London to: Bath, Stonehenge, Salisbury

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London to: Bath, Stonehenge, Salisbury

I've read some prior posts about how this is too much for one day, because each of the sites has more to see than what time allows to be seen. However, I've got a day and want to see all three. What I'm trying to figure out, is what is the logical order for a London based day trip to these places.

I'm thinking it is:
Train from London to Salisbury
Bus from Salisbury to Stonehenge
Bus from Stonehenge to Bath
Train from Bath to London

Does that sound about right?

The trains will be pretty easy to figure out, but the bus part seems tricky. Any suggestions on how to travel to / from Stonehenge?

We'll be there in early June on a weekday. It will be my wife, 7 year old daughter, and I. I'm not into the big bus tours, so I'm thinking I'll piece it together myself.
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OK - you know it is very rushed but possible if you start very early.

Train to Salisbury (1.5 hr) - taxis or buses from train station to nearby Stonehenge - and back - lots of buses. (2 hr)

Train to Bath (about 2 hrs) and back to London (1.5 hrs).

For lots of info on trains check - full-fare is pricey but discounted tickets have restrictions (line not leaving before 9am or so weekdays) but check that rail site to see what they are - for lots about British trains check; and

don't like group bus tours -me either but here is one time you may want to consider it!
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Getting from Stonehenge to Bath is really complicated. I think that's just out of the question.

What exactly did you want to see in these places? It takes about two hours from London to Salisbury on the train, and it would be a good 20-minute walk from the Salisbury train station to Salisbury Cathedral, probably a good deal more with a 7-year-old child. Then it takes about 1 to 1 1/2 hours from there to Stonehenge, counting the walk from the Cathedral to the bus station.

Assuming you leave London very early, the earliest you could get all this done would be by about 2 PM, with just a quick look at Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehenge, and four hours on transportation. From there, it would take more than two hours to get to Bath. Then you'd have another walk from the train station to whatever it is you want to see. It would probably be too late to see anything much in Bath.

To get an hour seeing Salisbury, an hour seeing Stonehenge, and an hour seeing Bath, you'd spend eight or more hours in getting from one place to another. This assumes you don't even stop for meals.

You could reasonably visit Salisbury (just a quick look) and Stonehenge in one day, but adding Bath makes it really too much. There are bus tours that do exactly this itinerary, but they certainly don't give you much time in any one place.
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Google Maps will give you pretty good directions for public transportation. is a good transportation planning site specifically for the UK. Both are available as apps for your phone. I've used both, and had a slight preference for traveline.
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could you spare a night to stay in Bath? You could then linger a little in Salisbury [not much point in going if you don't see the Cathedral] and have longer at Stonehenge before getting the bus back to Salisbury and a later train to Bath.

You will then have the chance to walk around Bath in the evening, and to explore properly the next day, before getting a train back to London.

Yes I know that you will probably have paid for a night in London that you won't use, but this way you actually get better value out of your excursion.

It's still very rushed and not what I would choose but trying to do it in a day is, IMHO, madness.
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Crazy even if do-able, which I don't think it is.
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You want to "see" all three?

Bath, especially, takes some time to walk from the train to town, to walk around town and back to the train, and frankly, it would be a real shame to go to Bath and not see the ancient Roman Baths - one of the reasons for Bath in the first place. The history of Bath is quite amazing, and seeing some of the more famous places makes it come alive.

I don't remember exactly, but walking to the Stones and back in Stonehenge takes a good bit of time.

Then Salisbury too?

With a 7 year old?

It just does not work.
Would be a really miserable day for a child either on your own or on a tour.

If I had to choose, it would be Bath. Why not go and actually "see" it?

Sorry to pile on saying it is a bad plan, but hope you will realize it is true.
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I believe that there are tours that do just Bath, Salisbury and Stonehenge from Victoria station via bus. If you want to do it by yourself you could hire a car and driver. Would not want to do all three in one day using public transportation.
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If you really have only one day, I'd suggest you spend it in Bath, where you'll get to see loads of interesting stuff! The roman baths alone make it your must-see destination IMO...
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