muerren for two nights or not

Aug 19th, 2003, 02:12 PM
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muerren for two nights or not

In my previous post, I mentioned that I will be travelling to Bernese Oberland. I will be taking the Golden Pass scenic train ride from Montreaux to Interlaken.I would like to do some easy hiking in the Lauterbrunnen Valley and some hiking further up the mountain. SO having said that is it reasonable that we could take the train to Interlaken and on to Lauterbrunnen, hike at the base of the falls and then travel on to Muerren in one day?

I am planning to stay at the Eiger Guesthouse for two nights in Muerren. Is there hiking day trips that can be done from Muerren? We are planning a trip up to the Schiltorn..but, are not sure what else we can plan to do in Muerren.

Any help would be great!
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Aug 19th, 2003, 03:00 PM
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I'm sure that what you propose is doable. Perhaps Bob or someone will be able to tell you where you could "park" your luggage for the day.

We stayed in Murren and loved it. Staying there takes a little more planning in regards to transportation connections to make the most of your stay. The problem we ran into was that after a certain time - like 10 a.m. - the trains between Lauterbrunnen and Interlaken weren't as frequent.

It is possible to hike down from the top of the Schiltorn but you would need hiking boots and equipment. It is also possible to get off half way down and walk down.

There is another little lift in Murren that goes up just a little way. Someone we met enjoyed easy hikes in pastures in that area. You can also hike along the railroad tracks from the top of the cog train to Murren with beautiful views of the mountains.

We also hiked from Murren to Gimmelwald and then down to the valley. I wouldn't recommend this one if you just want a stroll and it does get rather steep and does take some time.

Have you got the Rick Steve's book? I checked one out from the library. He does give some hikes and also has some great little maps of the area.
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Aug 19th, 2003, 03:06 PM
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There are several hiking trips that can done from Mürren. A good one is to ask locally and take the trail to the Sefinenfurka. It is a pass over the ridge to Kandersteg. You do not have to go all the way to the top of the pass to enjoy the outing.

Another is a walk to the Kilchbalm from Gimmelwald. The "Kilch" is is a deeply recessed bowl where glaciers formed in the past. The walls are almost vertical and numerous waterfalls stream from the cliffs. The first time we went there, there were many cows! They add to the charm of the place. A Swiss hike without cows is unusual.

Another very pleasant excursion is to take the cable car from Mürren to Stechelberg on the valley floor and ride the post bus to Trummelbach Falls. (Small admission charge) The falls are recessed deeply in the rock and lighted for viewing.
Then walk to Staubach Falls near Lauterbrunnen. These falls are high, but will be thin late in the summer. If you want, you can walk up and stand under the falls, protected somewhat by the rocky overhang. After you see Staubbach Falls, walk through the village itself to the lift station where you probably used to ride up to Mürren. Get off at Grutschalp and walk the 2 miles or so back to Mürren. This route faces the Jungfrau and on a clear day the views are stunning. I suggest walking South because if you go the other way, you will spend most of the time looking back at the Jungfrau.

The trip to the top of the Schilthorn takes about two hours. The ride up is relatively quick, and after an hour of viewing from the platform on top, you have seen what you can see. In fact, I walked around the viewing area for 45 minutes and I think I made 3 revolutions. Of course if you eat lunch or dinner there you will be longer.
The scenery, however, is very enjoyable.

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Aug 19th, 2003, 03:08 PM
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Thank you very much...I will be looking for the book tomorrow

Is the hike form Murren to Grimmwald really difficult? We are not professionals and have never hiked.But, we are in alright shape and in our early 30's, we only have hiking shoes...not real hiking boots. How long did it take?

Or would we better off to stay somewhere else and do a day trip to Muerren/Schiltorn?
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Aug 19th, 2003, 03:51 PM
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Murren to Gimmelwald doesn't take long and in fact is paved. A very pleasant hike. It is all downhill. There isn't much to see in Gimmelwald but a very pleasant place. Leaving Murren you cross over some little creeks and there are cows with their bells ringing and strawberries for sale (on the honor system). There is a place to buy cheese in Gimmelwald and a couple of pensions. Getting back up will take longer unless perhaps you take the Schilthorn cable car/tram (I always get my "lifts" mixed up)from Gimmelwald to Murren but to me, wouldn't be worth the price. You would not need hiking boots.

When you get to Murren, go to the TI at the swimming pool and ask for a trail map. I just pulled mine out and it shows lots of easy hikes in the Murren area. And the name of that small lift is the Allmendhubel. I actually have two maps. One entitled "Wandern" Jungfraubahnen (try this link as there is actually a map there)

which has lots of hikes in other areas, and one entitled "Murren Schilthorn" which shows more hikes in the Murren area(link but couldn't find a map)

If you are going to be there over a Sat. night, you might like to check into some local entertainment. I know that the pension in Gimmelwald had some folk music going on Sat. night and also the restaurant at Winteregg.

We loved the Chinese food place in Murren (1 wok restaurant)and it was a nice change from cheese. For a splurge, the best food in town is at the Eiger Hotel. I'll have to see if I can find the name for you. It was expensive but we liked it the best.
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Aug 19th, 2003, 04:07 PM
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Stagerstubli is the name of the restaurant.

Yes, I would stay in Murren. A lot of people don't like it because they think it too touristy and it is -- during the day. You will see trainloads of people coming up heading for the Schilthorn lift but we were always going somewhere else during the day and so enjoyed the quiet evenings. The mountains are magical in the morning so be sure to get out early if you don't have a view. In the evening all the day trippers leave it is very peaceful and you can stroll around and listen to the cow bells tinkling. sigh Did you know that Murren is rated (I don't know by who) as the most romantic place in the world? If you want nighlife, forget it (in summer).
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Aug 19th, 2003, 04:13 PM
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Have you seen some notes from my trip:
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Aug 19th, 2003, 07:35 PM
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I don't know the answer to the baggage question because in the past I always got off the train in Lauterbrunnen and went to my apartment. (Or drove to it in a car.)

The trip from Mürren to Gimmelwald is a little steep, but the pathway is smooth. The road is used often to take supplies up and down from the freight tramway in Gimmelwald that comes up from the Stechelberg valley station. It is different from the passenger Luftseilbahn that makes the same run.

I think you can find plenty to do in the walking department, but some of the trails are steep. Just do what you can and enjoy it.
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Aug 19th, 2003, 11:01 PM
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My family and I recently did the walk from Murren to Gimmelwald. We did not find it difficult or too steep at all, but rather very pleasant. I don' t think I'd want to do it in the reverse direction, though. The scenery was beautiful and I'd highly recommend it. Enjoy!
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Aug 20th, 2003, 07:16 AM
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My all time favorite hike from Murren is the North Face Trail. You can either take the Allmendhubel funicular and begin the hike from there, or hike up from Murren. It takes about two hours (more if you hike up from Murren) and is relatively gentle - the trail goes through forests, meadows and pastures and back to the village of Murren. It's a gorgeous hike - you're surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery the entire time.

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