Italy Weather

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Italy Weather

I concerned now about the weather for my trip to Italy at the end of June. I read someone's post on their recent trip, in which it was commented on several times how hot it was.

What should I expect temp. and humidity?
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Italy is a fairly big place with substantial differences in weather from north to south, and as in all parts of the earth - - according to elevation.

It will be full summer in the end of June. Weather similar to Texas or New Mexico might be typical.

See or

Best wishes,

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Can you tell us where you're going? As Rex says, temperatures can vary greatly. The south can get pretty hot whereas Tuscany can be very pleasant, it really depends.

I've never founnd humidity to be a terrible problem in Italy. I've always experienced dryer heat.
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One of these sites should give you your answer:

The BBC site might be the first to check since it will give you an oversight of the climate in all of Italy and then you can drop down to specific locations.
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CAA, last June we were in Rome, Venice, florence, Siena, and Amalfi coast. I was never so hot that I couldn't enjoy myself. However, we planned things so we would never be waiting in long lines in the hot sun. In fact, we didn't wait in any lines at all. (If you get museum reservations in advance no reason to wait in hot lines. For places without any reservations research the least crowded time to visit. For many places the least crowded time to visit is lunch-time, when most of the tourists have gone to lunch.)

Bring cool light-weight clothes designed for hot weather.

I was too hot one day to walk around the sprawling Boboli gardens, with its hills and steps...that was the only activity I can think of where I just felt too hot. Florence was the hottest place we visited in June. But as I said I enjoyed Italy and while it was warm, it was still comfortable most of the time. Take a rest in your room before dinner and then go for a long stroll through an interesting neighborhood after dinner. Great plan, summer evenings in Italy are mild and fun!
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CAA, let me reassure you; don't know if you were referring to me, but I know I *complained* about how hot it was in Rome last week. I thought it was hot, but I live in San Francisco where it is cool-ish all year long. I'm just not accustomed to hot weather.

Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Rome. A few years ago I was in Tuscany in May and it was quite hot. Same story: didn't stop me from having one of the best times of my life.

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I also was curious about the weather as I'm leaving next week for Venice and then Rome. It seems to be high 70's low 80's but with light rain and thunderstroms. Assume that it will be humid.
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Perhaps we were just lucky, but we were in Italy the first half of June last year and the weather was almost as nice as southern California. One day the temperature in Rome rose to almost 90 degrees F, but otherwise it was splendid.
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We were there in June several years ago, and everywhere we went (Venice, Florence, Rome, Amalfi Coast) it was unremittenly hot and humid. Basically miserable from about 11 a.m. to 7 or 8 p.m.

When we went a couple of years ago it was pleasant and more spring-like the entire two weeks.

It varies year-to-year, but, for most of the country, the end of June is more likely to be hot and humid than cool and dry.

Florence is especially bad as it is in a valley subject to inversions that hold the heat and humidity in--a contrast to most of the rest of Tuscany which tends to be drier and not quite as hot.
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Our last trip was in May. We were told they were having a bit earlier and warmer May than normal.

It was in the upper 80's basically everywhere from Lago Maggiore to Tuscany and Orvieto. The only place we really felt the humidity was hiking the Cinque Terre. We did 4 out of 5 villages and let me tell you - that gellato in Vernazza really tasted great!

Venice was extremely humid until a ferocious wind storm blew in, banging the shutters and everything. Blew away all the haze and humidity. I was already in love with Venice, but then I knew why! The water sparkled and was actually tourquoise in color and the sky was pure blue.

Take, or buy when you get there, an open-weave straw hat. The sun is very intense!

Buon viaggio!
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Late June 2002:
Panicale (near Lake Trasimeno): high 90's during the day, lower 70's at night, dry as a bone.

Cinque Terre: lower 90's in the day, mid 70's at night, tropically humid

Bologna: upper 80's in the day, lower 70's at night, tolerably humid

Please note that my definition of "humid" is based on my having grown up in South Georgia for 15 years. During the time I was in 5T in 2002, I don't recall there having been a single breeze the whole time. The air was so thick you could slice yourself a chunk of it. I was literally taking 3 and 4 showers a day to keep myself less hot ("cool" did not exist, only "less hot").
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We leave in 2 weeks for Positano, Rome, and Florence. It looks like it will be HOT. What do Italian women wear in such weather during the day and evening? I am very much a 'when in Rome' kinda gal, so please don't tell me it doesn't matter.
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We just got back on Saturday from Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome)and it was hot and humid. The only time I used my sweater was for when we went into the churches. It was also hot at night. There were two thunderstorms while we were there lasting about an hour each- not a big deal. Helped to have our umbrella.
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My daughter & SIL have been in Rome for over 2 weeks due to a family emergency. Rome is very hot and very humid. Really hot and humid. I have talked to three different friends in Veneto but have not asked them about the weather but rohani reports the same thing my family in Rome does.

What to wear with weather like this has been discussed, debated and argued about so many times on Fodors that believe me I am not getting into that discussion, LOL.

But if you plan on visiting the Vatican or other churches be aware of their dress code.

Hopefully the weather will get cooler and the humidity will get lower so that everyone will have a pleasant and happy trip. Best wishes.
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