Krakow Mid-October

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Krakow Mid-October

Am going to be spending a week in Krakow in Mid-October and would appreciate any suggestions/comments on what the weather may be like and the top things to see in this rather brief time frame. Would be very much appreciative of any/all responses.
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I just came from Krakow and loved it! One week gives you enough time to enjoy it and the surrounding areas.
Krakow is small and easy to visit.
Wander in Old Town and enter the many beautiful churches to admire their beautiful interiors. Have a nice meal or drink in the Main Square. Visit Kazimirez, the Jewish quarter, very nice, with the old synagoge and cemetery.
Visit the Wawel castle and cathedral.

There is so much to do in an easy pace in Krakow! Do a tour the beautiful Wieliczka Salt Mine.

If you can and think can stand it you can also visit Aushwitz. Another easy tour out of Krakow is to visit Wadowice, birth place of Pope John Paul.

Have a look here:

hope it helps. The weather shouldn't be bad in mid October. Mild temperatures probably.
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Just to add another site that you can download information. Click on the city and then instant. Richard
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We were in Krakow the first few days of Oct about ten years ago, and it was rainy and freezing (perhaps 40 F I'd guess) for several days of our trip! I was wearing everything I owned as layers. Having this type of weather made me truly understand how the weather conditions in Poland contributed to the deaths in the concentration camps because I thought to myself how could I be whining abaout the weather when I had gloves, a gore-tex jacket, and real boots vs. the few rags the concentration camp inmates had.
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Now that Tere has given you the most basic stuff that the tour books or a quick search of a travel site like Fodors would have shown, some quick comments.

Yeah you should visit Auschwitz (although Terezin, outside Prague, is less museum-like and has a bigger impact) and other main sites, but you should see a couple of things off the main trail too.

First: take a trip with Mike's Crazy Guides through Commie Krakow and to Nova Huta. Insist that they take you to the Ark Church (Arka Pana). They'll know the story of it and it's an interesting one. Go Google it.

Second: make sure you see the daVinci -- there are only a few cities in the world that have a daVinci painting in them and Krakow is one (Lady with an Ermine at Czartoryskich Museum) and the small museum that houses it is not overrun with tourists like the Louvre and the painting is not encased in glare-reflective lucite or whatever the Mona Lisa is stuck behind. Last I heard, the museum is closed, so get an update on that.

Third, go to Szambelan (, which makes great vodkas. It's right off the Market Square, around the corner from the Hotel Wentzl.

Fourth, everyone who visits Krakow sees St. Mary's and its interior deserves a wow. But you also should see St. Francis' Basilica because the stained glass windows in there are fantastic -- and if you check my posts here, you'll see I'm not blown away very easily.
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Bigruss, you look an expert on Krakow....??? I am a very basic person..... lol. I don´t go on tours though.

And please , if you want to help go ahead and give your advice but don't underestimate others....Nova Huta is also on the tours books, as you call them, and I can also give advice on places to drink vodka, my favourite bar, my favourite restaurants, my favourite churches, etc.

The OP just asked for the top things to see and if the length of stay would be enough and I replied according to it!!!
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<< make sure you see the daVinci >>

The Czartoryski Museum is closed until 2012. The Lady with an Ermine will be in the Cloth Hall when it reopens.
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I don't profess insider knowledge. For instance: I have no idea why there are so many Italian restaurants within 2-3 blocks of the main square of Kazimierz.

But I'll be da*ned if there isn't more to Krakow than visiting Auschwitz, the Salt Mine, the Castle, and the main square with a short trip to Kazimierz, and I'm not a huge Krakow fan (liked Prague and Budapest better).

Too bad about the museum closure. Here's the info I could find on the da Vinci: That needs an update or clarification because it says "probably in the Cloth Hall" after May 2010 . . . but I think Adrienne's point is that the painting will be displayed in the Cloth Hall until the museum reopens. If I'm wrong, hopefully she'll chime in.
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Oh yes! Uncorrect and unupdated information is also a plus!!!Very useful, lol.

FYI, the Cloth Hall is under construction at the moment, so Adrienne knows what she is talking about!!
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BigRuss, I have always valued your opinion and feel you contribute much to Fodor's travel. But in this case, I must agree with Tere that the first paragraph of your response was insulting and beneath you.

Just like you, she was only trying to help the OP. You only needed to add your advice not diminish hers.
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I am not going to comment on this fight here. Back to the original topic. Here are some off the beaten path things I enjoyed:

The market of Kleparz. Only one block from Plac Matejki behind the Barbakan but it seems hardly a tourist ventures there. Not a tourist market but a real food market where the locals shop.

Art Nouveau architecture in Nowy Swiat - for example the House under the Singing Frog

The collections of the National Museum. The collection of 20th century Polish art is classy, also the collection of decorative arts is interesting.

The terrace on top of the conservatory at the eastern end of either Sw. Marika or Sw. Tomasza (not exactly sure) for the view of the old town. There is a cafeteria up there so you can have a drink or a cheap lunch.

The exhibition on Jewish religion and history in the Old Synagogue in Kazimierz.
Tempel Synagogue is a beauty.

The New Jewish Cemetery with its morbid and almost scary atmosphere ("enjoyed" is not the right verb for this but it was worth seeing).

For a special experience of Wawel cathedral, join the 7 a.m. mass.

Another vote for the Franciscan church and the stained glass windows!!! Poking your nose into some of those many churches in town is generally recommended.
And if you like the windows... there are three more by the same artist one block down in that ugly modern building on the corner of ul. Grodzka where the tourist information is.
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I loved the feel of the Market Square, especially in the evenings with the flower vendors, the fiacres, and the trumpeter playing from the tower. I loved sitting there in the evening with a glass of wine, watching the action. Unfortunately I was there during the terrible rains which curtailed my sightseeing.

I didn't think Wawel was very interesting (and the entire set up is very chaotic) but maybe I've seen too many castles. I would skip the state rooms and just get a ticket for the royal apartments. Part of the cathedral is free but you do need a ticket for the most interesting part. That small chapel in the corner had unbelievable frescoes and was worth the ticket price.

And yes, the Cloth Hall is under construction; I don't know when that will be finished.
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YAWN, the admonishments are quite boring and really, the play nice with others comments just stultify the dialogue on the board.

Tere's second comment trying to make me look the fool is quite useless -- after all, I told Richard to update the information on his own, I only took a quick look (he can plan his own trip), and adrienne's comment was ambiguous. I also gave a direct link to my information, which, if incorrect and not current, is something to take up with that website, not me.

That same website says the Cloth Hall is due to open this month, which means it will be open when the OP is there. Makes it seem like my info would be both current and accurate for his trip, no?
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Sorry to have bored you. Continue with your little diatribe.
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Yes, Bettyk is right. Go on with your little diatribe. Have other things to do.
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This won't give you any new ideas, but for a few more details and a personal view, here's my trip report for Krakow:

I do agree that is an invaluable resource!
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