Lake Contance

Oct 24th, 2003, 12:31 AM
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Lake Contance

Hi, I am going to Lake Constance(Konstanz) which is on the German, Austiran, Swiss border. On one of the days I am going to Lindau, and then Bregnez to ride the cable car up the mountian for the view. I have tired to find a web page, but the only one I found I could not translate and it seemed to say the cost was 140E, which seems rather high and out of our budget. Does anyone here know that cost, in either E or $. Also I notice that the boats stop the transportation across the lake at 6pmish. What other transportation options are there for at night for those who don't drive? How late do they run? We are staying in Unterdinlingen which is between Uberlingen and Meersburg and will be wishing to go to Konstanz and other night life places. Thank you anybody who might know this.
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Oct 24th, 2003, 12:58 AM
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Taking the cable car from Bregenz up on the Pfaender mountain and back down costs 9,80 EUR. If you only go one way then it's 5,70. It seems like you can also buy your ticket on the ships going to Bregenz which will make it 30-40 Cents less.
Between 1.11.2003 and 31.03.2004 tickets are 15% less and the Bahn seems to be closed between Nov 10-21.

I couldn't find any Unterdinlingen - is there a chance you misspelled it?
There's a Uhldingen and a Unteruhldingen.
I found a picture/ chart of the public transport there:
If you have a specific question you could mail the tourist information of the town: [email protected]

I'm afraid that if going to places in the evenings and at night is an important part of your trip you may want to consider staying in a bigger town.
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Oct 24th, 2003, 05:43 AM
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When I used to live in Konstanz there were only about 2 or 3 "discos" but that may very well have changed in the 5 years since I've been there. There are however lots of local bars (or pubs rather) that the college kids hangout in. Several are very cool to visit, and they usually have bands etc. The University used to have HUGE parties about once a week - they took up the entire ground floor of the Mensa and entrance, at one end there would be a live band, at the other end there was a dj, food and drink tables in between. Before the party (which are hosted by different "colleges" at the uni there would be a movie shown in the audimax, the movie generally started around 7 or so and the party started around 9 or so and it was always PACKED. There are always flyers up at the uni telling you when the next party was. But if you are looking for discos, there really aren't very many, and the ones that are there didn't used to be very good, mostly just pick up joints.
As for transportation, you can take the train around the lake, but it takes a long time, we never did it so can't tell you how long. If you are going to Konstanz, why don't you plan on going over by ferry one day, sightsee the day (there are several great sites to see there, that you can do in one day easily), then stay the night in KN? Being a college town, there are cheaper hotels (as well as some expensive ones) and there are lots of good, inexpensive resturants.
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Oct 24th, 2003, 12:07 PM
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Thank you all so much for the replies. So it looks like we will be riding that cable car afterall.

I should clarify some things for some more information. We are in our 50's. We like modern music not really dicos but bands like Wide Spread Panic, classical music and local bands of all types, but mostly for night life we like to just walk around and see the other people walking around, sitting outside cafes, watching the lights play off the water and such. We aren't really into the drinking thing. So I have some more questions.

Are there age restrictions or dress restrictions to get into any club we might like? We don't have those types of restrictions where I live, but we have run into them in larger cities such as Amsterdam.

I know there are buses from town to town, cause our train puts us on at a local level. We will be coming from Beligum. I can't find a link to the bus scheduals.

I have rented an apartment in Unteruhldingen which is also called Uhldingen-Muhlhofen and Oberuhldingen. We have rented apartments thur this service before and have always gotten really good deals. We will be there in the first week of May and it only costs E50 a night and that doesn't mean E50 each, but E50 for the two of us. Last year we used this same service and stayed on the Roman Road above a Christmas store in St. Goar, and it was lovely. All the other apartments in this old building really lived there, which is just where we like to be, with the normal people who live there.

So my next question is are the bus stations at the old train stations. Many of them didn't seem to have train service anymore. We can read the train stuff site. But the bus stuff isn't there unless it's a transfer from a train. How late at night do the busses run? I asume that people who live there travel at night who don't drive.

We also would like any info on really good vegatarian places to eat. That's another reason we like the apartments because we can eat more normal.

We also plan to go the the castles in Mersburg and see Konstance and the flower island.

We will also be catching Queens day in Amsterdam, as we have rented apartments there as well and have been there many times. Don't worry, we like crowds as well as the very lonely places.

I live in Eugene OR, a small college town between SF and Seattle. We have a hot music scean, access to the lovely coast, lovely mountian ranges with old growth giant trees, fun rivers, big cities such as Portland nearby and organic food. And of course home to the Oregon Country Fair and the Ducks.

Thanks for any help you can give us. Janet

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Oct 24th, 2003, 01:16 PM
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Check out this site for a wealth of info (in english):
click on "welcome" for english.
This covers the entire state in which Konstanz is located, in addition to providing valuable links to area activities.
Happy planning!
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Oct 24th, 2003, 06:45 PM
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If that is what you mean by "night life" KN will be up your ally - very low key and great for people watching. Esp at that time of year when college is still in - the town triples in size from the students. There are many great pubs/cafes/bars/whatever you want to call them. Like I said earlier, most will have some kind of band, or story teller at night. Some are avant garde (like K 9 - kind of a socialist/communist hangout), but many are very "normal". There used to be one called the Keller, can't give exact location since it has been so long, but if it is still open people should know how to get there. It was near a church (there are many in KN), and it is in the basement, a man dressed as a monk opens the door for you and the decor is all from old churches (the seats are pews, there is an alter etc). Great wine and cheeses there! There are a lot of Turkish resturants in KN, the best (and our favorite when we lived there) is called the Radischen. It is in the fussganger zone, and if you are standing in the door of the pub, Woolworths was at the end of the ally - sorry that I can't be more specific. Again, anyone in town can give directions, and I did give the same directions to someone else and they managed to find it. They have what is called a "Borek" which is like a folded over Pizza, but the bread is MUCH better. There is one that is stuffed with Spinach and cheese, another with aprikots and cheese (sounds weird, but very good). Most places in town will have Veg selections as well as meat dinners.

Insel Mainau is wonderful, you will love it. The main bus depot is right across from the train station. One of the buses runs from there to Mainau I want to say it is bus # 7, but I may be wrong on that - it will be the same one that goes to the youth hostel in KN and Littzelstetten.

I do remember that the buses run at night, but I also remember that the last one was around 11 or so at night - I always had to arrange a ride with a friend, or walk home if I went out at night.

You will easily see KN in one day and Mainau in another day, or if you go fast you can do both, but I stil say that you may want to consider overnight in KN. Meersburg if very quaint and the castle has great views - if you get lucky the Alps will be "out".

Have a wonderful trip!
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Oct 25th, 2003, 06:36 AM
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Hi, we spent four nights in Uberlingen and used the train to daytrip to other lake towns. Loved the whole area. Used the lake boats for Lindau, Meersburg, and Mainau, if memory serves. J.

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