More Paris Questions!!

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More Paris Questions!!

I cannot seem to get enought info. on Paris although I have bought 3 guidebooks! For starters - should I book my tours here or wait till I get there - specifically, Versailles. Wardrobe, I am a cloths horse, I am trying to be practical, we are going Sept l4th, what is essential, what do Parisians wear?? Silly - but, I worry!!
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I wouldn't worry about booking a tour of Versailles; ParisVision and Cityrama both run bus tours, and there are guided tours you can join at the chateau. It is easy enough to get to the chateau without a tour bus (RER C line goes to Versailles, then a short walk to the chateau).

Take as much luggage as you want to haul around. After many trips to Paris and all over Europe, I'm down to one 21" pilot's case and a small tote. If you can handle more luggage, or are willing to pay drivers and porters, then take more.

Stick to neutral colours - black, brown or navy - and basics: slim skirts, trousers, silk shirts, sweater sets, blazers (or variations on the theme, think 'business casual'). Scarves and costume jewelry. Comfortable walking shoes - Aerosole, EasySpirit, and several other brands make good-looking styles that can be worn even to a dress-up dining out.

I've found two ways to deal with rain - either a trenchcoat-type coat or an umbrella.

Dark colours work the best for me - don't show the dirt, the wrinkles, or the red wine I inevitably spill.

Enjoy Paris - spend time wandering, look into churches not in the guidebooks, peek into courtyards when the doors open to let out the cars, eat at restaurants that don't have English menus, buy a potholder or coffee bowl..
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I have sightseeing notes on Paris, packing ideas, and daytripsincluding Versailles. If you are interested, email me.
Versailles is particularly easy and less-expensive to get to on your own,
and if you go on your own you can spend your time as you wish.
Elvira is right as usual, I enjoy clothes myself, and I also live in a big city, but when I travel I try keep reminding myself that the days of the steamer trunk went by the wayside along with ladies' maids and footmen.
You can look sophisticated and fashionable without packing everything in your closet; perhaps not up to your usual standards, but a decent compromise and a willingness to wear things more than once will leave you not cursing your suitcase.
good luck
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Agree with Elaine and Elvira re:clothes. I pack all black bottoms (slacks, skirts) to mix with dressy tees and twin sets. Twin sets are great because you can wear one or the other or both (depending on the weather) and wear the "top" with a camisole. Bring the most comfortable shoes you can find for walking all over, and some comfortable dressier shoes as well. In September, I'd recommend a nice raincoat (one that looks okay over a dress) as well, preferably one with a hood (rather than carrying an umbrella all over all the time). It's a great extra layer. Don't bother bringing anything you won't wear at least twice.
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As the others said you cannot go wrong wearing black. I take predominately black basics when we go to Europe. Take black pants (several pair) and alternate more colorful tops, you might think about a blazer or two, I always take a couple of them. You can wear them as a jacket if it's warm and under your coat if it's cold! Also a scarf or two in a bright color for contrast. As for what the Parisians wear - well we have family there (they are French) and they dress very "American" on weekends,i.e. jeans, tennis shoes, etc. but tend to be more dressed up during the week, that is where the black comes in! More then anything tho take 2 pair of comfortable shoes (Black!!) and alternate them. I wear Easy Spirits and have walked literally all over the major cities in Europe in them at one time or an other. If you feet ache the trip is hell. Always carry a small fold up umbrella in your tote bag. I haven't taken a dress to Europe in years, I just dress up in a black pants suit or something similar if the occasion calls for it. Navy is another practical color, just plan around one theme tho, otherwise it gets too complicated matching up things.
You will see people wearing just about everything and anything, Paris is full of tourists most of the time, American and European,and Asian tourists,etc. so you will see all types of dress from those dressed well to scuzzy and everything in between. Don't worry too much about it, they will know you are a tourist anyway!!

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