kid friendly paris hotels

Jul 12th, 2000, 07:56 AM
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kid friendly paris hotels

If anyone has any suggestions on hotels in Paris that are fairly kid friendly, please post a response. I have stayed at some nice hotels in Paris, but this visit I will have some relatives with me that have kids aged 1, 7, 10, 14. I would like a nice hotel, under $300, that would be accepting of the children. Thanks in advance for your help!
Jul 12th, 2000, 08:29 AM
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Someone just asked a similar type question I think and the consensus was Plazza Bastille - they are suites hotels and more then likely deal with families.
I doubt if they are like Embassy Suites tho (room size wise) since rooms in Paris are usually a lot smaller. I can't help you, on our many trips to Paris we have never stayed anyplace where we saw any kids that I can recall.
Jul 12th, 2000, 01:46 PM
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I'm not sure exactly what you mean as the way you word your question, it sounds like these are problem children that you expect may get you in trouble with the hotel? Other than that, most hotels don't explicitly ban children, some just won't allow extra beds in a room, or really can't if the room is very small, but even then if you booked two rooms, I don't think you can be denied entry. It makes a big difference, I think, as to whether this is one family with four kids or several families who will only have one child in a room with the parents, as it will be very difficult to find rooms for one family with four kids, I think. In any case, I rarely see children when I travel to Paris as I stay in small, less-modern hotels, and these tend to have smaller rooms where families don't usually go. Therefore, I think your strategy is to forget any quaint, charming criteria (I know you didn't say that, and that's good) and go for the larger, modern chain hotels as they are more likely to deal with families and have the facilities, amenities and space for them. I might suggest the Holiday Inn Republique in Paris--this is a very "nice" four-star hotel but I think you can get a room for that rate or less, and I have heard it has larger-than-average rooms which are good for families. Aside from that, it can be convenient for families as it has a couple on-site restaurants, fitness center, bar with wide-screen TV (where I usually send sports fans in Paris who MUST see some sports game), etc. Also, they accept pets so might accept kids (ha, ha). This hotel is not right in the center of things, but isn't that far, and place Republique has good metro connections so would be fine for your purposes; it is very convenient to the airport or Gare du Nord train station. Also, don't expect a cheesy Holiday Inn like in the US as Holiday Inn is a franchise in Europe (local hotels join for advertising purposes), and this particular hotel has been declared a national historic monument, I'm pretty sure. It's quite old and impressive architecturally. That's my best suggestion. I've also heard the Best Western Regent's Garden (near the Arc de Triomphe) is very nice and good for families as it has quite a few larger rooms that connect to form suites. It's a much smaller hotel than the other (only about 40 rooms), but might be a possibility.
Jul 12th, 2000, 02:33 PM
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Christina gave you some good advice altho I do not think the BW Regent's Garden would be ideal for kids & it is possible that they would not accept that many either - you are really better off with a larger hotel that is more accepting of kids. You might try the Novatel chain - they are pleasant hotels (larger in size, 100+ rooms) and probably have connecting rooms which smaller places don't have. There is one at Les Halles and several a little further out, but easy via metro. I'm not clear about this but I assume the kids are in one family and will have parents with them. I sincerely doubt if you will find any hotel with rooms large enough to hold that many people, so 2 rooms would be the way to go. For $300 you can get two rooms I should think. There are, of course, apartments but they also tend to be small, but you could look at a two bedroom apt. via Orion or Citidines .. perhaps that might work & see how many beds come with it (sofa beds, etc.). Like Christina, we rarely see kids where we stay as we choose smaller hotels that do not cater to children. This is just my own opinion, but I would not stay in a small hotel with that brood simply because the breakfast areas are usually quite tiny and kids of those ages are going to be somewhat noisy and the other guests might not be particularly tolerant of this. At a larger hotel, i.e. Novatel, there will be a larger dining area so there is more room to spread out. The last hotel we were at in Paris (last spring) had about 6 tables in the very small breakfast room. There was nor room for kids of any size I don't think! Just things to consider!!
May 17th, 2001, 02:00 PM
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for jon
May 17th, 2001, 06:59 PM
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Sherrie: There's something about the language of your post that suggests that you think that either 1) real French hotels don't like kids or that 2) these kids might be problematic. In either case, I think you've gotten good advice to stay in American-type hotels where they will feel comfortable, have space, etc. But if you do want them to experience a typical French hotel without any strictures for being American kids, might I suggest the Hôtel Duquesne in the 7me? There's a suite on the top floor, room #54, I believe, that has views of the Eiffel Tower that are great, and it's well within the budget you propose. I've stayed there with my kids since they were infants, and they're now 11 and 14 - no kid prejudice at this hotel, plus you get that real Paris ambiance.
I know a lot of posters mention they don't see many kids in Paris, well, I can only assume that's because they don't travel with kids. We've been in Paris every year since our kids were born and, amazingly enough, we run into people with kids everywhere we go. Don't assume that Paris is not a kid-friendly city. We've found exactly the opposite to be true.
May 17th, 2001, 09:55 PM
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StCirq everyone knows you don't stayed at Duquesne since the renovation for world cup when the rates took a lift and you lost re,pved discount. Parents and kids all in one room in a paris hotel is a big crowd is paris and two rooms often cost less than one for the person surcharge. Apartment is bettter/ You may believe your kids are welcome everyplace you take them. You are oblivious to sneers I guess. Noone belives anyone sends you notes. In France parents raise their children at home. You are WRONG about teaching les enfants restaurant manners in restaurants. We teach them beaucoup manners at home for everywhere they may go. We not impose the learning upon others in dining places. You imagne you see other enfants wherevr you go. Les enfants are annoying no matter where. Not as well behaved as parent imagine either. Not appropriate. What is cute to parents is gauche disruptive to everyone else. So you should stay in "american" hotel, just go to tourist things, dress american sloppy and not worry about anything. Americans think french are snooty, but really americans have no decorum or propriety and think they do and don't realy care. And they hyge. Think they're spending money so can do anything they think. And wonder they are not welcomed and received good. Anyone can know you are too busy here to be training your enfnts manners an socialization. I think everyone en Dordogne receives huge laugh once and again to you and your enfants, no prenoms just years. And foie gras is a delicacy ici not breakfast or menu l'enfant.
May 17th, 2001, 10:29 PM
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How weird that "Chantal" writes pseudo "broken" English on this thread, but not on the are-we-more-socialized thread. Hmmm.
May 18th, 2001, 06:17 PM
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Having enough space for everyone was the reason my kids thrived in our home exchange houses--no matter where. I hated staying in hotel rooms with them as there was no privacy. We'd end up renting a suite and suites are expensive.

Both children went with me to both England and France and my son went to Germany with me on exchanges.

Since the original poster desired accomodation now--and exchanges require a lead time of months--I would suggest renting an apartment. You will have a lot of space and apartments generally cost less than hotel rooms.

I have never rented a Citadines apartment in Paris but I did rent one in Montpellier (visiting my daughter who was spending her junior year of college there) and was quite satisfied.

Here is the website:

They change the linen only once per week as part of the rental. You can have daily maid service and change of linens if you like, but that is extra.

The apartment in Montpellier had laundry facilities in the basement. You might want to ask about that if you decide on one of their apartments.

By the way I am renting a studio in Paris for a week after this year's home exchange in Berlin--so I do take my own advice. I will let everyone know how it went after I get back.

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