Need for internat'l drivers license

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Need for internat'l drivers license

Is there a need for an international drivers license? We will be traveling in Germany and Austria. Thank you.
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As a citizen of the European Union, I didn't need an International Driving Licence for the US this summer, and so the EU wouldn't need you to have one. HOWEVER!! If you are travelling into Switzerland then check. Also Italy can be odd.
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You do not need an international drivers license, as it is not a valid drivers license. By EU law, however, you may need an interpretation of your valid drivers license in the local language. The cheapest way to do this is to spend the 12 bucks for one.
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There is NO requirement for a tourist to have an International Drivers License or German Drivers License if you are staying less than 6 months in Germany. The International Drivers Permit (IDP) is only a translation of your current drivers license (can be obtained at your local AAA) and is NOT required for driving in Germany - HOWEVER it is a requirement for driving in Austria. It is NOT a requirement to have one to rent a car but if you are caught driving without an IDP in Austria you are subject to being fined.
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Bob Brown
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I don't mean to sound petulant about this issue, but I had the same question last year for driving in Austria. Was an International Driver's license required for Austria?

To get the answer, I called the Austrian travel authority and I was told very clearly that an International Drivers License is mandatory for Austria. The agency I called is an official Austrian government travel agency. I also emailed the embassy in Washington DC and got a response that also said that the license was required. For those reasons I concluded I should get an international license.

I don't think one is required in Switzerland. I have rented cars 4 times in Switzerland, and I never have been asked for an international license by anyone.

Both nations, however, require a tax sticker if you drive on the autobahns.
I have never been inspected in either country that I know of, but stories on this board report cases where drivers in Austria have been stopped and fined for not having the sticker on the windshield.

I don't know if the attendants at toll booths on the autobahns are empowered to enforce the sticker law or not.
When we have driven in Austria, the car was rented in Austria and had the sticker. The same was true in Switzerland. So there was no obvious inspection or control.

Those blooming stickers are a blooming nuisance as well as an expense. And, t at least in Austria there is ample evidence that the law, like most traffic laws, is sporadically enforced, with tourists being fair game.
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Jennifer, While the Int'l Driver's Permit isn't required in Germany, it is a good idea. I was stopped in Murnau and the officers looked at my IDP and the rental papers (did not check my FL Driver's License). So while it is not required in Germany, if you get stopped, you will be glad you spent the few dollars involved. Have fun on the Autobahn. Linda
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