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Leaving in 5 days dispute with friend over plan

Leaving in 5 days dispute with friend over plan

Old Jul 19th, 2005, 07:23 AM
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Leaving in 5 days dispute with friend over plan

I am leaving for Ireland on Saturday July 23rd and I have been changing my ideas more and more as time gets closer. I think I finally have a plan but now my friend who lives in Cork City seems to think that I should change it around a bit. I want with your help for you all to tell me which plan you think is better and I wont be offended.

My Plan
Sun Day 1 Arrive at Shannon 8:30 am rent car and depart for Cliffs of Moher. Lunch along way in Limerick stay night in Doolin

Mon Day 2 off to Cashel. Visit Rock of Cashel, Cahir, and town stay in Cashel

Tues Day3- Wed Day 4 off from Cashel in morning spend the next two nights in Dublin

Thursday Day 5- head south to Glendalough, stay in Kilkenny

Note the reason I plan on spending the next three nights in Cork is because I have a friend who lives there and want some time with her.

Friday Day6 -Sun Day 8
Spend evenings in Cork City but tour also Blarey, Cobh and Kinsale

Monday Day 9 drive to Dingle and spend night there skip Killarney

Tuesday Day 10 spend some time in the morning in Dingle and then drive to Bunratty

Wed Aug 3 Bunratty to Shannon back to states.

***Now that was my plan and this was an email that she sent me** My concerns are that she thinks i should drive from Dublin all the way to Cliffs of Moher on Day 3. I do not think that will give me much time at all in Dublin but I also know Denise hates Dublin.

*** Here is her plan as compared to mine***
I live right in Cork City and you should def stay in or as close to the city
as possible. there are loads of places. If you get up early enough you can
do Blarney/Cobh and Kinsale in a long day. You could also do Cobh/Kinsale
and then Blarney on your way out of town if you are heading west. The only
thing I think is that you might be driving back and forth across the center
of the country so I also came up wth this option.

Sun24 arrive and drive to Cashel
Mon25 rise and drive to Dub
Tues am/afternoon head for the Cliffs....be prepared Doolin is a great spot
but there is not a ton there
good pubs and loads of tourists though.
Wed AM- Cliffs and drive South towards Dingle (car ferry across R. Shannon.)

Thur day in Dingle and stay in Killarney
Fri wander around Killarney some and head to Cork CIty whenenever (bout
1-1.5 hrs drive)
Fri night to Monday AM stay in Cork
Monday night in Killkenny
Tues- Bunratty

Now if you see above there are three nights in Cork, I would love to have
you hear for three nights BUT...it adds a bit of flexibility to your trip in
case you want to putter around somewhere else and get here sat am. Do you
have vouchers for B&Bs? If you figure out how many days you will end up
staying in Cork at some point during the week you can call/email me and I
can call around and get you a place.

Not too sure if you cared but those are my two cents. I think that the drive
from Cliffs to Dingle might be my fave thing in Ireland. I love driving the
west coast.

Any imput you all have would be great !! Thanks so much you all have been such a help in my planning.
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Old Jul 19th, 2005, 07:29 AM
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oh dear. who is paying for the trip. me thinks that is the person who can arbitrate in cases of disagreement.
Sometimes its just simpler and more relaxing to travel alone....
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Old Jul 19th, 2005, 08:09 AM
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Your 1st day, you say have breakfast in Limerick then go to The Cliffs. To get to the cliffs, you go thru Ennis. Not Limerick. Your plan on Cahir and Cashel is fine. Why not stop in Kilkenny on your way to Dublin and not have to back track? Just a suggestion or two. Good luck.
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Old Jul 19th, 2005, 01:36 PM
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Having been to all the places you are planning, your original itinerary does seem to have you driving back and forth quite a bit. While your friend's suggestion is a bit better, here's what I might suggest due to being a do-able circular route:
Sun - arrive and head to Cliffs, say in Doolin.
Mon - get up early and head to Dublin, you should have all of PM in Dublin.
Tues - Dublin
Wed - AM spend in Dublin, by Noon head to Kilkenny (via Glendalough?).
Thurs - Spend morning in Kilkenny, and head to Cashel in afternoon to see Rock, I assume.
Fri - Head down to Kinsale in morning if desired, then to Cork to friend.
Sat - spend with friend, see Blarney and Cobh
Sun - Spend whatever time in Cork and area, then leave for Killarney
Mon - Spend most of day in Killarney and head for Dingle in PM. (should take around 3hrs I think)
Tues - spend day in Dingle, and area, then head for Bunratty at nite. I personally don't think there's much to do in Bunratty, so you can spend majority of day in Dingle.
Wed - leave for US

I suggest this because it is a circular route. There is no backtracking, and you can omit things as you see fit. Some depends on how long you want to stay (like Glendalough, do you want to drive through or get out and hike). Depending on what you do in Killarney, you could spend an entire day (or more) there if you do the Gap of Dunloe type stuff. We don't know what your thoughts are for site-seeing in these areas, so hard to gauge time needed.
Hope it all works out well for you, but you want to try and reduce the driving time so you can see more things.
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Old Jul 19th, 2005, 01:44 PM
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I like Joan's suggestion.

For a more radical approach, try to make a circle. How about Shannon to Doolin & the cliffs, then on to Dingle (where you need 2 days at least), then to Cashel/Cahir, then to Cork, then to Kilkenny, then to Dublin, then to Bunratty/Shannon. It's a little lopsided, but less back-tracking.
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Old Jul 19th, 2005, 09:45 PM
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Ok here is my question to your response. You think that I should stay with Doolin and Cliffs and then drive to Dublin and then hit Kilkenny followed by Cashel. I think this makes sense however I want to know where I am making my big backtracking moves. For example, I saw Cashel as a halfway point between Cashel and Dublin. Then to Dublin and I would stop in Kilkenny on the way back since I am then headed to Cork anyway. But I do see your point hit Cashel and Killkenny all at once. Also how long of a drive do you think its going to take me to get to Dublin from Doolin? How do you suggest I make the trip. My only problem is I made my reservations online at the Burlington for Tue/Wed however, it seems they still have the same room available on Monday. Also it is very hard for me to say what I want out of these sites since I have never been to Ireland. However, at Glendalough I would like to see the monestary. What else do you recommend? Thank you for your help.
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Old Jul 20th, 2005, 10:20 AM
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our circles go in opposite directions, but I posted before I saw your post!


I guess the two backtracking events I saw in your plan were going west from Shannon to Doolin, then east again to Cashel; and also, though it's not truly a backtrack, heading somewhat southeast from Doolin to pick up Cashel before heading northwest to Dublin (instead of taking a more direct route from Doolin to Dublin).

One strong suggestion I have is to LINGER in one place a bit more than you seem to be planning to do. The one quibble I have with amyprib's plan (although I like it a lot) is trying to cram time in at Killarney and Dingle--I say pick one or the other, and spend more time that one place; both are awesome.

my $.02
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Old Jul 28th, 2005, 02:01 PM
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Sorry Survfan - I did not read this until now!
Hopefully your trip is pleasent - let us know what you ended up doing.

I guess the backtracking I saw was going from Shannon to Cliffs, then south to Cashel, then northeast to Dublin, then back southwest towards Cork. You should be able to do a much more efficient route by doing a circle..
I hope it works out however you did it!! You'll still have a good time, I'm sure.
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