May 18th, 1999, 03:33 AM
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I have a question to you travellers......... I have been reading these pages for a while, and I like answering questions about Norway. But I have noticed that not many people go to Norway compared to other countries. Why is it that most people go to either Sweden or Denmark when they are visiting Scandinavia? It seem to me that Norway is last on the list when choosing between the scandinavian countries. I realize that Norway is an expensive country to visit, but it is not more expensive than the other scandinavian countries.
Take a look at these links about Norway, and see if you are convinced. Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world........
As you all have guessed I am a norwegian, but I am trying to be subjective. I have been to a lot of countries in Europe, Asia and America and I still find Norway exeptional.
May 18th, 1999, 03:45 AM
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I am from Australia and have been to Norway 3 times and Norway is by far my favorite country in Europe. My wife and I are planning another trip back there soon when we hope to spend about 6 weeks and travel to the land of the midnight sun. We tell all our friends in Australia that they should visit Norway when they travel to Europe. You are is not normally in peoples travel plans but I can tell you once people go they love it!!! A couple of our friends have been and like us are planning to go back. Your country is so beautifull and for us Australians so very different to our country. We now correspond with a great lady in Norway (Dokka) and we hope to see her on our next visit.
Good on you for promoting your country, you have many things to be proud about.
May 21st, 1999, 10:14 AM
Cheryl Z.
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Kaja - thank you for taking the time to list all those sites. You have a beautiful country with wonderful people and we made our first visit there last year. The beauty is astounding, of course I'm partial to mountains, water and forests! To maybe answer your question about why it is not such a popular destination, I can only offer that Denmark and maybe Sweden are more accessible it would seem, and from Denmark it is easier and cheaper to get to other destinations in the other directions. I believe Norway is considered the most expensive of the Scandinavian countries too. That wouldn't keep me away though, and I look forward to another trip in the future.
May 21st, 1999, 10:37 AM
Bill Irving
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A couple years back, we did a Scandinavian trip, but just to the major cities of Oslo, Stockholm, & Copenhagen. We very much liked all 3, but by far, Oslo was our favorite. The people in Oslo, as well as the city itself, were fantastic. We have been planning a trip back to take in just Norway, but cannot do it just yet. We cannot currently afford the time or money for an extended trip to Norway. Which is why we are just taking a short (4 day) trip to only London this year. Our 2 kids are now at an age which we will be bringing them with us also. That means it will take alittle bit longer to save up enough money to go to Norway. We have a lady who watches our kids before & after school. She & her husband came here from Norway about 7yrs ago & they have 2 young girls. He was a palace guard in Oslo, at one time. So the kids have some exposure to the culture & want to go to Norway, as we do. We are all looking foward to that time.
Mar 31st, 2001, 10:52 AM
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Kaja: We are going to Scandinavia for 25 days this July. Ten of those days will be spent in Norway. The rest in Denmark, Sweden and a day in Helsinki. So, I think we are subordinating ourselves to the beauty that is Norway. WE are very much looking forward to the trip, especially Norway.
Mar 31st, 2001, 12:36 PM
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dear kaja,
its funny you say that because i haven't seen much either. i would love to plan a trip to norway. i have been to stevanger and i thought it was beautiful but i only had one day there. if you have any time, i would really appreciate how you might plan a one week trip to norway, where to visit, recommendations on b&b's, and other suggestions. thanks for your help.
Mar 31st, 2001, 01:22 PM
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I am surprised that you say Norway seems to be less visited. Several years ago we did a 6 week trip to Scandinavia. We spent about a week each in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, but spent 3 weeks in Norway. Yes, Norway was our favorite just as I had suspected it would be from my advance planning. We entered by taking a bus from Inari, Finland to spend a night in Karasjok, then bus to Kirkenes for just three days on the Hurtigruten getting off in Bodo for a night, flying to Trondheim where we got a car and spent a week driving to Bergen for several days. From there we took the train to Oslo, which is our favorite city in Scandinavia. It was a wonderful trip!
Mar 31st, 2001, 05:07 PM
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I did a search of " Norway" just to see how the new format worked. I used to come here very often but now that I am poor from my trip to Norway, I don't come here very often. Despite the cost of a 3 week trip for 5 people, it was the trip of a lifetime. We were escorted by the family of the exchange student we hosted for 1 year in PA and really saw the sites! We hiked Besseggen, climbed a glacier at Briksdalbrien, traveled through many fjords, took a fjord cruise, learned about Hardangervida, sat in a Sami tent constructed from sticks , visited a restored farm there with personal commentary from the female docent who restored the farm as a museum, hiked to a waterfall closeby, took in Bergen and then from Oslo took a boat overnight to Kobenhaven.This was our first trip to Europe and I am worried I have been spoiled by being taken by the hand through such a new and wonderful experience. I am very excited to see all the websites I can now visit because of your posting.Norway has definitely stolen my heart. I have 24 rolls of film to show for it.I have been writing to " my people" , my " family" for three years in Norwegian, a language they are teaching me with these letters.I hope to someday return and be able to speak på norsk. Thank you.

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