Milan layover

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Milan layover


I have a 5 hour layover in the AM hours in Milan before moving onto Florence. Can I do anything in the city with this time? Since I am flying Alitalia, all bets might be off if flights arrive/depart early/late. If any seasoned travelers could provide advice, I would appreciate it very much! Thanks.
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Go to the Duomo, it is amazing!!! It was my favorite thing (besides dinner!) in Milan. You can climb to the top of the roof and get close ups of the spires as well as a fantastic view of the city!
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Hi Michelle,
We're just back from Milan - - depending on which airport you fly into - - Malpensa (where we arrived) was a 45 min. (approx.) train ride to the City - the train station was in the airoort terminal. We took the Malpensa Express and a cab (12-15 min.) to our hotel which was two blocks from The Duamo - which was wonderful to see. The La Scala Opera House is also a few short blocks away. Joy!!!
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Michelle, Not quite clear, are you connecting on Alitalia from Milan to Florence? Trains from Milan to Florence take 2 3/4hrs to 4 hrs.and would seem to be a better choice for leisure time in Milano.
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I will be in Milan the night before our 10 am flight, and was wondring if anyone could suggest a hotel near the airport, but still close enough to sightsee in Milan for one day...
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mary kay
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Hi, Michelle:
Regarding your layover - will it be at the airport or will you come in to the central train station? If you lay over at the airport then you must take the bus for L8,000 (every 10 minutes, takes 45 minutes door to door to train station) into Milan. You may want to drop your luggage off in the luggage depository at the train station. When we (2 couples) were there three weeks ago, the line was sooo long at the luggage drop that we decided to take a taxi to the Duomo and two stayed with the luggage while the other two toured the Duomo, then went one block over (with wheeled luggage) to the La Scala Opera House to tour the museum there (it was a Sunday and Opera House itself not open, just the museum). Taxied back to train station. If you are flying from Milan to Florence, you may not have time to take an hour into town and an hour back to airport, plus time spent in milan, with the new security rules in effect. Enjoy Milan and Florence!

Mary Kay
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Thanks for your suggestions! I guess I'll go with the flow. If I feel comfortable about taking two hours out to travel and spend one hour to see the Duomo, and still have the two hours until my flight to, that would be great. We'll see once I get to Milan. Alitalia can be tricky, and I will definitely be in Milan again next fall to study abroad. I was hopeful in looking for a nice way to kill 5 hours of time. Anything to get my mind off of airplanes when I don't have to stare one in the face, actually, would be fabulous.
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If you fly to Malpensa, it'll take you at least 45 minutes each way on the Malpensa Express bus to Milano Centrale (and maybe longer depending on the time of day, and day of the week). You'd be better off just catching a train to Florence if you want to see something in Milan. It's only a 2.5 hour train trip, and the Duomo is about a 25 minute walk from Milano Centrale train station. You'll also have time to see anything else you want to see in Milan since trains to Florence leave pretty regularly.
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Definitely take the Malpensa Express Train The Cardona Train Station is only 1km(~5/8mi) from the Duomo. Either walk or take the Metro. It's a straight shot one Metro entrance is in front of the train station and the other is in front of the Duomo. HTH Regards, Walter

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