Itinerary help - Slovenia/Croatia

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and these horses
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I echo a pp's sentiment that it is unfortunate you are not making it out to one, if not more, of the islands. that being said, it seems you are already on your trip, and I am sure you are having a great time!
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No comments on parking that I see. Parking can be expensive and complicating anywhere.
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just found this thread, we will be doing some of it in reverse (starting in Venice, ending in Florence after taking ferry from Split to Italy)

Some really good information here!
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I thought I would report back on what we did last fall since I asked some questions about Split and Trogir while we were planning the trip.
We rearranged our timing and destinations because our friends in Sarajevo were able to join us for a long weekend in Croatia.

We left Sarajevo very early one morning and took the train to Mostar where we stayed overnight. My husband loves trains and this is a dramatic, beautiful trip with many--I forget exactly how many--tunnels and twists and turns. Our friends rented a car and met us that evening in Mostar where we all stayed overnight at the wonderful Muslibegovic house--highly recommended.

We visited Blagaj briefly the next morning then drove to Split. We explored Split, mostly the area right around Diocletian's Palace in the late afternoon to evening then got up early the next morning for more sightseeing time there. I would have liked another full day and we hope to go back and see more of the sights there and Trogir.

We left for Bol on the island of Brac on a late morning ferry and spent two nights there before heading back to Sarajevo.
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We are also traveling to Croatia nd Slovenia in September 2013. This is the most current itinerary. I have to finalize our flights to and from by the 24th, so I hope that you all cna help us.

Dubrovnik 3 nights
Mostar 2 nights
Hvar 2 nights
Split 2 nights
Rovinj 2 nights
Ljubljana 3 nights
Lake Bled 2 nights
train to Venice and explore Friuli wine area
Venice 2 nights

I have emailed a ferry company, they told me that the schedule for September is not available yet. I am hoping to ferry from Split to northern Croatia, not sure if it exists.

Alison Haber
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Unless you have specific things to see/do in Mostar, two nights there is probably too much. Unless you have been to Venice before(?), I'd probably add a night there for sure. Two nights in Venice is not much especially when you are ending your trip/flying out from there.

Same with Split: two nights might be more than you need, all depending. Split has its fans but generally people don't find much to do/see there. Many people stay in nearby Trogir instead.

Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia) didn't make your itinerary? Maybe it's not practical, but I wonder if you've considered it? It's a stunning place full of waterfalls and huge lakes with turquoise-colored water, one of the highlights of Croatia for sure.

As much as I loved Ljubljana (been there twice), it's a small city and three nights might be more than you need unless you have specific things to see there (or perhaps because you arrive late from Rovinj?). Again, I'd take a night for Venice instead if you don't take it from Mostar.

How are you getting place to place? You can do it all by public transit (mostly by bus and catamaran/ferry in Croatia) but it can be time consuming. Having a car at least in Croatia would be more practical; the only places it might be inconvenient would be Dubrovnik and Hvar, but you could pick it up as you leave Dubrovnik and not have to have it while there.

I don't know about the ferry to Rovinj, but if was running last year perhaps it will run again on some days, probably not every day.

Have you checked train connections between Bled and Venice? You'll probably need to detour up to Austria - it's not direct.
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We loved Vintgar Gorge even after visiting Plitvice. I would try to fit them both in. It's only about a 15 minute drive from Bled, unless you take as many wrong turns as we did. Here is my trip report from 2008 (with plenty of photos). It includes many of the places you want to visit: Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir, Plitvice, Ljubljana, Bled, Vintgar Gorge, Rovinj and Venice.

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Alison, you might want to start a new thread. Whether you do or not, tell us a bit more about the kind of things you like to see/do when traveling (hike? visit museums? eat? whatever!). That will help us respond.
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Now I see your thread, Alison!
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