Milan or Zurich?

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Milan or Zurich?

I am flying into Rome Nov 15th, 3 days there. Then onto Seina for 3 days, Venice for 3 days, then maybe Milan 1 or 2 days and out of Zurich on the 25th. I am stuck deciding on wether to spend any time in Milan, or just go straight to Zurich. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks, Tracey

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Much as I love Italy in general and enjoy Zuerich, I'd skip both and go to Luzern. Interesting city which will match the notion many North Americans have of what a Swiss city 'should' look like. There's a fair amount to do there, and worthwhile excursions in the area. It's only 75 minutes by train, many direct with others making a quick change in Zuerich, to the Zuerich airport train station.

More on Luzern at

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Bob Brown
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Ed has a valid point, unless you are an opera buff and can get a ticket to an performance at La Scala.
The cathedral in Milan is fancy -- looks to me like a giant birthday cake.
The Last Supper is hard to see, and
despite restoration efforts, some think it is faded. I am not sure I agree or disagree there, but some others who have seen it in the last two years can give a more authoritative opinion on the worthwhileness of the endeavor.
For some the Last Supper is not just a fresco, but a religious experience of great importance.
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Billy Bob
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I agree. Skip Milan (maybe quick peek at the cathedral and area just around it) and head straight to Como on Lake Como for a delightful area of Italy. Then on to Swizterland, but again, skip Zurich and spend your time in Luzern, a wonderful city. It is close to Zurich and is much, much, better overall. Zurich is nothing special, although a stroll down Bahnhofstrasse is interesting but can be done in an hour or so (unless you stop in every store and look and/or buy). One must stop on this stroll is the Sprungli chocolate shop however. MMMMMMM are they every good.

So, Como and Luzern are better choices and both are close to your suggested cities and have good train connections as well as good highway routes in and out.

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