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need good shoe recommendation for plus size sightseeing!

need good shoe recommendation for plus size sightseeing!

Sep 2nd, 2001, 05:39 AM
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I bought 2 pair of Eccos 3 days before going to Paris in March and wore them every day!! They basically advertise that they are already broken in. Your heel problem may be "heel spur" which is actually an inflammation. You might get a heel cup (Dr. Scholl's again) to keep your heel from spreading out-this may help.
Husband bought Mephistos at the same time and he is just about impossible to please--they have been a godsend! Good luck.
Sep 2nd, 2001, 07:09 AM
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What some of you seem to be describing as far as the stabbing pain in the heel sounds like Plantar Faciitis. Its heel pain but the culprit is lack of arch support and foot support. I have the condition and my doctor told to avoid sandals and definitely stick to supportive shoes and hi-top tennis shoes.

The best shoes I use for walking are a pair of New Balance tennis shoes. They come with a very thick cushioned sole and built in arch supports and stabalizers to prevent pronation - feet turning on one side which also contributes to foot pain. I also bought a pair of relatively inexpensive ($20-$30) and put them in the tennis shoes. I have traveled with these shoes and have done extensive walking in them and they work well.

One other good thing to do is to do foot excersises in the morning and evening as well as leg and back stretches. That also helps a lot. Hey, this will give you an excuse to go to a spa in Europe! Also schedule breaks in the day to sit and rest your feet. The best shoes in the world don't help if you overdo it.
Sep 2nd, 2001, 07:21 PM
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Hi plusproud, I hate to recite all the stuff wrong with me, cause it makes me sound like I'm falling apart, but here goes (with my remedies) Bad feet, high instep, bad arches, very wide foot, and bunions! Also, back and hip pain due to torn ACL (knee tendon) throws off my gait. My remedies are air Nikes in Mens size, they're wider, shoe inserts from Dr. Scholl and a collapsible cane, that really is a help when my bod and feet feel ready to give out. They all really help, and together don't cost over a $100.00.
Sep 2nd, 2001, 09:25 PM
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Another vote from a plus for SAS.
Sep 2nd, 2001, 10:39 PM
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Affordable Orthodics

Hi ladies (mostly here?) I'm on the large size too, and walking for too much can be a painful endeavor.

I walked all over San Francisco and got a terrible case of heel spurs (planar faciatis) and was in agony. I had worn birkenstocks for many years, and tried many other shoes as well.

Birkenstock makes an orthodic/footbed that is 3/4 the length of the foot, is blue satin and costs around $40. As good or better than any prescription one that can cost 10x as much. Heel spurs have gone away.

Wear eccos, reiker, mephisto, and born and insert my birk. footbed and am good to go.

Most importantly, is pacing yourself. Take breaks and don't over do it. What good is racing around for 2 days only to be ouching and laid-up in pain for the rest of the vacation?

Good luck with that.
Sep 3rd, 2001, 10:07 PM
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Sep 3rd, 2001, 11:26 PM
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hi plus proud:

as shoeexpert mentioned, birkenstock does make a good orthotic. i live in london and bought them for half the price! they were about $20 here. my husband uses them in shoes that are fairly flat and finds he can't go without them now. i, too, have the plantar fascitis-or heel spurs. i can't stress enough how much i have found that switching shoes mid-day has helped. we are travelling a lot- and i usually bring a light pair in our bag for the day. it really helps-just the change of structure for your foot. as far as sneakers go, my doctor has recommened new balance and i have also found that saucony is very good and gives extra padding in the heel. runners buy these particular brands so they are made for the constant pounding.
if you can swing it, my dr. also recommended buying new sneakers every 4-6 months if you do a lot of walking in them, since the padding will be worn down. as for birkenstocks, i agree they are very good-have several pairs, but sometimes feel the ankle support lacking on long days,however, they now have closed toe shoes as well. don't know where you live, but there are some birkenstock outlets in the states. and one last suggestion-believe it or not, i swear by cowboy boots. you wouldn't catch me wearing them all day, but they work well for me in the evening, give a lot of arch support and are great on my heel. mine are nocona-not cheap, but very wide.

good luck and have a great trip.

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