Location of Angelina's in Seattle?

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Location of Angelina's in Seattle?

A while back someone posted the location of Angelina's in Seattle. I can't find that post now--does anyone know the Seattle address? We need our Angelina's hot chocolate fix!

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And which European country would Seattle be in?
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The only Angelina's I know of is in Paris on Rue di Rivoli near the Hotel Brighton. Sorry. If you find one in Seattle, please let me know (I live here). A great chocolate place here is Dilletante's on Capital Hill.
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Obviously, this belongs on the United States forum.
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Hi Kathryn,

Forget Angelina's, the place you need in Seattle is Dilettante Chocolates up on Capital Hill. They're a real boutique chcolatier, and their candlelit red leather seats are just the thing on cold Seattle nights.

BTW lots of places in Britain actully *import* Dilettante's mocha mix for coffee & hot chocolate making. No joke!
(Dilettante's homepage)

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Could possibly be related to the Washington apple maggot situation. This is usually the first symptom.
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zsa-zsa, yyy, phantom:

Instead of posting mean-spirited replies, perhaps you should open your mind to those of us who travel beyond the confines of our bedroom-bound computer screens.

With a name like zsa-zsa, you certainly should be aware of Angelina's in Paris, hence the link with Seattle. Someone posted a message that there was an Angelina's in the Seattle area. Get it? No, it doesn't belong in the US forum.

The first sign of apple-maggot infestation is a narrow mind.

Thanks for the question, Kathryn.

And thanks for the tips, Idsant and Tracy.
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Fifi: Narrow down on this you self-righteous twit!
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Angelina's cocoa mix is available by mail order in the US, but aside from an Italian restaurant called Angelina's in Seattle, buying it by the cup in the land of Starbucks and Dilletante is a pleasure yet to be experienced. Although, of course, Paris and Seattle are acknowledged as having so much in common. Let's see...
Tall landmarks with expensive restaurants (one of which rotates);
Everyone wears black, all the time;
Both have a Place Pigalle, one serves expensive fish;
Everyone sneers at California wines;
Plenty of street theater whenever the WTO comes to town or someone suggests students should get jobs;
"Off with their heads" is a recurring local business theme;
A somewhat chilly reception given to visitors;
Traffic from hell;
Losing football teams.

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Thanks, Fifi, for your erudite response and support. Back in December there was a long thread about hot chocolate--with many great recipes for making the brew a la Angelina's on Rue de Rivoli. I believe that is the thread that had the Seattle address for Angelina's--unfortunately, I cannot find the thread. I wish I had printed it out when I saw it--wanted to keep the great recipes. Does anyone else remember the thread? Or the recipes?

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Not to flame you or anything. . .but as a Seattlelite, I need to take exception with some of your comments (yes, I realize this probably should be moved to the US section BTW):

Not EVERYBODY sneers at California wines
Not EVERYBODY wears black
France won the world cup (football) last year
Chilly reception? Wow! I think most people in Seattle are some of the friendliest people I've met

Guess when you are somewhere it's your attitude and how you look at things.
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Only joking.
(For the record, though, Paris Saint-Germaine is doing okay this year, Saint-Etienne is doing poorly, hampered by fake passport scandals.)
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Not the same thing at all this is the only Angelina's Trattoria
2311 California Sw SEATTLE WA 98116-2402 (206) 932-7311 »Restaurants
You apparently can mail order from the wonderful original in Paris. There is nothing like that.
Old Feb 21st, 2001, 09:57 AM
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Kathryn, I copied Dan Woodlief's recipe for Cafe de Flore hot chocolate, but I don't have one for Angelina's. I'll be glad to share it if you want a copy.
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La Maison Fraincais, in Bellevue sells Angelina hot chocolate mix. The store is one block from Bellevue Square, next to the Waterworks store. Hope this helps.

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