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I'm planning a trip to visit these areas arriving at the Milan Airport on Friday, October 6,2000. Venice is our main reason for this visit. We have never been there and actually travel the airlines standby, so really can't make totally solid plans as far as train rides, hotels, etc. I have no idea what time schedules of trains, fares of trains from Milan to Venice and what possible last minutes hotel accommodations we could possibly get that would be good and at a fairly reasonable price for two to possibly 4 adults. We will be returning to the US Tuesday, October l0, 2000. Would anyone be able to help me with an itinery anyways, to take in these 3 areas, or perhaps just Milan and Venice, if there is not enough time to take in Florence. Thank you in advance. Toni
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You will probably spend most of the day on Friday getting out of the airport and onto the train and into Venice. Likewise, you probably would leave Venice on Monday for your return flight from Milan on Tuesday. That leaves you with Saturday and Sunday in Venice with maybe a little time left over for Monday afternoon/evening in Milan, which is enough time in my opinion. Skip Florence this trip and enjoy your short time in Venice. Florence is not close to Milan or Venice.

Bon viaggio
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Posts: n/a will give you schedule info on all trains in English. Have fun!
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I have lots of notes on Venice, Florence, and travel in between; if you'd like to see them, email me
You will barely have 4 days, and I wouldn't want to spend very much of it traveling from one place to another.
Since Venice is your primary goal,
leave Florence, which is art heaven, for another trip. With the days you have, spend very little time in Milan if any at all (Milan doesn't have that many memorable charms) and just go to Venice and do it well.
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Betsy is correct ... you'll have limited time just for Venice let alone Florence. If you visit the Rail Europe site (, look under "Fares & Schedules" for point-to-point fares and times. Buy your tickets in Milan, though, as they will be cheaper.

I've flown in & out of Malpensa a few times and found the bus shuttle to the train station to be very comfortable and convenient. You can purchase tickets at the information kiosk in the airport. The ride is approx 45 minutes one way.

Last year, I took my mom to Venice for her first visit during Easter for 3-1/2 days and it was just barely sufficient time (never enough, tho). Let me know if you would like any other info.
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With four people your should just rent a van and drive to Venice. That way you are on your own schedule and not the train schedule.

I would recommend skipping Milan unless you book in advance to see the Last Supper. Go straight to Venice and enjoy that city. You do not have the time to do both Venice and Florence properly. The drive from Malpensa to Venice is nice with a stop at Sirmione...a lakeside town....and roads are good.
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Nothing personal, but I must disagree with Bob. The trains are among the easiest to use and frankly, kind of a fun part of any trip to Italy. I have gone from Rome to Venice, Rome to Florence, Milan to Venice, etc, and except for once when I took the local and stopped every few feet, they have been a good chance to observe the locals and relax between points. To say nothing of the fact that your car will be absolutely useless for the three days you are in Venice and you will still have to pay the rental fee and parking for those three days. Have a great time in Venezia. We will be there in late October and are looking forward to spending time there again!

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