Neuschwanstein in Feb.

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Neuschwanstein in Feb.

We will be in Munich for 2 days in Feb and are very keen to see this castle. How do we go about planning a day trip to the castle, Can we drive by car all the way? If not how do we book tour tickets, is it important to book them in advance? Will there be long queues even in Feb?? we are going to have 2 small children with us and therefore would like to be prepared with all the necessary details in advance. How much time should we keep aside for our visit to the castle and surrounding area.
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I have never seen that particular castle but have traveled to Europe and have seen many castles. Take it from me, most castles begin to look alike after awhile. I would not waste my time on this "event". I am sure there are closer and more accessible castles in Munich than this one. Try one of those and just devote amorning to it so you can use the rest of your time to explore Munich. Your time will be better spent this way.
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Sarge, are you kidding? I've traveled extensively in Europe, but somehow Neuschwanstein has always missed our intinery. Next summer we will stay in the area just so we can see it. I know it may not be the greatest, particularly inside, but it is probably the most visably recognized castle in the world, plastered on just about every European tour brochure and calendar you come across. It seems to me that it is one of those "got to do" sites! I currently have set three different views of Neuschanstein as part of my screen saver.

Natasha, I suggest you enter Neuschwanstein in the search function here and you will find all of your questions answered. I have downloaded much of that information from here, including how and where to get tickets, the best time to go, etc.
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Unlike the other correspondent I have been a number of times to Neuschwanstein. It is a very easy journey to Füssen - town where it is located. Train requires a change - but usually wait only 5 minutes at Kaufbeuren. Fussen itself is a really pretty town and worth a night (stay in the area of Bad Faulenbach)as many people just do a day return trip. The drive is also easy and you may see some nicer scenery - go via Hopfensee. The castle itself is spectacular and get a cable car to the top of the nearby mountain - fantastic views and you go close to the castle. The castle itself is interesting inside but there is not alot to see as it never got completed (the king was deposed on the grounds of being nutty - he was bankrupting the state in building the castle, well and truly paid back now)- so only a few rooms to see which are interesting but not amazing. A prettier castle inside is Herrenchiemsee near Priem - also a very easy day trip from Munich and a mini copy of Versailles. Queues in Feb not likely to be significant but you could be unlucky - if bad queue, just skip it, the scenery is the thing and you can always go into Hohenscwhangau the the next door castle which was a proper living castle. Just get them there. Note train tickets are dirt cheap - last year when I lived there, you could get a day ticket for DM30 - about $15 which covered up to 5 adults, the petrol would cost more than that.
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Going in February there shouldn't be any lines except on the weekend or one of the ten million religious holidays. Getting there early (before noon) should ensure no major wait, however, there may not be an English speaking tour scheduled for a couple hours.

Another tip, take the horse ride UPHILL not down. And even then it's only 2/3 of the way up with the steepest portion at the top.
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If you are really "keen" to see this tourist mecca, go for it. However, with only 2 days in Munich, you will be missing some great opportunities for historical perspective, which after-all is part of the European experience.

For example, I would consider the Camp at Dachau a much more pressing journey than the touristy, half-completed castle. Believe me, you will learn much more from Dachau than you will the castle.
Plus Munich itself has TONS of history to explore.

But, if you are into the touristy things, again, go for it. A lot depends on whether or not this is your first trip to Germany.......will you be going back, etc.

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Neuschwanstein is definitely not your typical European castle. If that is more to your liking, yes they do exist closer to Munich. But I think Neuschwanstein is well worth the visit, even just to view it's dramatic setting. I was there in Summer - I am imagining how beautiful it will be when you go in February, with all the snow-covered mountains around.
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We took a Panorama tour to Newschwanstein and Linderhof from Munich. We were satisfied with it.
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Went to Neuschwanstein this fall, we were in Munich for Oktoberfest and went to see the castles on the Friday before the Fest started.

It was easy to get there with the train, there was NO changes required, the train went right to then end of the line (fussen) and then we just walked through the station and got on a bus to the castles.

It does take an entire day to go there though, so you will only have 1 day in Munich itself. I recommend that you see both castles while you are there, while Neuschwanstein is big and beautiful, I felt the tour was extremely rushed and there were so many people on it that it was hard to hear the guide. They tell you that because so many people tour it they cannot actually spend much time in any one room, so you should really buy the book if you want to know what it is all about, what a way to make you spend more money.

The smaller castle Hohenswangau (sp?) was neat, not as many people on the tour and you get to see more rooms I really enjoyed it more than Neuschwanstein.

As long as you get to the ticket booth by late morning you should have no trouble getting tickets for an English tour of the castles. Getting to Hohenswangau is an easy walk, although there are many steps. With small children I would recommend that you at least ride up to Neuschwanstein, it can be a long hard walk up to the top, especially if there is snow and ice.

I don't know what the weather will be like, but you are going to be in the mountains. It was cold and rainy when we were there in Sept, so be sure you are prepared for cold, wet, icy and snowy or else you could have a really miserable time.

Here is a link to the official page for the castles, where you can buy tickets online. I would not recommend this though unless you know for sure what time you will be there, because the tickets are timed, and you have to be at the castle gate for your tour, no refunds if you dont make it.

Have fun with whatever you decide.
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I have been to Neuschwanstein various times, and it should be gorgeous in Feb. but it might close early as this is winter..I was there last in late September and I think the last tour began at 4PM. There are places nearby to have Kaffee und Kuchen to warm up before and after. If you get a sunny day it will be amazing! We were there last when a singing choir was also there and the castle has a ball room with perfect pitch..they sang an aerie and it was way to guarantee this happening to you but it is a magical type of place.

Having lived in Germany as a student, I personally have never been WILD about Munich itself, I think this is most definitely worth it! I also disagree with the comments about Dachau. The trip is worth it but so disturbing and so haunting that I wish to this day (25 years later) that I had NOT visited it. It was the worst thing I ever saw in my life, which I guess is the point, but just too terrible to have to see with your own eyes, IMO. I don't think you will have any problems with queues, send an email to your hotel and ask them if there are any days when the castle is closed in February (like Mondays). Enjoy! OH -- you can drive all the way HOWEVER the road system in and around Munich is very confusing and I would vote for going by tour bus and visiting other castles as well as suggested by other posters.
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Hello, We live in Germany and the Neuschwanstein castle is nice. The tour is short, but very interesting. In winter, you shouldn't have long lines, they are very organized regardless. You will have to park in the lots they provide, free, at the bottom of the hill. There are horse and buggy rides up the hill to the castle. You can walk it, but I wouldn't suggest it as you will freeze. They should have blankets for you and I can't remember the cost, but it wasn't much. There is a seperate building up the street from the restaurants (you'll see signs) where you buy your tickets first, then you go up to the castle. You must also walk through the shop at the end of the tour to exit. People can speak english and will help you find your way!
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topping for the 'lost'.
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