Need Help with Venice, Please

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Need Help with Venice, Please

Am just beginning plans for a 3 week vacation in Italy next year. We will be renting a car and visiting Venice,Tuscany, Italian Rivera and Lake Como. I am uncertain on where to stay in Venice, on the Lido? since we have a car and can bring it with us, or park the car
and take a water taxi into Venice. My main concern is the luggage. I am sure we will have more luggage than we can carry. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks!
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richard j. vicek
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Good morning, Karyn
I certainly would stay in Venice instead
of the Lido, secondly park your car, or if that is the end of the trip turn it in, and only pack enough luggage that you can reasonably handle. The biggest
mistake is where you have too much
luggage, for what....I've seen people
in our travels with extremely large
suitcases that so help me see them day
after day in the same pair of jeans
and a t shirt. Your choice of what
to take is a very important decision.
Again stay in Venice near San Marco.
Richard of Hickory Hills, Ill....
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richard j. vicek
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Good Morning, Karyn
Stay in Venice, park your car, you won't
be needing it or if at the end of your
trip turn it in. Stay in Venice near
San Marco. Overpacking is not an enjoy-
able part of a trip, place a lot of
thought of what you need and what you
are taking, suprising you will be able
to handle your luggage with sufficent
clothing for all occasions.
An old remark , was pack your bags and
carry them around the block, if you
tire while doing so, repack and so on.
Richard of Hickory Hills, Il...+
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Thanks for your reply, Richard. I will take your advice and stay in San Marco area. Since Venice will be our first stop, do you think it would be safe to leave a suitcase in the trunk when we park the car and go into Venice?
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Hi Karyn: I must disagree...Lido (especially The Excelsior) is unbelievable....especially since you are starting your vacation in Venice...relaxation time is a must. You can lay on the beach in the morning and go into Venice by late-morning (free by exclusive water taxi provided by the hotel if you stay at the Excelsior Lido...other hotels too--5 minute ride). However, if you are on a budget and must rely on public steamship water taxi, then I'd forget Lido (that would be a transportation nightmare-20 minute ride plus waiting times for scheduled stops). We are beginning our trip in July in Venice too. What we plan to do is rent the car after we leave Venice. Why pay for a parked car for 3-4 days? However, the parking garage is relatively safe, and you can leave luggge in the car if you need to...I do agree that you should find a way to pack lightly (one suitcese per person). Buy big suitcases with wheels. You will not have any problems finding water-taxis (public steamboats or private point-to-point rides). They are everywhere, but the walk from the garage to the water taxi area is rather long. This is my third trip to Europe, and I suggest that you spend the extra money on Venice hotels (The Excelsior is where we stay) and bargain shop everywhere else (Holiday Inns or local nostalgic hotels). By the way...don't miss Florence.
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I have been to Venice many times. IMO I'd say definately stay *in Venice* not the Lido.
Venice is just wonderful but you need to stay in the city to truely immerse yourself and enjoy it. Get away from those cars..that's part of the magic of Venice....the quiet in a big city. IMO a suitcase in your car in the parking lot is not very safe. I certainly think you need to re-think your packing. I never carry more than one suitcase...and that includes trips that have lasted 10 months before I returned home. You can always wash things or if need be buy a few new things (and give away some old....or toss them). Believe me, I travel alot and I often see people who are unhappy because they packed too heavy or too much.
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Jay Frank
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I echo Jim's comments. With all due respect to the "immersionist", there is simply no down side to staying on the Lido. You can easilly watch the sun rise out on the Lido, take a wonderful vaporetto ride, and be anywhere in Venice in plenty of time for an early breakfast. The area is VERY small, and vaporetti travel is absolutely the best tourist deal in town.
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I've never been to the Lido, but I have stayed in Venice once and would like to offer an opinion not shared by anyone else so far: I think that one should stay in Venice, but not near San Marco! The San Marco area is generally overpriced , overcrowded, and laden with tourist-traps! The city is small enough that it is easy to walk anywhere, and the vaporetto routes will take you anyplace you need to go if you are carrying luggage (by the way, there are almost no 'ramps' suitable for wheels in Venice, so be prepared to carry your luggage over many footbridges that have steps, not ramps!). The districts other than San Marco are quieter, and have better restaurants. Whatever you end up doing, you will enjoy your trip! Venice is BEAUTIFUL!!!
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I agree with the advice about renting the car after you leave Venice, especially since it is your first stop.
Just take the train from your international
arrival city (Rome? Milan?), or perhaps fly.
I agree with Richard however about where to stay in Venice. I am the kind of traveler who likes the freedom to stop back at my hotel to freshen up or drop off packages or pick up a sweater. If you stay in the San Marco or other convenient area, it will be easy to do that without going back and forth to the Lido. San Marco and the nearby area of Dosoduro near the Accademia offer a spectrum of hotels: budget, expensive, quiet, not so quiet, full service, not so full service, elevators, or not. And the convenience of the location can't be beat.
I personally would not leave anything valuable overnight in a parked car, but that's me. However, if you decide to forego the car until later, the trip from the train station or airport is easy enough by vaporetto or the much-more-expensive water taxi, but you'll inevitably still have to walk a bit with your luggage unless your hotel is right on a major canal. If your hotel is a luxury one they can send a porter to meet you at the boat stop. Even a small hotel can often send someone to meet you at the stop if you are taking a water taxi. I would leave the jeans home, they're hot, heavy, and can't be easily washed and dried, but you should still be able to manage with one good suitcase per person. Laundry can be done!
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IMO you have made the right decision in satying in Venice instead of Lido, Karyn. First, although you would have free parking on the Lido, you'd still have to ferry the car over. Second, if you were to boat from the Lido to Venice in the morning and back in the evening/night, I would agree with Jim and Jay that it isn't such a big deal. The problem is that you certainly will feel like taking a shower and changing clothes after you afternoon stroll. If you're in the Lido, you'll either have the inclination not to return to your hotel before dinner or to stay in the Lido instead.
If you feel unsafe leaving your stuff in the car, you may always hand it in for storage. I know that the San Marco garage has such service. Don't know if the Autorimessa Comunale also offers it.
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Although I have heard the Lido is beautiful, I have never stayed there. However, the best thing about Venice is the beauty of walking around it which is quite doable since it is not that large. Going down to San Marco in the evening to listen to the "dueling" string quartets, etc. and then being able to walk in the city back to your hotel can't be beat. I second that you avoid the San Marco area for your hotel; it can be noisy. The area by the Accademia is quieter and still easily accessible from San Marco.

I also agree that you should try to hold off renting a car until you leave Venice; it really is a waste and a cost (especially with the cost of parking). I recommend you come in by train. If you get on a Pendelino (fast) train, the Rome-Venice trip is under 5 hours and the Milan-Venice is 2-3 hours. In addition, you get to enjoy the Italian countryside without the hassle of driving. Also when you arrive at the train station, there is a place to store your extra luggage (assuming you have already separated the luggage to be used in Venice); it costs about 5000 lire per 12 hours and it is secured. Much cheaper!

Good luck!

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