Milan Airport Map?

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Milan Airport Map?

Can anyone point me to a map of the Milan Malpensa Airport? We will be arriving late and needing to get to a train quickly so I would like to have a map in advance.

Thanks for your help!
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I did a simple search on Yahoo! (I assume you want the Malensa airport?) here's the link I found...

You might want to search for yourself first....
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While there is no map there per se, this info - - from - - should be useful in planning your train connecting. (I see that "sandi" has already listed this address in the time it has taken me to compose this answer)


The Malpensa Express departs from the airport to Milan's Cadorna Rail Station every 30 minutes. It makes two stops at Milano Bovisa and Saronno. Journey time is around 40 minutes but this will reduce to 30 minutes in the future.

First train departs Malpensa 6am, last train departs 1.30am. Fare: L15,000 one way.

There is a rail link from the airport to Milan Central and Milan Garibaldi stations via Gallarate. A local shuttle bus from Terminal 2 connects to Gallarate Station every hour between 6.30am and 7.10pm. Fare: L2,200.

From Gallarate there are 17 trains daily to Milan Central Station between 5.05am and 10.25pm. Fare: L5,200.

Services to Garibaldi Station are more frequent with 44 trains daily between 4.53am and 11pm. Fare: L5,200.

There is also a rail service from the airport to Lugano. Trains depart at 8.30am, 11.30am, 4.30pm and 7pm. Fare: CHF30.


For the same information, just presented a little differently, take a look at and click on "the stations". This gives you a diagram of the stops that the Malpensa Express makes. You can also click on "Malpensa airport" itself (from the list of the four major stations) and see how the rail terminal itself is situated, in relation to (air) Terminal 1.

Don't count on getting out of Milan onward to another Italian city in too little time.
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Thanks Sandi & Rex for your help. Now I am more than a little confused!

We will be flying into Milan, needing to take the train to Venice. Is there a direct link from the airport to the train station - I believe it would be Milano Central; or will we need to change trains/buses/etc?

Thanks again for your help!
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No, yo are not confused. Dismayed, perhaps, but you have it right. There is no "non-stop" connection from Malpensa to Milano Centrale (except taxi, which might not even be faster - - that's why it is the Malpensa EXPRESS). Taxi is more painless in the sense of less schlepping baggage, but very expensive.

This was the point of my saying "Don't count on getting out of Milan onward to another Italian city in too little time." It takes time. No matter how you do it.
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How about the Malpensa Shuttle Bus? [cut and pasted from a MXP website]
<<<Bus services leave from outside Terminal 1 Arrivals area. They serve various destinations in Milan. Journey times vary. There is also a service to Gallarate Rail Station from Terminal 2.
*To Milan Central Station* the Malpensa Shuttle departs every half hour from 07:00 to 16:00, then hourly until 21:00. Overnight there is an hourly service from 22:15. Journey time is 50 min. Fare: L13,000.>>>
I'm using this for my 1st time next month and this is what I have in my notes from other posters info, so I can't vouch for accuracy "ticket office along right wall before you exit arrivals terminal" "It leaves from Bus Stop 3 which is right outside arrivals" "also there is another bus called the Malpensa Express *Bus* that leaves from arrivals" . HTH Regards, Walter
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The bus and the ticket window are easy to find, the bus ride is comfortable and reasonably quick, and it takes you directly to Stazione Centrale. You can get train schedules at

It all works pretty smoothly, unless there's a train strike, as there was when we arrived, but even that worked out eventually. Have fun.

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