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Need advice on a place that is half-way between San Gimignano and Pompeii


Mar 25th, 2011, 02:30 PM
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Need advice on a place that is half-way between San Gimignano and Pompeii

We decided to drop Umbria from our trip and just use San Gimignano as a base for our day trips to Florence, etc. We would like to turn in our car in Sienna and then just take a train to our next stop. Can anyone suggest some good towns as well as hotels for us to stay in? We are looking at about three days before we need to head down to Pompeii. We have a 15 year old daughter.
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Mar 25th, 2011, 02:50 PM
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I do not understand--start over.
Why San Gim.? A lousy place to access Florence
Why drop in Siena? From Where?
Why stop on way to Pompeii--it is not that far.
Trains fom Siena are not easy---you must have some bad input.
Start over and give us facts.
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Mar 25th, 2011, 02:57 PM
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We are staying at a farmhouse in San Gim. it is Casa Nova diPiscelli (probably spelled it wrong) from our map it looks like San Gim is super close to Florence and our travel agent said that would be fine as well. I have never been to Italy so I am relying on this site to steer me in the right direction.
We pick up our car in Florence, drive to San Gim and we were thinking of using that as a base to see Florence but you are saying it is a lousy base. However, I REALLY want to stay at this farm house. If Pompeii is not that far from San Gim how would we get there? We really do not want to use a car.
Also, the reason we are choosing a half-way point from San Gim to Pompeii is because after Pompeii we are heading to Rome for 5 days and we just wanted a half-way point that was pretty before hitting Pompeii.
Any help is much appreciated!!
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Mar 25th, 2011, 03:15 PM
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GG -to deal with your first point, many people do day trips by bus from Florence to San Gim. therefore, it ought to be reasonably easy to do a day trip from San Gim to Florence.

However, i don't really follow your plans thereafter. You seem to be going from siena, to Pompeii, then back to Rome - do you realise that Pompeii is the other side of Rome to siena? you can in fact do Pompeii as a day trip from Rome - it's a long day but many people do it and enjoy it.

as for steering you in the right direction, a really good investment [particularly as you are planning to drive in Italy,] would be a good map. or look at Italy on google maps and see where everything is relative to everything else.

You haven't told us how long your trip is, but a sensible plan might be be to spend a few days in Florence, then pick up your car and drive to san gim, tour the area, return your car to Siena, stay a night in siena, [you might like to think of staying longer in Siena if you have more nights to spare], train to Rome.
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Mar 25th, 2011, 04:25 PM
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Yes, I realize that Pompeii is the other side of Rome but we are flying out of Rome to go home so that is why we saved Rome for last. Our trip is 3 weeks. We start out by landing in Milan and going to Lake Como. We will take a day trip into Switzerland (Luzern.) After Como we head over to Venice to spend three nights. Then off to Florence to pick up car and off to San Gim and the farmhouse there. After that we want to see Pompeii and Naples and then off to Rome for about 6 nights then home.
Thank you for your information about the bus ride into Florence, I will look into that!
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Mar 25th, 2011, 04:31 PM
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Couple of comments. We stayed at Casanova di Pescille several years ago; it was nice, with gorgeous views. I wouldn't really call it a farmhouse - it's more of an inn that operates a farm. In that, the building is nicer than a farmhouse, but surrounded (as I recall) by their olive trees, etc. We, however, prefer to stay IN towns, so that we can walk around before and after dinner without having to worry about driving. On other trips to the area, we've stayed IN San G.

My general experience with teens, based on my kids, is that they really enjoy evenings in big cities. There's a lot going on, a lot of people wandering around, a lot to see. Our DD especially liked hanging out at cafe in Florence in Piazza della Republicca and people-watching, and wandering around listening to the various street performers/singers. They are largely composed of people singing American or English songs, so it tickled DD to hear songs that she knew. So I would also suggest that you try to spend a few nights in Florence.

If you're planning on having dinner in San Gimignano, the main piazza there is also fun. There are a couple of cafes, as well as two fabulous gelaterias. The cistern in the middle of the piazza is a very popular spot for the teens of the town. Even if your daughter doesn't join them, I think she'll (and you) will like the ambiance.

I agree with annhig's suggestions. I can't really think of somewhere to spend 3 nights between Siena and Pompeii without a car (other than Rome). And while it would be better to stay in/near Pompeii to visit that area, if you don't want a car for that portion of the trip, it might indeed be better to take a (long) day trip from Rome.
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Mar 25th, 2011, 05:13 PM
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If I were you I would just keep the car, drive from San Gim to Sorrento and spend the 3 days there. You can easily see Pompeii, take ferries to Capri and ferry or drive down the Amalfi coast to see the cute tiny towns, then drive back to rome and drop the car there. Or - leave the car in Sorrento and take the train back to Rome.

Staying at some random place in between doesn;t seem to make a lot of sense. And agree that teens will usually ejoy cities versus the countryside in the evening - much more to see/do.
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Mar 25th, 2011, 05:25 PM
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Do you mean Casanova Pescille? If so, I spent a week there some years ago. It helps to have some facts. Do you plan to drive into Florence? Bad idea. If not, then it takes a bus and a train and takes more than 2 hours each way--is that what you want? Forget your travel agent--they seldom have a clue. I like the idea of driving to Sorrento for Pompeii---why a halfway point--makes no sense.
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Mar 26th, 2011, 03:31 AM
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Do you know that there are hundreds of "farmhouses" that look at least as appealing as that one, and that are MUCh better located for daytrips to Florence?
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Mar 26th, 2011, 04:19 AM
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Go a lot SanG is beautiful

a UNESCOworld heritage site

20 miles from Florence.

You will be fine there

Drop your car and hop a nice train to Rome seat61.com

Betterbidding.com Intercontinental Ville Spanish Steps

from $180 or Sheraton Roma forme booked recently $69/nt

Hotwire.com take the fast train to Naples a little over 1

hour then the circumvesuviano to Pompeii recently booked

www.hoteldelfino.com Sorrento prettty close

Otel.com for $60 hotels around Pompeii Scavi ok not as pretty.

Happy Journey,
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Apr 1st, 2011, 12:02 PM
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Wow, okay considering I have NEVER been to Italy I would ask for some patience in planning this trip.
We decided to take NYtravelers advice and have a rental car lined up. We also will be staying in Sorrento for 3 nights to explore Pompeii and Naples.
Thank you NY for your helpful comments.
ekscrunchy, yes-I know there are hundreds of farmhouses-but this is the one we are staying at.It is close to Volterra and we will be spending some time there as well. Our daughter is a big Twilight fan.
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Apr 1st, 2011, 03:57 PM
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You don't really want to drive in central Florence, either as a daytrip or to pick up the car. (In central Florence there are many ZTLs, driving areas for locals only. If you happen on one of these, the car rental company will charge you for outing you to the Italian police.)

Maybe pick up the car in Siena or at the Florence airport -- so you don't have to drive in Florence.
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