Need help picking a honeymoon spot!

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Need help picking a honeymoon spot!

Hi everyone -- my fiance and I are driving ourselves crazy trying to make a decision on a honeymoon spot. I was hoping some people here might have some suggestions of some romantic and different places to go.

We have both traveled a lot in Europe (he's been all over Australia and New Zealand too) and want to go someplace neither of us have been to.

I have been looking into islands in the Mediterranian -- Corsica, Sardinia, Rhodes Island.... (He has been to Santorini.) Anyone have any experience on the Canary Islands?

We're also considering the Costa Del Sol with a possible trip into Morocco... but I haven't heard good things about Tangier. (I'd love to go to Casablanca or Marakkesh but know that would require another flight.)

Anyhow, does anyone have comments about the above-mentioned places, or have a nice romantic place they can recommend? We would like to be someplace a little off the beaten path, but still somewhere we will have things to do (and preferably would like to be on a beach somewhere where we can swim, snorkel, etc.)

We don't want to be in a big city (we've been to most of the major ones in Europe anyways), since it's our honeymoon and we would like to relax. Plus, we're the types, if there is too much to do, we'd be busy trying to see everything and not spending enough time relaxing. The trip would be in early September. Thanks ahead of time for any advice!
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Whitney, For that time of year, and to get a contrast of settings, let me suggest flying into Zurich and out of Milan and staying in the Berner Oberland
for the best of the Alps, and then down to Lago Como for la dolce vita. Hard to beat that combination for serentity and natural splendor.
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Personally, I wouldn't go to the Canary Islands. Too much mass-tourism to make it the ideal honeymoon spot.

Corsica and Sardinia sound appealing, although I've never been.

I'm a big fan of Greece, although Rhodes is a bit too commercialised for me. If you go there, avoid Lindos and Faliraki (tourist traps). Try Pefkos - (a peaceful haven with a magnificent sandy beach) - or Stegna - (which has a traditional Greek atmosphere with a slow and relaxed pace of life, as well as a beautiful sandy beach).

Or venture to one of the smaller Dodecanese islands (short ferry ride from Rhodes or Kos). Try Symi, which has a picture-postcard-perfect harbour, or Kalymnos, which has some beautiful beaches and countryside.
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What about Croatia? It's a little off the beaten path, spend a few days in the capital Zagreb and then head off to the islands. The weather would still be warm enough to swim but will avoid huge crowds.
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We would consider Croatia... is it safe to visit there though?

I've been looking online today and have also added the following to our list of possibilities: Malta, Sicily, Turkey, Crete...
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From your well defined description, I mainly think of #1 Malta, and #2 Turkey. Wonderful snorkeling on either. We had a wonderful day in each location on a sailboat with lots of snorkeling spots. Ever do any Scuba? Malta is wonderful for that and there are a lot of companies where you don't need to be licensed to do it, although if would be better if you took a Scuba course at home first.
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I'm a great fan of Crete. Lots of lovely places in Chania; and I'm sure I've read in magazines that Elounda is the romantic hangout. Being somewhat passed my honeymoon years, I wouldn't know from personal experience (but if you want to know how to have great honeymoon in Scotland in a monsoon, when your hotel's closed through flooding, I'm your man!)

In Crete, and I suspect the rest of the Greek islands, at least the Cyclades, you might have to watch out for the meltemi, if you want to spend time on the beach. Have a look at
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Concerning Croatia : I would choose Split, which is a beautiful town with roman ruins by the Adriatic sea (and so closer to the islands) instead of Zagreb. Or perhaps Ljubljana, in Slovenia, if you prefer an inland town. I can't really say I disliked Zagreb, but my only memory from this town is the railway station....I mean I've not been very impressed.

Concernig Morroco, since you're searching for a little pleasant town, forget Casablanca. It's a major and not really beautiful city (I liked it, though...but it's me). And Marrackech is wonderful but very touristy...Not the quiet place you're searching for. Perhaps Essaouira or Safi, in the same area, but on the atlantic coast,would be better bets...(I didn't even mention my opinion concerning Tangiers...I want to stay polite)
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Sorry..I didn't pay enough attention to your post, and I replied as if you intended to spend your honeymoon in Morroco, and merely to pay it a short visit.
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Whitney - regarding Croatia - Dubrovnik is the perfect cit for a honeymoon. It is absolutely enchanting, romantic and picture perfect and VERY SAFE. Dubrovnik is a major tourist spot which offers plenty of hotels right on the water - many restaurants and cafe's. Also many people know English.

The water is a crystal blue/green color which is so clean you can see the fish swimming below you! They have many things to do there - I even saw parasailing! Dubrovnik is the pearl of the Adriatic, you will know why once you go!

As the famous author George Bernard Shaw once said "Those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik and see Dubrovnik"

P.S. Checkout this link:
You can see photo's and hotel info.
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I regret to disagree with the poster above but I have had the experience of a lot of people around me who have gone to Canary Islands for their honeymoon and returned loving them. I have visited everyone but Gomera and El Hierro and I have to tell I really love them. But some part of some islands may be fully crowded with tourists, though is not high season there. Lanzarote and Fuerteventura or Lanzarote and La Palma are the best options. Tenerife and Gran Canaria are much more touristy and I guess they were which were mentioned. But Lanzarote and the other islands are small enough to visit easily, small white towns with a particular architecture, several stunning viewpoints, fantastic weather ( sun guaranteed, 80-70ºF everyday, warm deep blue crystal ocean ). We here in Spain call them " Las Islas Afortunadas ", more or less, the lucky islands. Lanzarote has a dramatic landscape, dry and volcanic, Fuerteventura has incredible beaches, and La Palma still conserve its primitive primary forests, Biosphere Reserve, it is a green island and has a huge deep caldera in the middle of it. The place I reccommended to my friends and it was a complete success is 5* Iberostar in Jandía, Fuerteventura. I think also 5* Las Salinas in Lanzarote and recently opened 4* Parador de La Palma are good reccommendations to stay. One of the best things to say about these islands are that they are cheap: food, hotels car rentals, tours, visits, drinks, everything is quite affordable so you can enjoy a lot without having to think twice about your budget.

I wish this information can have been helpful for you.

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I agree with the above post that the Canary Islands are wonderful. My boyfriend and I went there in April, 2 years ago, and loved it! We actually spent the week in Tenerife and found it very relaxing but also enough excitement to make it interesting. On Tenerife is Playa de las Teresitas, the largest man-made beach in the world (although we didn't even realize it was man-made until we read about it when we got home!) Absolutely spectacular. Expansive sandy beach, crystal clear water. We rented a car and drove along the coast and then drove up into the mountains in the center of the island. Our hotel was on Playa de las Americas, but that area was very touristy and the beaches weren't the greatest. Get away from the tourism for a truly unique island!

It was a trip I don't think either one of us will soon forget!

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