London and Paris in May

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London and Paris in May

Hi All
Thanks for the replies to my post about the evening excursions. Now I have a few more questions:
1- What would you suggest I bring clothes-wise for a trip to Paris and London in early May. I recently bought a thin jacket.
2-I was wondering if anyone else is going during that time so perhaps we could compare notes?
3-I want to do one day excursion from each place. We were thinking of Stonehenge from London but also wanted to see a castle or so. Is there a specific tour you would recommend? Also for Paris, and Day Trips suggestions. We would love to see wineries but I have a feeling they are a bit too far.
Thanks again!
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Hi Heather...on the matter of packing I just wanted to suggest to you that you should choose one color scheme (such as black or brown) and mix and match coordinating tops, slacks and skirt preferably in a material that doesn't wrinkle...bring a very comfortable pair of shoes and sandals that can be worn casual and is a good color because you can pair it with pretty lighter colors such as blues, pinks, silver grays, etc. that you can dress up or go casual...accessories such as belts and scarves also do the trick...hotel rooms in Paris and London tend to be small and there's just not enough space for many pieces of luggage and lots of clothes.
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Heather it is entirely possible that you will need much more than a thin jacket, or at least that thin jacket with a warm sweater underneath. May weather, actually weather in the shoulder seasons in general, is not guaranteed to be warm and in fact can be quite chilly if you are not lucky. Check the forecasts before you go because it's a matter of
luck, not guarantees.
As I've said many times here, I once went to Paris over Memorial Day weekend and had daytime temps only in the high 50sF with a steady rain.
Paris is approx the same latitude as
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We are going to London and Paris in the late May/early June time-frame. (I got what I thought was a great deal though

Anyway, I have found day travel from Paris and London choices to be pretty extensive. From London try:

From Paris try:

I have only made a rough plan of the day trips we plan to take. I am currently focussed on trying to figure out what we are going to do with 4 days we want to spend in Provence and/or French Riviera and/or the Alps. Feel free to email me, but you are probably ahead of me on London and Paris planning.

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I was in London and Paris the first week in June 2000 and hit the biggest heatwave. In fact it was hotter in London than in Paris. It was in the 90's and I had to buy some clothes so Murphy's law not-withstanding be prepared with a few light items. Have fun
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Harriette -- I was there in July, 2000 and had to buy a heavy jacket because it was COLD!

Then, I was there in June 2001 and it was very warm.

I'm leaving in nine days for Paris again. I'm taking clothes for both hot and cold weather! Although I doubt it will get too hot this time of year, I will be prepared.....



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