Newgrange and Baltimore

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Newgrange and Baltimore

I would appreciate any recommendations for B&B's in the Newgrange area and also a B&B in Baltimore, Co. Cork. I have a lot of listings but I always like to get a personal recommendation as well. Thanks.
To all the people on this Forum, many, many thanks for so many wonderful suggestions. This kind of help is invaluable and I appreciate people taking the time to help.
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I persume that you plan to visit Newgrange and before I recommend a place to stay do remeber access to the graves and site is severely restricted as a result of its popularity. You must enter through the Centre which is the starting point for all visits to both monuments and contains extensive interpretative displays and viewing areas. There is a quite good account of all the graves and similar sites in the area, not just Newgrange and Knowth. There is no direct access to the monuments and access is by guided tour only. Visitors may experience a delay during the summer months. Access to the monuments is not guaranteed. It is advisable to arrive early. In fact there is a waiting list of 12 months for group tours.

If you are really interested in getting into the graves then I would recommend the you stay in the Oldcastle/Kells area and visit the Lough Crew site just outside the town of Oldcastle. It is not developed to the extent thast Newgrange is but you have a personnally guided tour and there is no limit to the acces you will have, however there is a steep climb to see the cairns.

After all that check out the foloowing web sites for info'on this site, for B&B in the area either Currans B&B or the Finncourt also check out and good luck
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Cathy-- When we visited Newgrange, we stayed in the town of Trim at the White Lodge B & B (046) 36549. The B & B is very nice and Libby O'Loughlin is an excellent hostess. Also, the ruins of Trim castle were used in the filming of Braveheart. We had a great dinner at The Haggard Inn and had a fabulous time at Captain Bleigh's Bounty Pub (both suggested by Libby). We sent pictures from that night to our friends at the pub, so you may see a picture of us on the wall! The whole Trim experience was a very special one.
I don't have a B&B in Baltimore, but we did stay in Skibbereen at the Palm Grove B&B 028-21703 which was also very nice.
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The "Riverbanks" B&B in Drogheda (pronounced Drah-uhdu) Is perhaps the nicest budget B&B I've ever stayed in. It's a nearly new house along the river Boyne, on Rathmullen Drive (sp?) just west of the bus station. I stayed in a single, en-suite for IRP20 in early April. I think I still have their card, so e-mail me if you want the phone number.

Drogheda is about 6km from the Brugh na Boyne visitors center (i.e. Newgrange).
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Just want to note that Cathy's advice re Lough Crew is a valuable bit of information. However, the sites there are definitely not as spectacular as those at Newgrange. It is very unfortunate what has happened at Newgrange. I was there in the 80s, before it became "Disney-Grange," and it was a wonderful experience (though Knowth was completely inaccessible then). When I revisited recently, I was shocked, and ended up leaving; it was just too depressing in comparison to the way things used to be. (I will, someday, return and see Knowth; but will be more prepared for the hoopla and restrictions.)

But I still recommend you see the passage graves. Newgrange itself is astonishing, and Knowth is supposed to be even more interesting than Newgrange. (Unfortunately, Dowth is now closed to the public, or at least it was 2 years ago.) But you might want to explore the Lough Crew group, in addition to visiting Newgrange, to simply get a more intimate sense of a people who lived so long ago. Also, the views from Lough Crew are beautiful. Good luck! Hope you get a day when Newgrange isn't too crowded.
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Stay in Slane which is just a few miles west. Try the Boyne View B&B which is just over the River and opposite the castle gate. The room without private bath (only one, so the bath down the hall is really only used by this room) was 18 punts each last month.

Go up for a visit on the ruins on top of the Hill of Slane where St. Patrick lit a fire to challenge the Druids.

Check with Newgrange for times of the tours. I wasn't able to wait an hour so I didn't get to the Passage Grave although you could view them from a distance and the information center was interesting.

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