Lufthansa Strike

Old Apr 17th, 2001, 10:36 AM
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Lufthansa Strike

Does anybody have any good news to report on the impending Lufthansa pilots strike thats predicted for May 3. I'm using them at the end of May and am trying to remain positive.
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Are you serious? I am using them in mid-May...this sucks! anyone can shed some lite on this???
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I was travelling via Lufthansa on March 23. In the morning a pilots strike was announced. Confusion reigned supreme - many connecting flights were missed(including ours), but the airline more or less kept on functioning. By afternoon, we were advised that the pilots were back in action, but that the ground crews were now on strike. This caused obvious problems loading baggage and humans on and off the planes...but again, they kept on loping along. We arrived at our final destination in the US about 10 hours later than originally planned - and made a side trip to DC (were scheduled on a direct Frankfurt-Boston flight) - and all our baggage - along with most of the other passengers baggage - was lost. It was a miserable day BUT they never shut down operations entirely. My advice to you is to try to re-book any connecting flights you may have so that you have plenty of time between flights to make up for delays and hold on to your baggage claim tags as if your life depended on it. Good luck!
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I flew LH last weekend so I was pretty concerned about it. Our travel agent (here in Munich) said that they announced the last strike ahead of time and encouraged travel agents to rebook people on other airlines. She said that if LH plans a strike, you can change your ticket without extra charges. My guess is that if they strike, it will be for a predetermined length of time, like a day or so and it will be announced ahead of time.
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I am using them May 5th. I called my travel agency who said that nothing is known until May 3rd, and if I want to change my ticket now, i would have to pay the normal change fee.
I'm quite upset, given that I won't have much notice.
Does anyone know if this will affect trans-atlantic flights? My travel agent didn't seem to think so but the post below looked like it was a trans-atlantic flight. I do have one leg within Europe so I"ll cross my fingers!
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Stefanie, I asked a travel agent today about the Delta Strike and they were not even aware of any forthcoming problems. You can try the Lufthansa site or hope that Fodors will get some news. It seems that more than one airline is involved in the union talks.J

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