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Italy (Roma and Tuscany) Itinerary Help

Old Mar 3rd, 2009, 03:25 PM
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anhig, I completely and totally agree. I love Venice, but Rome is Italy.
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Old Mar 3rd, 2009, 04:33 PM
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Perhaps you can be gracious enough to allow the OP to take the vacation she wants instead of the one you want her to take.

MYP did not ask for suggestions or critiques of her itinerary. Had she done so, your somewhat aggressive chastisements might have been more the order of the day. She had a plan and asked for advise in arrangements to accommodate that plan. She listened, made some modifications, always clearly indicating why the plans were changing.

If you have some information to offer those seeking assistance with their plans, by all means offer it. If you simply want to tell people how foolish they are for not doing it your way, you should probably stick to just reading the posts.
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Old Mar 3rd, 2009, 07:11 PM
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Whoooah, Aramis...I didn't interpret annhig's comment as being either critical or inappropriate! I thought she was just being enthusiastic about her own experiences.
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Old Mar 4th, 2009, 07:18 AM
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Hi there,
No worries....I appreciate the enthusiasm and comments! We just decided we would go back to Italy in a few years (hopefully) and spend another week to really see Rome, Pompeii, etc. We'll eventually take another week and go up to Venice, Padua, etc. So, we decided just to focus on the Tuscany area this time around. I've been lucky enough to go to Italy before, but this is the boyfriend's first time around. He's been great and is up for seeing anything. So, Tuscany it is!

We have done some transportation pricing and will not be renting a car (um about $200 for a day for a manual car seems quite excessive to me!) and will travel via public transportation. Would it be possible to see more than 1 smaller town via bus / train from Florence? Here is the revised itinerary. I would like to see Siena, possibly San G or Montepulciano on our day of wine, but not sure if that'll be possible.

Fri 10/9: Land in Rome, train to Florence (O/N Florence)
Sat 10/10: Florence (O/N Florence)
Sun 10/11: Florence (O/N Florence)
Mon 10/12: Pisa, Lucca (O/N Florence)
Tues 10/13: Siena, other wine towns? (O/N Florence)
Wed 10/14: Bologna (O/N Bologna)
Thurs 10/15: Head to Cinque Terre (O/N CT)
Fri 10/16: Hike CT (O/N CT)
Sat 10/17: Afternoon train to Rome
Sun 10/18: Fly back to US

Thanks again!
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Cannot recommend this on the basis of personal experience but walking self-guided trips can be taken from San Gimignano to Siena, with two overnight stops at Colle di Val d'Elsa and Monteriggione. Am trying the trip this July when we may possibly suffer from high temperatures; cannot advise on October heat. There seems good bus connections (SITA) out and back to Florence.
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If your main objective on the Siena day is wine, I would do something else. Look in to hiring a private tour guide to take you out to Chianti or other Tuscany area for some real countryside and winetasting.

Siena is a pretty big city and you certainly won't be getting the wine country experience in Florence.

Buon viaggio!
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As much as I adore Florence, we find we are eager to get out of the busy cities. (Maybe October would be different. We've been there in summer when it's hot and crowded.) Siena is an incredible place, and you go through the heart of Chianti on your way there from Florence. (Of course it is also a city, but less intense than Florence.) Could you spare a night in Florence to stay there overnight, or is that too much trouble? Lucca is another interesting town on the way to Cinque Terre, but may not fit in with Bologna plans.
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I thought ann's reply was perfectly appropriate.

I didn't think I wanted to go to Rome on my first trip...kept resisting the gentle (but good) advice offered on this forum. I just didn't think I was interested in Rome. FINALLY, someone broke through and I started doing more research. Long story short, we spent 4 nights in Rome on that trip...and I couldn't wait to go back!

I would urge MYP to re-think this. You say you'll be going back to Italy, so maybe next time you can fly into Venice. Or Pisa. Or Milan. But this time it's Rome.

I do agree with continuing on to Florence the first day. Stay there 4 nights/3 days. You can do San Gim as a day trip (I like it better than Siena). But spend the other two days in Florence.

Then take train to Orvieto for 2 nights. Perhaps go to Montepulciano the second day.

Then train to Rome for 3 nights.

I left out CT because that's a long trip back to Rome. It's hard to place CT in the middle of an already packed agenda. I haven't looked at train schedules in a while, but I seem to recall that CT to Rome pretty much kills a day.

I know the OP didn't ask. But that's my 2 cents. If I hadn't listened to advice on these boards I would have had some pretty crazy trips where my only memories were what I saw whizzing by out the window.
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Yes, yes, let's all "break" down OP's who plan perfectly reasonable trips. There is no whizzing by anything in the OP's plans and so what if there was? Some people LIKE to travel like that full y aware of the alternatives.

When people express preferences for a particular place, or pace of travel, and and ask for recommendations about how to accomplish their goals or for places they should see in THIER plans, I think it is arrogant to try and convince them of the foolishness of their ways. The "Do what I did and you will be happier" attitude of some posters really irks me.

When people ask for critiques of their itinerary or plans give it if they don't ask for it don;t try and make them change their plans.
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Old Mar 4th, 2009, 04:48 PM
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Just to begin, Bologna is only 45 minutes from Firenze, so there is no reason to move hotels to visit it.

Also, you will find yourself a bit rushed trying to do Pisa and Lucca in the same day by train. Do them on separate days.

As for the overall plan, coming all the way up to Cinque Terre to hike in mid-October strikes me as iffy and not a great use of your time. I would look for hikes in Tuscan hills around Firenze..

You should be able to get a manual car cheaper than the price you quoted. Keep looking around.

But in general, in October, in Tuscany, I would definitely want to be in the hills for some part of the time. If you take a train from Firenze to Chiusi, you can catch a bus from there to Montepulciano. (If you don't want to drive) From there, you could do bus trips to other small wine towns.

So I might suggest:

Fri 10/9: Land in Rome, train to Florence (O/N Florence)
Sat 10/10: Florence (O/N Florence)
Sun 10/11: Florence (O/N Florence)
Mon 10/12: Pisa, (O/N Florence)
Tues 10/13: Lucca, other wine towns? (O/N Florence)
Wed 10/14: Bologna (O/N Firenze)
Thurs 10/15: Head to Montepulcian (O/N Montepulciana)
Fri 10/16: Visit Montalcino (O/N Montepulciano)
Sat 10/17: Afternoon train to Rome via Chiusi
Sun 10/18: Fly back to US

I would do look to fit in some hiking in the hills above Firenze and around Montepulciano, but play it by ear. If you like cycling, do some in Lucca, but if nothing else, go on a nice day and walk the circumference of the town on the walls.

On the general issue of whether you must go to Rome if you fly in there, why? Whose trip is this anyway?
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I don't think Lucca/Pisa in one day is too busy, Take the bus to Lucca early morning since things close down in the afternoon. Hop the train to Pisa (it's only 20 minutesn from Lucca). If you get off at the Pisa S. Rossore station, the tower is just a couple of blocks (cross the tracks and follow the crowd). To get back to Florence, catch the bus from the tower to Pisa Centrale and hop a train.
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apologies MP if I overstepped the bounds of enthusiasm for Rome. it is, as others have pointed out in your behalf, your trip.

but I just checked you original post and at that point, Rome was a definite possible on your itinerary. so I don't think that others [not all] needed to be quite so vehement in your defence, particularly as you were so gracious.

within the parameters of your chosen trip, Zeppole's plan looks good to me.

any problems with that, anyone?

regards, ann
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Old Mar 12th, 2009, 12:31 PM
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Hello all,

Thanks again for your help! Unfortunatley we decided to put Tuscany on hold and take a more "recession responsible" local trip. I definitely got some great ideas from you all and will put them to use next year, I hope!
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