life in Spain

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life in Spain

I will be studying abroad in Madrid next term and I have some questions about the do's and don'ts of life in Spain. What should I know about the lifestyle there? What about the way people dress? Please send along any hepful hints.
Thank you!
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Well, first of all....

You need to know that everyone in Spain wears shoes on their hands and hats on their rear ends. Because of this they walk upside down. So, it's quite a different style of perambulation from that to which what you are probably accustomed.

Really, what kind of a vague question is this for someone with an MIT post office box and intentions to study in Madrid next term to be asking?
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Jacki, Sorry for the last response. Most people on this board are extremely helpful. As all reasonable people know any question asked with good intentions is valid. I can't really help you but I'm sure you will be very good advice from the nicer people who frequent this site. Hope you have a wonderful stay in Spain.
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Dear jacki, you will have a great time, I am sure, I am not an expert in Spain but a reasonable advise would be dress a little more conservative or rather a little more formal specially at night , or to a concert, opera or something like that. It is also true that nowadays young people buy almost the same cloth in every country.
Use your common sense and you will do fine.
I have noticed that Spanish girls do not use heavy make up, they try to be charming but natural looking . Spanish customs have changed a lot as you are aware after Franco, now some times they even overdo it in their liberal approach to life , this in my opinion, although it seems to be a natural reaction after many years of a very strong goverment that had a saying in many aspects of their life.
Spanish people are naturally gracious, polite, and noble.They are proud people, in a good sense, and have a lot of dignity . The old have gone through a lot so bear this in mind . Buena suerte, I hope some real Spaniard would answer you. I agree with the second person that answered your question and I feel it speaks very highly of you to have questioned yourself about their way of life. Chau, buen viaje.
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I will be studying in Acala De Henares, right outside of Madrid in the summer. Were you referring to the spring or summer. Give me more details of your trip-how long will you be there, where are you going to school there, living with a family? (email me)
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I spent a semester in Sevilla and travelled throughout the country a couple of years ago. If you have any questions or want to chat, you can e-mail me. You will have a WONDERFUL time!
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Jacki, I strongly disagree with the comment that they dress more conservatively in Spain. Maybe the older people, but as far as the young people, they are very stylish which includes very short, very skimpy, very tight clothing. Nothing like the baggy style you see here at home. (This opinion was based during a summer visit). They are certainly not afraid to show off their bodies like many Americans seem to be. My advice is to not bring a lot of clothes and then shop there. That way you can wear exactly what they are wearing. And I'll tell you right now, there is such amazing shopping right around La Puerta del Sol, the sort of Times Square of Madrid. During my visit, I had just had my laundry all died pink in Toledo so when I got to Madrid I was ripe for shopping. Well, I couldn't have found a better place to buy trendy, cheap clothes. I shopped and shopped and shopped. The shopping all over Spain was great with lots of little stores to go into and department stores, too. While I wouldn't say that they dress more "formal," they do dress more neatly. I'm not sure if that's the right word. But they are definitely not sloppy. They are more likely to wear shoes (although I also saw plenty of sneakers). And something about the way Europeans wear their jeans is so much more stylish. I always come home from Europe feeling like my wardrobe is sorely inadequate. Anyway, my main advice is to not bring too much with you. Don't shop like crazy at home to prepare for this trip (except maybe for socks, underwear, and bras) and bring more money and do your shopping there. Please do not get the wrong impression of me from this message; clothes are not my #1 priority. But you want to feel good when you are traveling in another country.
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Dress however you want... Madrid is a big city and you'll see lots of different styles. I do agree with the last post though. I spent a year in Spain two years ago and coming from SC I felt a little out of place. Most university people dress as university people here dress, but when going out, its definately time to show off...short skirts, bell-baring tops and heels. It's not slutty or anything, but definately different. Just pack your normal style add to it in Madrid or elsewhere. They do have excellent shopping in Madrid!

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