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good ttt info!
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Do a serach on "Rome Fine Dining". There are a lot of nice suggestions there too.
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topping for Kelly
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TTT for June
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Top for Martha
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Just topping again.
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topping all these wonderful suggestions again!
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I found this old post of mine and I am in a topping mood today.
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Hi Richard and thanks for all the rest.recommendations, which I'm going to categorize by neighborhoods and carry (accessibly) while doing Rome in abt. 10 days.
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Topping for more suggestions on great (and cheap!) eats in Rome.

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If you had to choose one restaurant in Rome for a splurge, where would it be?

Given the weak dollar, I am scaling back plans for Dining Out in Italy.

Further suggestions welcomed!
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there are other threads with Rome restaurant postings, including more recent ones
Type Rome restaurant into the little search box above, and you'll have a flood of suggestions
Look for La Tartaruga--that's my little suggested gem
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elaine, I picked this one to top for various reasons.

But thanks for your suggestion of La Tartaruga.
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The best meal we had in Rome when we were there a couple of months ago was at Ditirambo, which is in Piazza della Cancellaria, near Campo de Fiori. I'm not sure what your budget or definition of a "splurge" meal is, but we had an excellent experience there for around 100 euros. The food there is innovative, and it feels like a neighborhood trattoria. Warm, attentive service--we felt right at home. The restaurant has a website at:
You can look at the menu and pictures for yourself.

While in Rome, please make a point of going to Al Forno, a bakery located right on Campo de Fiori, to try their pizza bianca. It is always crowded in the morning (it closes after 1:30 p.m. or so). You walk up to the counter, tell them how long you want your piece to be, and they chop it off for you right there. It comes fresh out of the oven and makes a great breakfast or afternoon snack. I guarantee you'll go back more than once.

Another place you can look at for food suggestions is the International Board at Happy eating.
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Richard--thanks so much for recommending Antica Taverna. My husband and I just returned from two weeks in Italy, including 5 days in Rome, and ate dinner at Antica
Taverna twice. Their zuppa alla verdura (vegetable soup) was so amazing that for the rest of the trip I kept trying it at other restaurants to see if anyone could top it--and they didn't come close. Also had their ravioli--about the best of the entire trip--and it's also such a great location, tucked away in the side streets near Piazza Navona--quiet and homey. The staff didn't speak much English, but with the aid of our trusty Italian phrase book we managed to decipher most of the menu.
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Pears43 - Thank you for bringing this great post back up!
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Bafetto - the best pizza in Roma! Get there early though, or be prepared to queue. There are photos all over the walls of celebrities who have dined there.

Da Francesco is good...but Bafetto is better!
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In case anyone is looking for it, my site address has changed. It's now at...

Rome is at...

Updates coming soon!
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I tried to look at your restaurant reviews at the web site you listed and couldn't find much. Is it up and running? Thanks!
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