Okay, I'm pregnant. Now what?

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Does everyone think that Theresa is a such moron that she needs to be reminded to check with her OB/GYN? I'm fairly confident that she has and that he/she gave her pretty good medical advice, but not travel advice. Theresa, I have one word for you - PRE-BOARDING. Take advantage of it. It was so nice to waddle onto the plane when I was pregnant and not have to worry about anyone else getting in my way. Ok, so maybe you won't be at the waddling stage, but you will be much more comfortable. Also, make sure you specify that you are pregnant and need an aisle seat. Trust me, you will want that when your little compressed bladder acts up. Even at only four months I felt like I lived in the bathroom. Buckle your seat belt just below your stomach and not over it. My doctor had recommended that I take a copy of my chart with me just in case. Don't worry, you will be fine. Just pace yourself and revel in the fact that you are pregnant. Oh, and congratulations!
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I forgot the part about having to find a Ladies Room every 20 minutes. You may want to consider that when planning your destination.
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Carol Yenne/Small frys
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Theresa, I am a baby store owner in San Francisco, and also traveled myself to Europe with my husband, our 5 year old and I was 5 months pregnant. I had a wonderful time, I pampered myself a little more and took a few more naps than usual but it was a memorable trip because I was pregnant, we are now planning to take our children again, they are 17 and 22. If you delay you will find it much more difficult to travel with a young child. If you have an American Express card I think they offer emergency medical care, all drop in visits to hospitals are free in Europe and we never have had any problem getting over the counter medications. Over the many times we have traveled to Europe with our children we have spent many hours in hospitals, Italy, France, Ireland, scotland etc and never had a problem, you wait, like you do for Kaiser here but that's all. We've had bee stings, falls, etc.Enjoy your last trip with just the two of you together, your life with not be the same after the baby. Go for it.
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I have another word for you: Aperol. It's a lovely "aperitivo" found in Italy with low-alcohol. Makes a lovely drink so you won't feel left out at cocktail hour. I drank it all through my honeymoon...and the results (she's 16 mos.old now) are adorable! Have a good time.
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I just want to counter something everyone else is implying - while your life does change after the baby, it doesn't end! This is probably NOT your last chance to have fun and travel alone with your husband. IF you have a great family support system (as I do), travel without baby is possible. My husband and I leave next month for a week-long overseas trip, and our 21-month old will be staying with close family, being spoiled and having a ball!

That being said -

Only you can decide how you feel about traveling overseas (or at all) while pregnant. I can't tell from your post if you are looking for advice on whether or not to go, or just advice on how to handle the trip being pregnant. If you are looking for personal opionions - I would not travel overseas while pregnant, but then again, I'm one of those who always errs on the side of caution. I wouldn't travel on a plane at all while pregnant. Several weeks ago, I thought I might be pregnant again, and we began to make plans to cancel this upcoming trip. Turns out I'm not, but had I been, I don't think we would have gone. Travel is nice and wonderful, but I prefer to be safe and sound at home during all 9 months - I had a few problems during my first pregnancy, and they would have been difficult had I not been home.

On the flip side, if you're going to do it, the second trimester is the one to do it during, for sure. I would carry a copy of your medical records and definitely have travel health insurance purchased. Don't drink any tap water over there at all

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I traveled to Jamacia (from Canada, for a business trip) when I was almost 7 month pregnant and really enjoyed it. Things I did to be prepared:
1. got a letter from my doctor saying I was fit to travel/fly (you don't want the airline refuse to let you on if you look too preggy).
2. did NOT wait in any lines - went right up to the front state I was pregnant & asked were I could sit until I was processed - which always meant I got to go right through.
3. I asked not to be put right beside an emergency door - no lifting!
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ivillage just happens to have an article on this topic right now: http://www.ivillage.com/millennium/q...1-2000,00.html
It doesn't say much - but it's another opinion
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Cheryl Z.
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Theresa, excellent advice all above, just want to add a comment about public restrooms in Italy. The toilet is often a "hole" in the floor, kinda uncomfortable even when not pregnant. So just be aware of that. Be prepared for all the walking too. (But you can sit often at a little cafe, enjoy a cappuchino, and watch the world go by!) Also a word of reassurance - my best friends went to Italy years ago when she was about 7-8 months along with her first. Had a great time, no difficulties.
I think you came to the right place here to get a variety of opinions and experiences to help you make your decision. Hope you have a great trip.
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Cheryl Z.
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Forgot one other msg - don't let not knowing the language make you stay home just 'cause you're preggers. As mentioned above, do learn some words/phrases, but you'll find that most people you're dealing with (hotel clerks, tour guides, waiters) will speak some English. And by that time, you'll be "showing" probably and that is a universal language in itself. You'll find the Italians very family oriented, very baby oriented and will probably make a big fuss over your comfort.

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