My summer Europe packing list

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My summer Europe packing list

Hello All!

My husband and I returned last weekend from our long awaited first trip to Europe. I loved, loved, loved it. I plan to start saving again for my next trip!

Anyhow, thanks to all you folks that gave me such great packing advice. My husband and I each brought 1 rolling carryon and 1 piece of hand luggage. The only other item was my crossbody purse. We did not check anything. We carried it all onto the plane. We did not buy many souvenirs so they all fit inside 1 folding tote I brought along. I am going to publish the items I packed in hopes that maybe they can help someone prepare for their long awaited trip the way you all helped me. Thanks again!!

What I brought to Europe Summer 2010

Brown cotton twin set – sleeveless shell and cardigan
1 pair Bermuda shorts
3 pair cotton capris – 1 khaki, 1 black, and 1 navy
1 pair black poly blend work out style capris
3 print skirts
1 travel dress
3 print lightweight polyester t shirts
3 solid lightweight polyester t shirts
2 capped sleeve polyester tops
5 lightweight cotton knit sleeveless t shirts (4 solids, 1 print)
7 pairs quick dry briefs
7 pairs quick dry socks
2 bras
1 cotton crocheted cropped cover-up sweater
1 pair pajamas (cotton t shirt top with cotton drawstring Bermuda style bottoms)
1 pair of brown suede hikers
1 pair of black all terrain hiking sandals
1 pair tan leather flip flops

Manila envelope with copies of credit cards, passport, driver’s license, itinerary, flight info, and bank information
2 plastic hangers and 6 plastic clothes pins
1 tote that folds into a pouch
Plastic kitchen size trash bag
1 gallon Ziploc bag
1 travel size bottle Downy wrinkle releaser
1 travel size bottle woolite
Cough drops
Pepto Bismol tablets
Immodium tablets
Robitussin cough capsules
Halls cough drops
Hydrocortisone cream
Travel size shampoo and conditioner
Travel size sunscreen
Travel size Kleenex 5 packets
Hand sanitizer
Clean and Clear pre moistened disposable facial cloths
I make up bag with powder compact, blush, tinted moisturizer, lipstick, make up brush and qtips
2 bandanas
Camera, extra camera battery, iPod and chargers
Left with 150 British pounds and 150 Euros
ATM card
Visa card
1 tsa approved travel lock for rolling carry on luggage

I wore the twin set, polyblend workout capris, flip flops, and 1 of the bras on the plane and a cross body purse (I really had 8 pairs of underwear if you count the one I wore on the plane)

Things I would include next trip:
1 fleece jacket
1 small umbrella
1 travel size fragrance of some kind
1 small scissors
Nail clippers
1 extra pair Bermuda style shorts
Leave with some British and Euro coins along with bills

Things I would not include:
Cut down to 1 skirt not 3
Bring 3 sleeveless tops and 3 t shirts plus the twinset to wear on the plane
Bring 4 pairs of underwear
Bring 4 pairs of socks
(I found it quite convenient to do laundry in the evening and I would do that again)
Downy wrinkle releaser
Pepto Bismol
Cough drops
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Congratulations on the packing success, but how big was the rollon and how long were you gone? I'm just comparing your list to my typical one and thinking you took way, way more stuff than I would, but maybe it was a long trip or you had a bigger bag than I take.
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That is a long list1 how long were you gone for? And how much did you actually wear?

With the possible exception of the hydro-cortisone cream (which may not be available in Europe without a prescription) I wouldn't bother with most of that first aid kit. I never lug stuff like that across the Atlantic - I can always buy what I need on arrival. Same with toiletries.

Also it depends on where you go in Europe what you need to pack. A raincoat or waterproof jacket is always a good idea in many countries, in addition to the umbrella. A long pair of trousers can also be useful for chilly/wet days/evenings.

Unless you have been to Europe before or know someone who has been so that you already have them you can't get coins before you arrive.
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How did you fit all of that into a carry-on bag? You're my hero!
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I'd like to know how you fit all that stuff into a carry on. That's amazing!

Of course, I bring books and info on where I'm going so that takes up some room. And I need a lot of hair products.

If you pack scissors and nail clippers you will have to check a bag.
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My suitcase was 21 x 16 x 8. My husband was 22 x 16 x 8. My suitcase was weighed at the airport and it weighed 21.5lbs. I agree I did take too much clothing. As I mentioned at the end of my list, I would cut out most of the skirts, and at least half or more of the shirts. We were gone 16 days. I wore all the capris, the shorts, the dress, 1 skirt, the twin set, all the tshirts (but I could have made do with about 4) and 2 of the sleveless tops. I could have taken about 4 pair of socks and underwear and 1 bra because 1 found it very easy to do laundry in my room. You are also right that you could do without shampoo and conditioner but those are items I insist on having the ones I like for my hair. We used sudafed, advil, benadryl, rolaids, moleskin, and hydrocortisone so I would bring the first aid kit again.You could purchase it all over there but I would rather just have what we need with us. All those toiletries and meds were packed in 3 quart size bags we packed in our hand luggage. Obviously 2 of those bags contained liquids and the third was all non liquid stuff. (Remember there were 2 of us for all those items) The kleenex and electronics were in the hand luggage too. I realize the scissors and nail clippers would require checking a bag but my husband was bothered so much about not being able to trim his moustache and nails that he will probably either check his bag next time or break down and buy those on the trip. I easily went the trip without those items but he borrowed a scissors and was really bothered by missing those 2 things which seemed silly too me but he needs to feel comfortable too.

I fit everything in by rolling all clothes tightly. Packing as much as I could in ziploc bags and squeezing the air out. My two pairs of extra shoes were packed in the top mesh pocket of my suitcase and my husbands extra pair were one on each side of his bag. Rolled socks were stuffed inside the shoes. My bra and underpants rolled and packed quite small in ziplocs and were shoved on the sides of the shoes in the mesh pocket. My clothes were packed heavies on the bottom to lightest on top. Pants, skirts, and dress were rolled on the bottom layer, tops the next layer, and bags with each sweater were stuck on top for easy access. Next time when I bring less clothing I may pack each item rolled in it's own ziploc. It makes it really easy to pack and unpack something, and it keeps dirty clothing seperate until the evening I wash.

We had about a day and a half of rain so we did need to purchase umbrellas since I did not pack them. I agree you might need a jacket or such depending on your location but I did not need one. I also did not feel the need for long trousers, my husband brought 3 pairs, but certainly if I wanted to I could swap 1 or more of my capris for full length trousers.

Remeber also, that packing lists are very personal. What worked for me might not be exactly what works for you. Like the difference between hetismij and I when it comes to meds and toiletries. I don't feel it makes either of us wrong we just have different needs and wants. I was just trying to pass along the info like others did for me.

Why can you not get coins in advance? As for the money we got our pounds and euros through some service our local bank uses. Coins were listed on the paperwork but my husband and I did not order those because we did not realize that we would need them for so many things. I can ask about it at the bank. I saved a starter bunch for next trip so we will have them.
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My apologies about the coin info! My husband just informed me that I was wrong. The form from the bank where we did get our money did not offer coins. He said I confused that with some information from a travel group he belongs to where you can get coins somehow but, anyhow we did not use that we used our local bank. I don't know why coins are hard to get. Someone else will have to clue us in on that!
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Coins are never available at banks. It would be a waste of time for a bank to deal in coins.
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Hello mrswillie, I so remember your original thread and I am happy to read that your first trip to Europe went so well for you two. My husband would have wanted scissors to trim his moustache too.

I have never gone to Italy with just carryon and since I am now on my own and am not able to lift a carryon into the overhead bin my carryon is small enough that it fits under the seat. But just having carryon.. a Fodorite who is a friend gives classes regarding this subject and I am sure she will approve of your travelling style!

Wishes that the piggy bank gets quickly filled up and that you two can return to Europe ASAP!
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"I'm just comparing your list to my typical one and thinking you took way, way more stuff than I would,'

me too... I usually travel with less than half of the list.
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The only med type things I take are my sleeping pills and a couple of allergy pills both prescripition and a few advil. The rest I know I can easily get if needed. I use the shampoo supplied by hotel for washing /laundry instead of bringing my own and use the hangars in closet for drying clothes. Heated towel racks also work well. I always bring a small umbrella and haven't worn Bermuda shorts for years I'd also have to exchange the flipflops for a pair of comfortable heels and have found that I can do some serious walking in a pair of good loafers or something similar. My current favorites are Merrells and Ecco. I take what change/bills I have left over from previous trip and get cash at airport ATM. Of course we all travel differently, and I am amazed that you managed to get it all in a 21" bag. That's the most important part. Congratulations!
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Thanks for your kind words LoveItaly. I definitely am sold on carrying on all my luggage. It will be even easier for me next time, since I have done it once and, since I know that I will be taking even less next time I travel.

I sure hope that piggy bank fills up quickly as well! In all honesty since my dd goes away to college this year, it will probably be a few years, but I will be saving away all that I can. Until then I will have to live vicariously through other travel stories on this site.
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CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! We just returned from 2 weeks in France, and I committed to myself (and my husband) that on our next trip we will just do carryon bags. Our first hotel in Paris was up 1.5 flights of steps to the reception, then the hotel lift was broken. My DH had to lug two heavy checked bags and I got to handle the other two bags. Not much fun.

You are my heroine. Also, I didn't see a sewing kit in your list or may have missed it. That saved us so much in Paris on a Sunday when my sandal strap broke. My DH sewed it up in the room and it didn't break again.

And one other comment about medications. The last trip we took in 2001 to England/France I contacted poison oak right before we left for the 3 weeks and broke out in our 2nd day in France with full blown poison oak rash. The 3 weeks were absolutely miserable since no pharmacy in France or England would give me anything stronger than an itch cream. I now travel with prescription strengh cortisone cream just in case something like that ever happens again. Anyone that has had ever had seeping poison oak knows what I'm talking about.

And, a last question -- what was your favorite place/event? Even though we did alot in Paris and the French Alps the most incredible experience was taking a dinner cruise on the Seine for the Bastille Day fireworks. Spectacular!! The company was Bateaux Mouche and it was one of the best things we've ever done. Do that next time if you can.
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