Italy in November

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Italy in November

I've been to several locations throughout Italy, but always in the summer during the peak season. Now I'm looking to take a November (Thanksgiving) vacation for about a week and was wondering if I could get some advice on travel to Italy during that time. Weather, crowds, festivals, closings of sites, etc. I'm pretty flexible as to where to go, been to Rome and Florence, but would go again with different itineraries. Would love to take my husband to Venice, though I'm not sure of the weather. Maybe Milan or Naples... I've never been to either. Please advise. Thanks so much
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For what it is worth - it's my dream to be in Venice during acqua alta, so November would be a plus for me!

If you look at weather statistics, incidences of rain are higher in Northern Italy in November, so if you dislike rain, you may want to consider Southern Italy (can't say I've looked into that area much)
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You've been dreaming of aqua alta? I can show you's not all that fun, especially when the vap stops running cause the canal is too high for them to fit under the bridges.
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Hi ro,

A week in Venice is lovely anytime of year.

Check weather at

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Went to Venice for Thanksgiving last year and loved it so much we're going back for Thanksgiving again this year. Crowds were very bearable -- St Marks is predictably the most crowded, but I use the term "crowded" very loosely.

Our weather was cold last year, and we never had a drop of rain (and no floods either). Our hotel indicated that the week before we arrived, the flooding was quite we lucked out.

If you go to, you can see what the weather was like every day last year (or any other recent year)...may help you compare temps for your possible destinations.
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Our closest friends have a second home in Southern Tuscany - in San Quirico. They said the landscape is quite brown in November, and that's when many merchants, hotels, and restaurants close so they can take their vacations.

The larger cities like Rome, Florence, Lucca, & Venice might be you best bet in November.

Stu Dudley
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I was in Italy Thanksgiving of '02. Was in Rome for 4 days and it was a little rainy at night but light jackets or just sweaters were perfect during the day and night. It was so wonderful because they crowds were minimal at the most. We basically had the entire Roman Forum to ourselves and had no wait to the sistine chapel. We were in Venice for 3 days and loved it! It didn't flood until the day we left and we didn't know it flooded until we turned the corner after exiting our hotel and a street no longer existed. We had a wonderful seafood dinner for Thanksgiving and I would definately reccomend visiting both cities during this time~
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Our first trip to Italy was in mid to late November. The crowds were down; the weather was chilly, but fine. It was perfect leather jacket weather.
We spent Thanksgiving in Venice. (Had no luck finding a turkey dinner, so we had to settle for chicken!) You'll probably miss aqua alta.
It'll be too chilly to sit in outdoor cafes (at least, we weren't able to on our trip). Otherwise, we thought it was a great time to go (but not as good as October!).
As a previous poster said, Venice is great any time of the year. Have you considered Bologna? It's one of Italy's underrated gems.
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We spent a week over Thanksgiving 2003 on the Amalfi Coast and it was fabulous. Very relaxing, great weather, no crowds, you get the idea...
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One thing I've learned in 9 trips to Italy at various times (including November) is that the weather is ALWAYS: colder, hotter, drier, wetter than it's ever been before! Just pack some wonderful thin (like the bargain silk variety one can find on Sierra Designs for bargain prices underwear and head out! The crowds are non-existant--which is not to say there aren't tourists, there are plenty, just not crowds! In Umbria, it tends to be cooler (the high plateau and all)and foggy, but we've had great weather. I would stay in the Tuscan valley and Lazio (and south) for the warmest weather...generally. Might even be a wonderful time to visit Sicily!
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One weird little factiod about me is that I have been to Italy in November three times! I have had different weather, but never bad, and I wouldn't say the cities you named were empty. There were plenty of tourists. But since I have never been to Italy in the summer, I don't know what to compare it to. I've never felt I was part of a swarm.

I go in November because just before the busy, busy holiday season is a good time for me in terms of work, and I hate prolonged hot weather, and I have always found the rates for airfare and hotels to be good. At alternate times I have been rained on, hot and sweaty, and somewhat chilly. I never found the weather to be an issue....

Its a good time to go. I'm going again this year! Have fun!
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I thought Sicily was very pleasant in November. A special bonus is that it's olive harvest time there in November.

I'd love to go to Venice in November to see what it's like at a quiet time of the year.
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answering to sandi_

I suppose it does sound funny that I'm dreaming of being there during acqua alta. When I hear/read stories I always think, "you're in Venice, how bad can it be?"

Do you reall have pics?
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