London metro passes?? problem help?

Sep 7th, 2001, 03:00 PM
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Last post here, I promise. But just had a thought...

Escritora, while the Visitor Travelcards have been around for at least a few years, maybe they just started this year selling them at Heathrow. Question: Did you have to show your passport or anything to buy yours at Heathrow?
Sep 7th, 2001, 05:02 PM
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BoomerBabe: Yes, this is the same card you used to be able to buy only in the States, and the new part is that you now can buy it at Heathrow, sans photo. I *think* I showed my passport when I bought it, but I'm not positive. (I'm very adept at sleeping through the night on a redeye without drugs but not so good at being awake in the morning!) In any case, by picking it up at Heathrow I saved the FedEx charge that would have been added to the cost had I ordered it in advance here.
Sep 7th, 2001, 05:03 PM
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My wife, son and I used the LondonPass last April. If you'll be doing a lot of siteseeing the LPass covers many admissions and discounts besides providing a travel card for the Tube, buses and overland trains in Zones 1-6. We found it very nice for our one week stay and it comes with a very handy booklet. We bought ours on the web but our B&B host mentioned that he thought you could get them cheaper buying them there.
Sep 7th, 2001, 06:53 PM
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I believe there are 2 different passes being talked about here. the LondonPass ( combines tube, bus & light train travel and admission to about 60 atractions. It can only be purchased outside of the UK.
You can buy 1,2,3 or 6 day passes. A 6 day costs 89 GBP.

there also is a London visitor Travel Card. (, which covers the tube & red double decker buses. You can buy 3,4 & 7 day. the 7 day is 61 USD.
No photo needed for either.
Have fun, I'll be there next month!
Sep 7th, 2001, 08:33 PM
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$61 for seven days is ridiculous. That is why I buy the regular LT Travelcard - the one w/ the photo. The last one I bought was in June 2000 so it may have gone up a little, but then the 7-day travel card was 15.30 GBP, or less than $22.

So don't assume all these "Visitor passes" save you any money. The only one I find that is actually a bargain is the Great British Heritage Pass. All of the others either include services you don't need or are very overpriced. Plus in the states you usually have to add the shipping charge so it is even more expensive.
Sep 8th, 2001, 04:37 AM
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The 7-day card for $61 is for all 6 zones. According to the gospel of Rick:

The site may be using last year's prices, but still gives a good comparison of the Visitor Travelcard and the Travelcard you buy in London. Not much difference in price for the two-zone, seven day cards.

If you buy the Visitor Travelcard through your travel agent there is no FedEx charge. The agent prints a voucher which you take to London and turn in for your Visitor Travelcard, but no photo is needed.

For a two-zone card I don't see a big advantage either way, buying it at home or in London.

To me, either of these Travelcards is preferable to the daily transport cards you buy out of a machine in the tube station. Those can't be bought or used until 9:30am. Both the Travelcard and Visitor Travelcard can be used any time.

Sep 8th, 2001, 09:49 AM
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Marv: That is my point - less than 1 tourist out of a thousand needs a 6 zone travel card. The six zone card includes 5 zones the average visitor will never see. So they are paying for services they won't use.

Just for a trip to Hampton Court for example - buying a 6 zone pass is wasteful. Just buy a zone 1 travel card and supplement the ticket for that one trip outside of zone 1.

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