough space above the seat and "between" back to back seats on tabled section of the car to put our small luggages there. If you travel like a typical US vacation traveller with 26+inch wheeled luggages, you'll have to use the end of the car storage space and take the precautions mentioned above. We heeded the advices of experienced train travellers and were able to keep all our luggages within our arms length.
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Just took the same trip. There was no baggage car. We were traveling in 1st class. Our large, 26" rolling bags did not fit in either the area above or behind the seats. Basically, we were forced to leave them in the doorway area where people get on and off the train. We were nervous every time the train stopped. However, nobody seemed to bother them.

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